The Valley Of Happiness

Happiness lies within you
They lived in the valley of happiness
Away from the hypocritical world
A valley, surrounded by flowers
Welcoming sunshine, rain and snow.
They had braved the storms of life,
They believed in themselves!

Broken dreams didn’t bother them
Happiness was not a destination
It was harmony with their thoughts
It was absorbing the radiance of stars
It was merging into the dark clouds
It was reveling in the glory of the rainbow.

The door to happiness was always ajar
The key to that door… in their hearts
Happiness just sneaked in!
Sometimes the door was left unlatched
Serenity and calmness tiptoed
To warm their hearts with inner peace!

© Balroop Singh

All rights reserved.

Are you happy? What does happiness mean to you? Have you ever added happiness to somebody’s life? Please share your thoughts.

Today, with this post, I am starting a new category at my blog and that would be ‘Poetry.’ This poem is an excerpt from my book ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life’ (available at

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21 thoughts on “The Valley Of Happiness

    1. Thanks Lori! Welcome to my blog. I am glad you liked this description…this is how we can absorb happiness, which hovers all around us but we fail to notice.

  1. Amazing work… It took me to world of my dreams!

    The pillar or happiness is the inner peace
    Inner peace comes with satisfaction
    And positive thinking is key to satisfaction
    I always try to be positive and
    I am satisfied with what I do
    and what I got from God Almighty
    And I can picture myself
    In this beautiful valley of happiness………:)
    Thanks for making me happy and to be part of this valley of happiness.

    1. Thank you Daljeet, you are most welcome to this valley…it is always eager to embrace all those who find happiness in the clouds, in the rainbow and in the snow covered peaks…all are symbolic.

      Thanks for such a meaningful and warm thought…I love it.

  2. Very nice, Balroop. Some wonderful reflections on happiness. It is accessible to anyone, anywhere. Outside events don’t bring happiness. Happiness is not a place we get to – it’s a place we travel. It’s something that can be had every day.

    I’m impressed how you tie such profound truths about happiness in such a poetic way. It’s a welcome addition to your blog. Looking forward to more poetry – it really is quite a skill where you take a few words to express so much. And you have that talent and ability!

    1. Thanks a TON, Vishnu! Persons like you inspire such poetry…all I need is a little nudge. You can be an excellent reviewer!!

      I am so pleased that you have liked the new feature that I have introduced here. To tell you the truth, I feel very comfortable with this concise form of writing, where you can say everything in just one line.

      Thanks for such generous words, they always ignite motivation.

  3. I enjoyed the poem as well Balroop and I’m sure that category will be a big hit. I don’t write poems myself, not able to express myself in that way but I do love reading what others share and how their imagination just pours out with every word.

    You did a wonderful job with this one as well and it’s one of my favorite subjects, happiness.

    Thank you for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


  4. Hi Adrienne,

    Poetry has always been my favourite form of expression. It gives you a lot of liberty to play with words and fantasy. You can also put forward your ideas so succinctly.

    I am so happy that you have put in your word of appreciation for this genre. I have some unpublished poems lined up too! Hope you would like them.

    Thank you for your kind words!

  5. Hi Balroop, This is a beautiful description of happiness! We all want to be happy but fail to notice it in small little things around us. Happiness lies in what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmonious blend.
    Wish you all the very best!

    1. Hi Upjit,
      Welcome back with your lovely picture! Thanks for your insight…everybody has his/her own definition of happiness. Yours seems to be quite the same, matching with my thoughts! Only the choice of words are different.

      Thanks for standing by! Have a nice weekend, full of happiness.

  6. I absolutely love poetry, Balroop. I actually write it myself from time to time if the mood strikes me. I liked this part the best:

    “The door to happiness was always ajar
    The key to that door… in their hearts”

    Good post as always, my friend 🙂

    1. Thank you Mike. I will look forward to your poetic mood! Actually you are right… it just strikes and sometimes I get bewildered at the flow of those thoughts, which go on and on at some moments and some of the days… just go blank!!

      Thanks for the visit, I always look forward to it.

  7. You were right Balroop. I love this. Happiness is around us. Happiness in not tomorrow. It can be experienced now. We just have to open our heart to it and let the feeling flow inside us freely.

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