Are You Emotionally Balanced?

Emotional balance

Are you emotionally balanced? 

 We become worked up when somebody hurts us. We get angry, feel cheated and used. We try to analyze what is our fault or whether we are too naïve!

Have you ever wondered?
Why people (even our dear ones) play with our emotions?
Why some people seek pleasure in duping our sincere emotions?
Why do they get away with all the façade?

I will try to answer all these questions right now.

Emotions play havoc with our life if they are not trained at the right age. Often it is easier to control them if they are guided at an impressionable age but emotional development is not paid much attention. Nobody actually focuses on it, not even the parents!

Why are some people better equipped with the ways to handle their emotions well? I believe that they have faced the right stimulus, the accurate environment to deal with various situations at the right age. So they understand well in advance when somebody tries to exploit their emotions.

There is a very thin line between emotional exploitation and integrity. For example, when your boss extracts extra work out of you and you happily do that for him, he is exploiting your goodness and sincerity. Actually he considers you a fool, which you fail to discern.

There are three types of people:
Over emotional
Under emotional
Emotionally balanced

Emotionally balanced individuals are more successful. They never get carried away by any bait, which may be offered at work. They carry their heads firmly and proudly, they can foresee the thorny path, they know how to balance their relationships, they love without pampering and hate without revulsion. They know when to make compromises and how to deal with them.

Apparently such persons never fall into the trap of being over emotional who fall headlong into the snares of those who demand sacrifices, who don’t care whatever you do for their sake, who are unmoved by your indulgence and whose demands keep on growing, eventually draining you of all emotions!

I hope the under emotional persons can be well comprehended now. Those who have the expertise to lay traps, who are demanding, who don’t care for your emotional needs, who ridicule your care and love by considering you a sentimental fool and exploit your emotions to draw benefits for their own purpose.

Do you ever feel emotionally cheated? How do you handle such situations?

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Balroop Singh.


4 thoughts on “Are You Emotionally Balanced?

  1. To manage our emotions, we need to be an educated individual in the true sense,not just literate. And education is a life long experience. We all feel that we have been emotionally exploited some or the other time in life but we learn our ways to sail through. Education sets our approach to the way we react to people and situations. But definitely we should not let anyone take advantage of our emotional vulnerability.

    1. Hi Tejinder, you are right!We can prevent all kinds of exploitation by our reactions to people and situations.A nice thought! But a special thanks for being the first one to get in touch.

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