I persevere…I continue…



The ascent was slow…
The bars so taxing,
The pitfalls so glaring
Some I stumbled into.

The impediments choking
The watchdogs quiescent,
Waiting to scowl and sneer
At my achievements.

Craving to keep up
Sometimes I leaped up
To trounce those wicked eyes,
Their evil designs.

Did I ever care?
Fear never threatened me
My own faith in me
Strengthened me, my conviction.

I will reach the top
I always keep my promises
My optimism as alive as ever
I persevere…I continue…

I have restarted my climb
Each bar is now more intriguing
Each step is more fulfilling
Zenith is waiting! For me!

This is one of my unpublished, recent poems.
You can read more in my book ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life’ (available at Amazon.com)
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8 thoughts on “I persevere…I continue…

  1. Currently Fear is threatening despite my Faith in my Higher Power, Balroop. A lot of false front so that others don’t lose their faith in my ability to brighten their day. I know, I know…me first in strength. I have no clue how I’m persevering and things could always be worse but today is a wicked bad day. Gawd, I could use a good Zenith right now. Sorry so sour but I assume your writing, sharing and background opens up and welcomes commenters to be themselves. Beautiful poem. Hugs our friend 🙂

    1. Hi Mike,

      Yep, you are right, Mike…I like those friends the best who honestly express their feelings. If the fear concerns Phoenix, I can understand that. Shout out louder to your faith and strength and don’t forget you have the prayers of all those friends whose days you have been brightening and continue to do so, despite your own fears.

      So cheer up friend…all works out well! Each new day brings blessings. My best wishes are with you and Phoenix.

  2. Beautiful poem, I read it so many times and each time something new was coming to my mind. Whenever I read your amazing work I picture myself there. So many memories come up but one thing I have learnt is…… DO YOUR BEST, GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST. No matter what, someday your qualities are appreciated…….:)

    1. Hi Daljeet,

      You are welcome…I am so happy to get feedback from you. Yes, that is the beauty of poetry, it evokes many images and interpretations. I know we have such nice memories associated with poetry and I am glad we can relive those through keeping in touch.

      You are right, Daljeet we should focus on our own efforts, rest all works out well. Good actions and qualities never go unrewarded.

      Thanks for your continued support. I look forward to it.

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