Thoughts! Thoughts! Thoughts!

Slide1I must sleep now…why can’t I stop thinking? I tried very hard last night to stop thinking…Absurd thoughts…why is this dog barking in the middle of the night? Why is this owl hooting so loudly? Are there ghosts around… many are sitting in the yards of our neighbors!

Why this Halloween?
‘Oh its fun’, say the kids.
What’s the fun in scaring others?

‘But the spider you have put at your front door is not at all scary’, says this four-year-old boy of our neighbors.
We show him the ghost we had carved on the pumpkin.
‘Oh its funny’, he says. ‘Its Halloween, you ought to be scary!!’

I direct my thoughts back…why is sleep eluding me today…who told this boy that Halloween is scary… what has Halloween to do with pumpkins…sleep…well, it happens many times, I reassure myself and close my eyes again but thoughts flow on.

Thoughts are like a stream, they keep flowing all the time. They guide, they question and they are judgmental. Many weeds and boulders meet them on the way down and offer assessments, sometimes weird! The only difference is that we can direct the stream of our thoughts and channelize them to be constructive.

Thoughts are very powerful. They create, they shape our lives, they change the world and lead to inventions. A part of our personality is molded by our thoughts. Our happiness and our success depend on the quality of our thoughts.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”
Gautama Buddha

People around us put thoughts into our mind. Society and the environment we grow up in, impel us towards a particular way of thinking.

*A child who grows up in a tribal society has no idea about progressive thoughts.
*Those who grow up in abusive, deprived corners of the world would know nothing about positive thinking.
*Those children who live in closed, orthodox homes don’t even have the right to think. Thoughts are forced down their throats by their parents.
*Those who grow up in affluent homes would not be in a position to think about penury stricken homes.

Right kind of environment, a secure home, free from retrogressive elements and a healthy meal are the pre-requisites for good and positive thoughts.

Negative thoughts dominate our mind. They are more active. Suppose you are in a relationship, the first thought that crosses your mind is, will this person be right and sincere. Will the respect and freedom I am looking for, be mine? Our most trusted confidence in ourselves staggers at such a time.

Positive thoughts are weak, they can be easily snubbed. We need to train our thoughts to be positive; we need encouraging and stimulating home to develop positive thinking. We require a constant motivation to think good thoughts.

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”
Henry David Thoreau

Let us shape our destiny with our thoughts. We have to believe that it lies in our mind.
Have you ever been let down by your thoughts? Is your mind an amalgamation of negative and positive thoughts? You can share your valuable thoughts on this page.

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Balroop Singh


6 thoughts on “Thoughts! Thoughts! Thoughts!

  1. Our mind is always overflowing with thoughts-sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes positive,sometimes negative.Face is the index of our mind. Experienced and wise always have an insight into the minds of others. Our attitudes and progress is by and large an outcome of our thoughts. Healthy, positive and good thoughts help us to rise above petty things, forgive people and help us in building strong relationships. Life on earth would become so easy if people had healthy and positive thoughts. There would be no fights, no ill will, no malice, no gossip as our actions are the outcome of our thoughts.

    1. Hi Baldeep, you are right! Healthy and positive thoughts lead to better relationships and peace of mind. I wish all people could understand this! Every one doesn’t possess the ability to forgive and rise above petty thoughts. Such people are the insecure ones who feel deprived of love and trust. Lets disseminate positive thoughts to our students so that they learn to develop the right attitude.
      Thanks for adding positive perspective, greatly appreciated.

  2. Nice post here, Balroop – thoughts do have a way of influencing our actions and our life. For that reason, I try to keep as much of the thoughts, people and influences in my life as positive as possible. Positive thoughts spurs positive action, growth and direction. We should realize that thoughts can change because they ultimately form our belief system.

    We should also realize how important it is to be mindful when raising children because parents have the greatest ability to influence the thoughts and beliefs of their children.

    Finally, a mindfulness practice is always key to changing our thoughts. We can only change those thoughts we are able to see and comprehend first. So watching and acknowledging our thoughts is a first step to changing them.

  3. Hi Vishnu… Thanks for adding such an important aspect…mindful practice to bring some changes in our thoughts. Though it takes a lot of time, determination and effort to change them! Since times immemorial, regressive thoughts and beliefs have dominated the minds of people who refuse to let go! Despite this, we must take the first steps, we have to begin with our own thoughts and then address the larger issues.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend!

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