Will They Fathom?

Two Angels on my lap
Tears in my eyes, twinge in my heartI love my Solitude
Uncertain future.
Do I look helpless?

But that is your myopic eye
Which fails to see my grit.
That is your sadistic mindset
Which bears such crippled thoughts.

That is your sick, conservative attitude
Which feeds your hollow ego.
Don’t you know?
A Phoenix rises from its ashes!

I know life is going to be a drag
But was it ever pleasant?
I know my Angels will grow up
But I will not look back.

No more emotional hurts,
No more societal pressures
None of those oppressive judgments
I have had enough.

The only worry…
Will they know, will they fathom
My compulsions, my hurts
Will they assuage my pain?

I know they would move on
I know this is the way of the world.
I love my solitary space
‘Love’ was never my grace.
© Balroop Singh

This poem was inspired from the life of a loving friend, on the verge of divorce due to emotional abuse but she kept postponing it due to the pressures exerted by families. An extremely successful woman now, she carries a volcano within, which protects her most secret thoughts…longing to erupt. Her bewitching smile never betrays that well guarded anguish she carries in her heart.

You can read many more such poems in ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life,’ which captures all kinds of emotions.

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Balroop Singh.


7 thoughts on “Will They Fathom?

  1. This was beyond beautiful, Balroop! I absolutely love poetry and how you were inspired to write it was perfect. Of course the part, “A Phoenix rises from its ashes” hits home to me like no other quote in the world. After the soul mate on four legs that I’ve shared a life with these past 10 years. Thank you, our friend! 🙂

  2. Thank you Mike.I am so glad that you have liked this thought. Most of the people shun such reflections as they never hold themselves responsible for any such emotional hurts. However, they realise later, when all the damage is done and they find themselves empty handed!

    I appreciate your standing by and sharing your thoughts.

  3. hi Balroop, I can understand the gravity of this poem having gone through something similar in my life. I think sometimes situations and circumstances are difficult but our families, culture and society can tend to make them even more complicated and stressful (and emotionally draining).

    Thank you for sharing the sentiments poetically, which resonate with me.

    1. Yes Vishnu, who can understand better than you, how family pressures almost kill the spirit to freedom of choice. I am glad that you have steered through difficult times successfully but a lot of people remain trapped in emotionally abusive relationships all their life! Isn’t it strange that they can’t even take the basic decisions of life themselves?

      Thanks Vishnu, for adding your viewpoint, I am deeply grateful.

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