How Faith Grows…Only One Way to Absorb it!

67143A63293741479FFDC079ACE506CA.ashxI have often pondered over the word: ‘Faith’…asked many people about their opinion, discussed with my students too but could never be fully convinced about the arguments in its favor.

Probably ‘Faith’ was never forced on me and since I had the freedom to choose it or leave it, I never made an attempt to understand it. But I was always curious and whenever I threw this question to my students, I was bewildered by their response.

In a class of 40-45 students, the hands that went up in belief were almost all! One or two students, who wouldn’t put up their hands, were asked to explain more and one of the most honest answers that I can never forget was: “I believe in God because my parents tell me to, but I am confused.”

The answer gave me great relief…at least there was someone who shared my thoughts, at least one odd voice!

I always had my unanswered questions, my moments of wrath and protest against blind faith; I always would wonder why God is so unreasonable…till I read this:

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”—Max Lucado.

How could He be right in giving so much suffering to some and so much love and happiness to others, absolutely no rights to some and all the privileges to others.

Is faith ‘spiritualized imagination’? Or a ‘passionate intuition’?

Though I have figured out most of the answers, many questions still keep cropping up. Now I try to snub them because the way Faith unfolded itself to me, I was left speechless. With the passage of time we tend to brush aside such exhilarating moments, I keep reminding myself.

All my doubts melted at that moment, all those questions that I kept raising to myself vanished when I felt the presence of God around me. Yes, I agree with you…how could that be possible? I also agree when you call this a hallucination or my imagination; even I would say the same, if somebody tells me so!

Let me reconstruct that moment for you. One day as I was going to my work, early in the morning, the speed of my car was nearly 80 (well, I was living in Delhi at that point of time) and I happened to touch the central curb.

Obviously my car flew away and landed after three somersaults. I went completely numb, with only two thoughts in my mind: Oh… it’s all over! Oh…my little children, what will they do without me! That is the moment I am talking about.

The moment that introduced me to the real word: FAITH. Now I knew why is it so much woven into the fabric of our life, why is it so inseparable from us? I knew how it proves itself, slowly even to the most skeptical. I knew why people propounded it so much.

But it raised more questions: How could I escape unhurt, just with a few bruises? How could I walk home myself? Why did He come to my rescue…I had rarely prayed to Him with full conviction?

Faith does not sway the decisions of God, however hard we may wish him to, eventually it changes us, makes us realize certain hard facts of life and makes us more positive and tolerant:images

  • It keeps our hope alive.
  • It keeps us emotionally healthy.
  • Develops respect for ethics and values.
  • Relieves stress and worry.
  • Is Instrumental in healing physical and mental wounds.

“Faith is the spark that ignites the impossible and causes it to become possible. When a person’s faith is activated, it sets in motion supernatural power that enables that person to do what he normally would never be able to do!”—Rick Renner.

We may be hazy about it but it develops slowly and surely. True faith is the one, which comes from within.

I would love to hear from you, friends. How did you discover faith? Were you easily convinced or did Divine presence mesmerize you, like me?

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Balroop Singh.



30 thoughts on “How Faith Grows…Only One Way to Absorb it!

  1. Hi Balroop,

    For me I guess I grew up with faith. I say my mother have faith, pray and not give up. At that time my father drank on weekends and was not fun to be around. later he did give up the drinking, again thanks to my mothers faith.

    I have seen faith work many times in my life. One phrase I like to use when the big waves hit is, “Let go and let God.” Works every time for me.
    Faith comes from the heart and soul. When you really have it you can let go and feel the peace.

    As for your car accident, Yes God was looking out for you and still needed you on this earth. I believe he was showing you his power and teaching to trust him at the time. He does show his power everyday, but sometime it is so small that we overlook it.

    As for the bad things happening, to me that is not God, but the free will that he has given people. Our sins to this not God. But when or if this happens we have to have faith that he has our back at all times. That is how we get throw those rough waters when they arrive.

    Thank you for the post and sharing your story. It makes me smile.
    Blessing to you,

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I know those who grow up with faith tend to absorb it naturally, for them it is just another value…like we never question values, that could be the reason, I guess. And when you are a believer from your childhood, faith seems to work always…they never question, it seems illogical to them, perhaps.

      I have seen many such persons, many of my colleagues…though I admired their faith, I never wanted to be like them. For me, faith had an entirely different meaning, I looked within to develop that conviction, which eventually did establish itself. One question still keeps visiting me…why do good people, who have not wronged anybody, suffer!

      Thanks Debbie, for adding your perspective, I admire your faith.

