Some memories haunt. I am sure we all have such memories. The shadows of such memories follow us all our life.

Do you agree? Think about them!

Unshared memories haunt the most! Do you have the courage to share them?
They are of two types:
Ones related with our own life
The others are related to our experiences of life.

I agree the first ones are quite difficult to share as some of them may be unpleasant, unsavory, some may be too precious and some keep lacerating each time we think of them.
Blessed are those who have short memory or say ‘ I don’t remember’… or do they just pretend, feigning loss of ‘memories that haunt?’

They could be the insensitive types…often I wonder!

The memory I am sharing with you today has been haunting me for a long time and sharing has often soothed my heart.
So here it goes…


She haunts me, all the time.
I close my eyes
And her battered image
Looms large before me.

Unkempt hair, soiled clothes
A lean, emaciated figure
Always at the bottom of stairs
Sweeping the floor with her stole.

Always cleaning…
Cleaning the dust from the footwear
Kept outside the Sikh temple,
I visit sometimes.

Never does she enter
To pay obeisance
Never does she miss that, though
Never pays attention

As she rubs her forehead
At the bottom of the stairs
Again and again…
A thousand times, it seems.

I look at her each time
A thought reverberates…
Who is this lady…
Why is she so desperate?

I sit at the bottom of stairs
To attract her attention
She looked at me
With empty expression!

I mustered all the courage
To ask: are you homeless?
She muttered, under her breath
I have two sons!

Balroop Singh

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4 thoughts on “MEMORIES THAT HAUNT

  1. Pleasant memories fill us with happiness. All will agree at the first instance. After you read what i have to say, you might change your opinion. When you get separated from your loved ones and some old memories cloud your mind your heart aches and tears well up in your eyes. When long distance separates you the memories of great time spent together makes you sad.The irony is that the memories we cherish make us gloomy. We long for those moments and spend our life waiting for reliving some of them.

  2. Well, we have to move on, Baldeep…. the tide of time takes all with it! It is better to derive some happiness from pleasant memories by cherishing them…looking forward to adding more such moments. life gives many more such occasions but we have to exhort the gloom out to enjoy them.
    “The sands of time cannot be stopped. Years pass whether we will them or not… but we can remember. What has been lost may yet live in memories.”
    ― Christopher Paolini,

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