Do You Have the Emotional Quotient to Pick up Positive vibes?


Positive vibes can be picked up from the environment, people around us and even the animals but we need emotional quotient (EQ) to grasp those vibes and absorb them.

Emotional Quotient is “The ability to process emotional information, particularly as it involves the perception, assimilation, understanding, and management of emotion.”- Mayer & Cobb

Have you ever experienced blissful joy in the lap of nature? Do you feel exhilarated at the first showers of rain? Does your heart leap at the sight of full moon?

If yes, then you certainly possess the EQ to catch those vibes, which float all around you. Our emotions get a boost when positive energy touches us.

Nature generates positive vibes in the form of colorful hues all around us…the flowers, the butterflies, the trees laden with fruit in the fading light of the sun…all we need is the heart to welcome them and let them radiate.

Have you ever felt that you like some people just by intuition; just their coming into your life adds some cheer to it? You are happier in their company, you like to hang out with them and you wonder why do you like them, without actually knowing them.

They make you smile; they add sunshine and laughter to your life. These are the people who emit positive vibes, which you can pick up if you have them in you.

You can also train your mind to recognize those vibes:


  •  Look at the smile. If it is genuine, it will pass on positive vibes and fill your heart with happiness.
  • Make an eye contact with the person who smiles. Eyes emit the vibes; positive or negative will be defined by your perception, your EQ.
  • Notice the tone of the voice, it carries a vibe too.
  • Listen to the words…and pay attention. You have to be alert enough to pick up the vibes.
  • Notice the body language of the other person.

Positive vibes can reach you on their own as they are more powerful than the negative ones.

Then there are those people, whom you dislike just with your first look, you loath their company, they seem to be a burden and you long to throw them out of your life. These are the people who give out negative energy and if you detest it, you would be uncomfortable in their presence.

How to send positive vibes:

  • Develop a positive mindset.
  • Use your smile to send positive vibes.
  • Create an aura of happiness around yourself.
  • Be determined and optimistic.
  • Be generous in appreciating others.
  • Approach all the problems with a positive attitude.
  • Deal boldly with negative situations.

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”-Herm Albright

Positive opportunities come to you if you have learnt to handle your emotions with a positive mind.

Positive vibes resonate with love, vigor and enthusiasm. They bestow happiness, comfort and security to our lives.

Do you value positivity? Could you pick up some positive vibes from this article? You are welcome to share your thoughts on this page.

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Balroop Singh.



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