  2. Absolutely fantastic topic, Balroop! My aunt and I were just discussing this a few hours ago regarding something going on in my life here in a couple of days. Not a matter of IF on Faith but making sure to direct the energy appropriately to the problem with positive thoughts. I have been non-denominational my entire life and prayed every night since I was 5 years old. I’ve always FELT an energy in the ether that is way beyond me my opinion…any of us. We can feel and know it and see but may not understand it. It does require us to always look around and listen and be open minded. For the past 15 years now I even modified my prayers and mantras to what is Right and Perfect for any given situation or person. That would have been an awesome class to be enrolled in, our friend! btw…I know virtually nothing about the Bible. Thank you again 🙂

    1. I just got back from picking Phoenix up and taking him home (he was at doggie daycare). And I thought of you while I was driving and that I forgot to mention this earlier. I’m very sorry for your accident but I’m so glad you were ok because we were able to become friends! 🙂

    2. Thanks Mike, I am so grateful to you for noticing my post immediately and contributing your view, in a jiffy! Now I can say I have one nice friend, who really cares. Also, you always make it a point to say something nice, which touches the heart.

      I am glad you like this article too…I always thought this is such a sensitive topic, so difficult to handle, that’s why I based it on my personal experience and man!! what an incredibly terrifying experience it was! I was face to face with death…I almost stared into its eyes!

      Its good that you grew up with prayer, it gives a lot of confidence and courage but I got both these virtues through tough childhood and that is another story! I have seen that those children who grow up in a religious atmosphere never ask any questions…they just accept whatever is told to them. I am happy that I was given freedom to choose and explore my own way to faith and that’s why now it is unwavering! And I know my scriptures to some extent.

      Thanks for your kind visits and the afterthought…yes, I was so ok that I took a lift and could go home on my own, leaving my badly damaged car on the road and was thoughtful enough to collect my things from the car!

  3. I have a solid Faith in God. I always had and never doubted it. I do ask questions, but I also trust God and His will.

    1. Hi Nikky,

      Thank you for adding your perspective, I am happy to know that you have never doubted your Faith…blessed are those whose love for God is firm. But I have one question, though many people have given the same answer that He puts His nice people through tests…Why? Why does He give so much suffering to the good and the innocent? If you say they are not good…I know some very good persons who have gone through a lot of agony.

      1. “He puts His nice people through tests” is one of the teachings of the Catholic Church (and maybe other religions too). Although I am born Catholic and still follow the Catholic Church, I believe that religions, all of them are made by men and not by God. God is only love and would never hurt anyone. My answer to why do good people suffer is their life’s purpose. Everyone comes for a reason, a purpose, and this purpose defines the life and suffering he will endure. Spirit has an Eternal life and our passage on earth is just one step. If we suffer through this step, doesn’t mean that our life is misery, The real life is not on Earth.

  4. That’s interesting Nikki! I too believe that religions are made by Men and so God is just our hope/ creation/ imagination for serving our ‘purpose’ in life! I like your interpretation! But who has seen other steps you are taking about? aren’t they just imagined?

    1. What I believe is that religion s are made by men, but God is real. God is the power of Love, and He is every single one of us. By believing that life ends on earth, it means we’re denying the existence of God since He lives in each one of us. I don’t feel I need any proof of the existence of any other step. God is Love and Love never dies.

  5. Hi Balroop, so glad to hear that you had minimal bruises after what sounds like a terrifying accident! And thank you for sharing your story of your deepening faith.

    I grew up in a somewhat (very) religious household so had plenty of time to practice my faith but I think my faith developed more as I experienced more difficult situations in my life. It seems like the darker the circumstances are, the more the light of God we need in our life. I love this quote i recently saw by Tony Evans – “God sometimes lets you hit rock bottom so that you will discover that he is the rock at the bottom.”

    I really feel the more we’re tested, the stronger our faith grows. And with faith, I agree with all the points you mentioned – less stress and worry, emotional health and hope. Also, strength to get through rough and challenging events.

    1. Yes, Vishnu…I had a very close encounter with death but God has been very kind to me…that day, he walked home with me and has been with me always!

      I can understand the kind of religious environment you are talking about. One of our friends have this kind of faith that they would cover their idol [which they worship at their home] with a blanket at night, during winters! The children of such homes don’t develop any curiosity…they never are allowed to question… because that becomes a part of their lives.

      You are so right, the circumstances too lead us to divine light! what a lovely thought, though I have seen people praying more sincerely during such times. This was one of my jokes when I saw my students going to pay obeisance to prayer room, every morning before their exam!

      But I don’t like this testing business…if He is all powerful, then what is the need of such tests…He must be already knowing who can pass!

