Somebody asked me: ‘How can shadows be emotional?’

I said: why not?

‘But shadows are always associated with darkness. They are the negative parts of our personality.’

I disagree, I said.

Aren’t there shadows that we see during the day? Can’t shadows be pleasing and alluring?

Can’t there be happy shadows?

My shadows have all the forms, hues and emotions attached to them. I have embraced all of them. For me, shadows are more of a metaphor. I look at the trees and their shadows evoke emotions of understanding spirituality…

One of my poems tries to define them though some of my shadows are profoundly emotional and distressing.


Shadows celebrate sunshine
Lift the gloom of those who pine.
Leave a message to emulate
Alter and adapt willingly.

Swaying shadows push you ahead
Ominous of stormy ways
Some self-made shadows swallow us
Emerge from our weaknesses that follow us.

Shadows sparkling on the sand
Show the sheen of life at hand
Is so transitory and simulated
Yet we follow them irrationally.

Some shadows are so celestial
They can make their own place
They merge into each other
With grandeur and grace.

Dark moonless nights
Are the nights I crave for…
All shadows vanish and merge
Into the corridors of life.

(Copyright protected)

 Balroop Singh.

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