Dreams and Desires

Do you dream?

We all dream, we love our dreams and nurture a secret desire to fulfill them. Dreams transport us into a new world; a world of our aspirations where everything is pleasing, every nook and cranny of that world is full of light and inspiration. Have you ever seen that light? I have!
Each one of us can. All we need is the stimulus to stir our desires, lying within.

Desires are the dewdrops that sparkle every morning
Dreams are those footsteps that carry them far… into the real world.

Many of the dreams remain buried in the deepest recesses of our mind, as we don’t want to share them.
Perhaps we have some apprehensions about the possibility of reaching them.
Perhaps somebody ridiculed our desires at some stage.
Perhaps we lack the initiative, the resources or the courage.

It is very significant how many conscious efforts do we put in to turn those dreams into reality. If just dreams would be sufficient, this world would have been a quixotic place. It is the challenges, which we face to accomplish our desires that make our life so interesting.

Dreams keep our life flowing, adding new desires so that the motivation of sailing through murky waters doesn’t dampen our spirits. They stimulate and encourage us into activity, to embark on the unknown, untrodden path.


“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

At one stage of life, I thought…well, all my dreams have been fulfilled. What next?
I was wrong! Dreams are endless, they continue to crop up and amaze you and as you keep flowing with them, they keep multiplying, challenging your capabilities and opening new windows of your mind.

Some dreams meet with great disappointment. They give pain and distress beyond measure. You may give the best to such dreams, you may have put your heart and soul into them but they only stare at you in the eye as if mocking at your optimism. It may be heartbreaking but it is better to abdicate such dreams and move on.

Do you have unfulfilled dreams and desires? What is your take on them? Your valuable comments are welcome!

Balroop Singh


4 thoughts on “Dreams and Desires

  1. Dreams are wings of optimism. They transport us to a world where we can visualize success and happiness. To become big we need to dream big. Thereafter we need to follow what we aspire with full might. Dreams without efforts yield disappointing results. So aspire and never lose your focus.

  2. Dream the dreams that have never been dreamt before but one should have the courage & determination to pursue them .

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