      Thanks Vishnu for adding such beautiful thoughts, they are greatly valued.

  6. Hello Balroop,

    First of all thank you for stopping by on my site, I appreciate your comments!

    What a lucky escape you had there! A friend is a frequent visitor to Delhi, so I can imagine what it’s like driving there…

    Although I’m not religious, I do have faith and a positive outlook on life. I did notice with friends who practice religion, that they have an almost unshakeable confidence and self esteem. Which makes me curious if that is to do with their belief in God? I guess if they devote so much time to worshipping someone else, they are less likely to develop negative self beliefs and gain important values outside of themselves. Perhaps it doesn’t apply to everyone, that’s just my observation.

    Good luck with continuing to build your site. 🙂


    1. Hi Ash,

      Welcome to my blog! I am so glad to have one more friend.

      Yes Ash, my life line was very small…I knew I was in for some such encounter but you are so right…God had bigger plans for me, He wanted me to live with His love, probably He gave me another chance! still not sure!

      I think those who are very religious pass on everything to their God, they just believe that everything would be okay and if it doesn’t turn out that way…they wait and wait for that miraculous moment. Sometimes it never arrives but the strength and confidence that comes through such faith is truly invincible!

      You are right, I know many such people who never give up negative thoughts and ego…I think they just pretend to follow the virtues of scriptures or are not fully acquainted with them.

      Thank you Ash, for adding your perspective, it is greatly valued.

  7. ~Hi ,Balroop,

    I’ve ALWAYS believed in GOD and have a deep faith. Seriously, this is the only reason I am still living right now.

    I mean, nothing else makes sense w/ out GOD.

    But, believe me, I have MANY questions for HIM.

    For example, “why do you allow hunger? Why do children die of cancer? Why would you allow my sister to be murdered?”

    I believe He will answer me when I arrived in Paradise.

    Great Post. xx So glad you are OKAY. Apparently, God has Many plans for you.

    1. Hi Inner chick,

      I can understand all your questions…I too have them though I keep brushing them aside. If He is so good, if He is all powerful and omnipresent, then how can He allow suffering for some and peace for some, why doesn’t he give social equality and justice to all…the spiritual answers to such questions go beyond my head!

      Yet He proves and ignites His love in the heart of most of us…when will He give this love to those murderers?!
      Long back, I had read that famous story of Leo Tolstoy ‘God Sees the Truth but Waits’…and I was doubly sure He waits too long! SO long that by the time He realises the innocence of man, he is about to die! I could never reconcile to the other interpretation of the story given by many wise persons that God was waiting for the criminal to confess, He was waiting for the salvation of the protagonist and the redemption of the criminal.

      Lets hope He will answer all our questions…even if in paradise!
      Thank you dear friend, I value your views.

      1. Waiting for salvation. Yesssss. Even in the 11th. hour.

        My hope is that the murderer of my sister is NOT burning in hell….His hell is not being w/ her.

        Love from MN. x

  8. Hi Balroop,

    Faith and suffering are invisibly connected. It’s hard to see the connection until you’ve been sorely tested. I think sometimes, when we are tested and we are not as strong as we thought we would be, we get shaken. But those who see God as a mighty fortress do not waiver on the inside, and they do not let go or give up. I know from an enormous amount of suffering that I have experienced in the past, that it made me deeply compassionate toward those who are suffering now. When you’ve been through it, you are in a better position to help others. Therefore, I think faith is a compassionate intuition.

    Kindest Regards,

  9. Hi Bill,

    Slowly…very slowly I am moving towards such philosophical love for Him…trying to rise above suffering, finding peace in all that we get and all that we need…I hope you have also clicked on the link..’God’ in this article, which gives a different interpretation.

    Yes, with a lot of introspection I have decided not to waver, not to give up but compassion doesn’t come to all, even after suffering.

    Thank you for a wonderful connection of words with that divine power, that you evoke.

  10. Hi Balroop, this is a big question that I still haven’t answered in 30+ years of searching. I’m glad that you have developed a faith. I admire people with a strong faith or an awakening like you. Even though I believe in and commune with a spiritual aspect larger than myself, my faith & trust are weak. Thanks for being brave to tackle such a big and challenging topic.

    1. Hi Brad…I know, I can very well understand when you say you have been searching for an answer. Many of my answers are still pending though I have embraced Faith and trying to stick to it! I have seen such people who have more than just strong faith…who have no questions at all and they succeed in inculcating the same kind of love for Him into their children. I still wonder how they do…I couldn’t because I never forced faith on my children nor can I do so on my little grand daughter.

