Despair and disillusionments follow us everywhere. How do we react?

Disappointments often intimidate us but if we keep talking to the hopeful aspect of our mind, if we refuse to let our mind be clogged with the fear of failures, if we embrace the tenacity of our positive spirit, we can strengthen this sentiment in our children who are the true examples of hope.

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Hope is an inborn virtue.

Observe a child carefully and you will see an amazing amount of resilience and hope for achieving even the unattainable. A child may fall or fail but the efforts to learn new things never wane. It is the inherent quality of hope and happiness, which keeps children going robustly towards their goal.

As their little feet start growing, hope grows within them. Each step they take, each game they play, this hope becomes sounder.
No child ever thinks of losing. Cynicism is a word, which is unknown to them. Little failures may dishearten them for a while but they start again with renewed efforts. It is the hope that carries them forward to catch happiness.

Hope fills enthusiasm in their efforts. They look forward to their parents for encouragement and reassurance to accomplish their little goals. When they see happiness on their faces, their spirit soars further. Hence a positive approach and support nurtures hope and happiness.

Hope and happiness are so interconnected!

It is the hope of being successful which leads us to it and happiness follows effortlessly. While conscious efforts are required for all that we hope to accomplish, happiness just meets us on the way to success.

Underprivileged children are often bubbling with hope. They undertake each task with great zeal and are rarely afraid of any challenges. I have often talked to them, asking them about their goals and whether they are happy. They never have any complaints. Hope is always alive in them!

What does hope symbolize for you? Has despair ever overpowered you? Have you been a role model for your children?

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Balroop Singh



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