Do You Aspire for Appreciation?

ImageWhat do people aspire for?

More food? More money? More dreams? More fun? More happiness?

Aspirations are endless…and appreciation can be placed at the top of the list, if you see yourself as a successful individual.

Do you have an attitude of appreciation?

Do you ever think about this word? Yes I can see that nod but my question is related more to your attitude and interpretation of this exquisite emotion.

Appreciation is not just expressing gratitude; it is slightly different from being thankful for a good gesture or magnanimous outlook.

Appreciation is the recognition of somebody’s good work or qualities that you admire. It is all about understanding the qualities of a person and expressing your admiration by articulating your true emotions about him/her.

It is depicted through the words you choose, the vibes you emit and the body language you exhibit.

While appreciation is our emotional need, it doesn’t come effortlessly.

We all like to receive it but when time comes to give, our minds gets clouded by envy, jealousy and spite.

True appreciation ennobles us:quote_331

  • It makes us more sensitive and understanding.
  • It builds healthy relationships.
  • It strengthens our bonds.
  • It enhances our self-esteem and confidence.
  • It boosts our morale and rejuvenates us.
  • It motivates us to work sincerely.

If appreciation is so good then why do we withhold it?

Human nature is designed in such a manner that we want all good things for ourselves. We give only when we have enough of them and appreciation is never enough!

The moment we hear a good word about somebody, even our dearest family member, we tell ourselves…‘I am better.’

How to cultivate Appreciation:

If you want to learn appreciation:

Look at the clouds hovering all around us; creating those romantic moods; inspiring us to pause and watch and wonder at the hues of Nature…‘so beautiful’… these words come out instinctively!

Look at the sunshine. I am sure you like cloudy days and you yearn for those lovely drops of first rain of the season but you can appreciate those dark, damp days only for a few days.

It is the sunshine that fills us with energy and enthusiasm. It is the winter sun that reminds us of that exclusive warmth we appreciate.

Look at the dawn…that fills the sky with a glow of new hope; that whispers sweet sounds of success into our ears; that satiates our desire to start again. Doesn’t it evoke the emotions of obligation?

Look at the winter landscape…the symbol of peace and contentment; that breathes serenity and calmness into our minds; that inspires a moment of spiritual bliss.

Look at life…the greatest gift of nature to celebrate; the slow and steady growth, which conjures smiles, love and tenderness.

Slide1This is appreciation… it never ends; it is like a perennial stream, gushing down naturally and effortlessly.

While gratitude is momentary, appreciation is eternal; it stays in our hearts to glow in our most precious hours.

It is that wonderful emotion, which William Wordsworth carried in his heart when he looked at the daffodils and they became ‘the bliss of his solitude.’

We learn all good things from our environment, family and social circle. The sensitivity of people around us reaches us spontaneously.

Only lingering cold weather makes us appreciate summer. Dark corridors of life make us appreciate a glimmer of light and joy. It is only after suffering that we realize the gift of healthy life.

True appreciation is profound and ever lasting, like the one we have for our mother. It emanates from our hearts.

Don’t confuse it with gratitude, “which is a very short-lived passion that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object, unless it be still fed with fresh discoveries, and kept alive by a new perpetual succession of miracles rising up to its view.”—Joseph Addison.

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Balroop Singh.



16 thoughts on “Do You Aspire for Appreciation?

  1. I think it’s along the same lines as joy. Joy is a long-term, internal quality which is different than happiness. A true, deep appreciation is satisfying and fulfilling. I also think the more difficulties we’ve experienced, the more appreciative we become. We don’t take people/things for granted as recklessly.

    1. Hi Denise,

      Thanks for understanding all these emotions so well. You are right, real appreciation is very fulfilling…it radiates through out our heart and soul, to add happiness we all long for. Yes, tribulations in life do make us more sensitive towards such emotions…they give us the lessons of lifetime.

      Thank you for adding your perspective to this post, it is greatly valued.

  2. Hi Balroop,

    Wonderful post yet again 🙂

    Appreciation is so important, though sadly, very few are really able to appreciate others or the efforts of others.

    I wonder what stops them – is it jealousy or the inability to express themselves or something else. I’ve always found that the more I give the more I receive. It might not be in terms of money or monetary or materialistic gains, nor have I ever run after those things. Instead, it’s the love, respect, regard, praise, and appreciation of people, through their feedback or the comments – which for me is certainly much more than anything else.

    Yes indeed, you gave lovely examples of nature, Sun, and all that life has to offer – it gives us so much. We just need to widen our horizons, have a giving heart, and learn to give, appreciate, praise, for things that are worthy of it.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for your kind words…I look forward to them.

      I have always felt that appreciation plays an imperative role in building up relationships but only if it is genuine. I have also seen people giving hypocritical compliments, just for the sake of praising or impress, may be…or win the good will but if you have a discerning eye, you can easily see through such flattering gestures.