      I give all the credit to Almighty who infused a flame in my heart Himself, by holding me when I had that fatal encounter with death.
      Thanks Brad, I look forward to your valuable words.

  11. Hi Balroop,

    This is such a lovely post on faith, and I remember you mentioning on my blog that you’d be writing about it too 🙂

    Yes, faith is something I’d say that develops with time, unless those values are instilled into you when you are a child, which some parents do our end, but that’s kind of forcing their kids to follow a particular religion and do things that when they grow up, may not follow up with.

    I remember this incident of your car’s somersault as you’d mentioned in one of my blog comments when I mentioned about the near-to-death experience I had, when our car too somersaulted 5-6 times, though I was hurt. But, it was a head injury along with major bruises all over the body and I recovered within a few months time. However, nothing happened to my kids who were sitting behind, except a few minor bruises, and my husband who was driving didn’t get even a single scratch!

    Certain things were meant to be…I was to remain alive…there was a stronger force that saved me…someone’s prayers saved me, or perhaps my Mom was around as my guardian angel who pulled me out of deathbed. I had certain tasks undone, so I my hubby wasn’t hurt as he had to save me…so many thoughts that come to mind. But my faith certainly has doubled in the Almighty after that one incident and each day seems like a gift from Him….and I just keep wishing I could do more for people, which I try through my blog 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this inspirational post with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thank you for taking out some time for me…I value it truly!
      Yes, I also believe that faith is a very personal emotion, which should be given the freedom as well. Illogical following doesn’t serve any purpose, it is like walking into an alley, blindfolded.

      I am so sorry to read about such a serious injury… but your miraculous escape is a wonderful example of God being omnipresent! I can understand how you must have emerged from the trauma and gain strength slowly… and I realised that I was a changed person after I recovered. I developed a fresh perspective about everything around me, I understood how much my dear ones loved me and cared for me, I realised what a blessing it is to be well and healthy!

      Thanks for your kind words and you too have a nice weekend!

  12. Love this post Balrooop.

    This is my first time here and I also love your blog 🙂

    My faith is a huge part of my life. I don’t know how I could get along in life without it. But it’s not easy for people to understand their faith and for those that are faithless they understand even less about how faith can carry you through, especially when times are difficult.

    I don’t pretend to understand my faith completely but I do know that my faith brings me closer to God. That faithful connection with God constantly reminds me that God is with me in whatever I do and whatever happens in my life, good or bad.

    I also understand that we live in a fallen world and we have to be careful not to put our faith in the things of this world, instead keep our faith in God who has promised us eternal happiness.

    What my faith has offered me is that I will be a peace with whatever happens in this world and it has given me the confidence that my eternal salvation with God in heaven will be granted.


  13. Thank you Liz, Welcome! Oh! how glad I am to hear that you love my blog! It means a lot to me.

    I agree with you, many people fail to understand faith, I guess due to lack of right guidance or their own scepticism…but only those who make an effort to understand it can fathom its depth.

    Yes it stands in good stead during difficult times but what about those who refuse to take refuge behind faith? Also, sometimes impatient believers tend to throw it out of the window too soon as they get tired of waiting for good times.

    I love this attitude to be ‘at peace with whatever happens around’ you…it gives invincible strength to all we possess within.

    I have really liked your perspective Liz. Thank you for standing by and saying such beautiful words.

  14. Hello Mam
    I have been reading this writing almost daily after you posted it and every time I was not sure of what should I write the reason is maybe I am short of words to express my feelings,As I believe faith in God comes with some experiences in life. I heard this simple sentences from my Dad as I was a child “WAHEGURU DA SHUKAR HAI”but understood it after so many years. With my personal experience I think I believe everything is in God’s hands. As after coming to USA I started believing no plans work if God’s will is not in there. As all my life I never imagined myself going out of India. So Now I don’t think too much about my future. I think life is just now what we are doing.And I try to make it best in present. Although the question you have asked
    (Why does He give so much suffering to the good and the innocent?) is still unanswered . Even I have discussed this with my husband so many times earlier but I fail to understand .

    1. Hi Daljeet,

      Please stop calling me ‘Mam’ and stop underestimating yourself. You have been writing beautiful and inspiring comments and I have loved all of them. I appreciate your perspective and efforts.

      I am pleased that my article is worthy of reading so many times. Thank you so much. I agree with you totally that experiences expose us to faith and help in strengthening it. I hope you have read my article on Savor the present….live it fully. It talks about the same thought you have expressed here.

  15. Hi Mam…..:) (sorry I can’t help it )Will try …… time.
    I think I have missed this one can you post it on my wall(facebook)
    Thanks with love and regards

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