The Unknown Love



I could hear the waves
Whispering softly into my ears.

I could see their breaking at my feet
Tugging at my heart.

I could discern the echo
Reverberating all around me.

I could envision their calling
Loving invitation into their arms.

I could feel the sweep
Getting carried by their stroke.

I could hold the breezy touch
Caressing my fingertips.

I could embrace the love
Profound and intensely distinctive.

I could experience the peace
Twirling with them, again and again.

I could sense the solace
Of merging into the unknown.

The unknown blue, enveloping all
The luring love, alluring all.

(Copyright protected)

Balroop Singh.

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Do you ever feel the same kind of pull, the feeling of merging into the surroundings?

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