      There is no doubt that respect and love are reciprocal if they come from the heart…we all feel so nice when we receive them but at the same time, we should be ready to give them too. A little word of appreciation can bring a smile and encouragement, it keeps on brightening our hours for many days!

      I truly value your appreciation, Harleena, Thank you for giving it so liberally!

  3. I have never been able to distinguish between appreciation and flattery. Whenever someone appreciates me i mistake it for flattery and even feel embarrassed.The reason is that there is a dearth of genuine people.So most of the time you are surrounded by people who indulge in false praise for their vested interests .

    1. Hi Baldeep,

      There may be a dearth of genuine people around us but if we continue to spread the light of our goodness, they too realise one day, in their heart of hearts that they have been trying to befool others with their flattery. Some people never learn but they know that they have certain dark aspects to their personality…may be they feel helpless, they have never tried to change themselves or nobody helped them.

      I have never been able to shower false praise…my face is too expressive and so even if I would have tried, people would know but I never do what I don’t believe in…so I can only give true appreciation!

      I appreciate your efforts to reach her and say something despite your busy schedule.

  4. Awesome! Your post always make me think a lot . These are simple yet most important topics which plays an important role in development of overall personality.And believe me I get to learn a lot with all your posts and all the comments as well. Appreciation works as a boost for everyone no matter what age.
    Small babies are proud to hear Good Job even after finishing their food. Even men love appreciation ,they wait for it even after making a cup of tea. Even I feel your true appreciation can make someone’s day or even future. I think we should not wait too much to appreciate someone. False appreciation never works. We can most of the times make out who is appreciating us truly. So we should also appreciate good work and without waiting too long…………….

  5. Hi Daljeet,

    Thank you for the lovely words, your way of appreciation is so warm, each time you come here to add to the conversation, I feel connected with you…it seems we are talking!

    Yes, appreciation is our emotional need, it seems this need is inherent. My one year old grand daughter claps after she puts together just two blocks and then looks at us to clap! Isn’t that strange? That’s why I feel we all love to receive appreciation.

    As we grow up, we learn the tricks of flattery but you are right…it never works. We can easily see through the intentions of the appreciator.

    Thanks for your wisdom…I look forward to it.

  6. Beautifully inspiring Balroop! I can honestly say I’ve never given any thought to the deeper meaning of appreciation and I’m so glad you’ve opened my eyes to the value of this emotion and how it differs from gratitude. I must confess that my heartfelt appreciation has always leaned more toward nature than mankind, but I’ll have to spend some time thinking about this a bit more. 🙂

    1. Hi Marquita,

      Welcome to my blog, I appreciate your efforts to reach me. Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, I have often felt that we tend to take things for granted as we do, the beauties of Nature…various hues that just the sunlight spreads before us, how ocean changes its colours and moods as the day progresses…may be we notice and don’t record them. I am glad my humble efforts have inspired you to think more about this exquisite emotion.

      Thanks for your valuable presence, in taking this conversation forward.

  7. Nice post Balroop. I tend to use the two words interchangeably, but I’m willing to use appreciation for the deeper, more lasting form of care. Whatever we call it, I love the reminders to appreciate more in our lives. 🙂

    1. Hi Brad,

      Welcome back!! your words are greatly valued, Brad!
      Yes, we have to keep such positive words fresh in our mind as reminders to the blessings around us as they add impetus to our spirits…whether we shower appreciation or receive it, both ways!

  8. This is very thought-provoking. I struggle to be appreciative, but I strive to take note of the little things that bring me joy like the tulips I see when I’m jogging. Showing appreciation towards others does not come naturally to many of us. I grew up in a household where “thank you” or “please” was hardly ever uttered, so I didn’t even begin to realize the true importance of such actions until I became a teacher. Those little words have such an effect.

    1. Hi Jeri,

      Welcome!! I like your honest way of admitting, which many people never even realise…putting a facade of appreciation! Just learning to say a few words of courtesy doesn’t acquaint us with the value of appreciation. I agree with you, upbringing makes a lot of difference but self nurturing and awareness too makes us learn.

      I have learnt this emotion from mother Nature, as I have mentioned in this article…just by observation and feeling connected with all the moods of dawn and dusk, sea and sky, flora and fauna.

      Thanks for standing by, Jeri and expressing your view, I feel honoured.

  9. Hi Balroop,

    My heart sings to read such words. Active appreciation is so very important. One aspect of that equation is intentional listening. I know for a fact that if young people today are not heard, they do not feel appreciated or that their opinion matters. Of course it does!
    Love values everyone, for all have something worthy to contribute to this world.

    I know that if everyone were to actively appreciate others, they would celebrate differences. There would be more love, peace, harmony and understanding… less war, animosity, jealousy, prejudice, fear.

    Have a week as beautiful as you are. 🙂

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thanks for adding lovely words and a realistic perspective to the discussion. You are so right, if we contribute our bit to the little world around us, it would be a better place, free of stress and strife and appreciation plays an important role in that!

      Thanks for the kind words of appreciation. You too have a great week.

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