Words link; they create lovely bonds
Words evoke emotions; they heal with love.

Words inspire, they take you with their flow
Words stimulate; they fill you with courage.

Words silence; they take you into deeper dumps
Words soften; they can change your outlook.

Words encourage, they lead you to your goal
Words motivate; they can accomplish all.

Words hurt; they can cause irreparable damage
Words falter; they give us the power to introspect.

Words stir passions; they make you feel alive
Words cheer you up; they guide you to look forward.

Words crop up unawares; they reveal your full potential
Words dance through your thoughts; they make you wiser.

Words provide us curiosity; they unravel the secrets of life
Words give us faith; they let us pursue our dreams.

Copyright: Balroop Singh.

This is one of my recent, unpublished poems.

You can click on my poetry book ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life’and read more poems.

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21 thoughts on “THE POWER OF WORDS

  1. This had such a beautiful flow, yet bounce to it, Balroop! “Words hurt; they can cause irreparable damage”. Yes, absolutely…

  2. Hi Harleena,

    Thanks for the smiles and appreciation, it is greatly valued by me.
    I have always felt what you say – ‘choose your words wisely’. we often say so but I am still learning to be prudent, it has been such a slow, bumpy journey with my words.
    You too have a great week.

  3. Words are amazing things! They have so much power. Sometimes I want to infuse power into them and sometimes I wish to take power away! Beautiful poem.

    1. Thanks Jodi…where would we be without words? Sometimes I wonder!! You definitely have that knack of infusing incredible energy into your words. I love your videos.

  4. Hi Balroop,
    Lovely description of the power of words; a veritable two-edged sword that will slice to ribbons if wielded carelessly. Words are the vehicles we use to drive points home.

    Have a beautiful week!

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thanks for using such fantastic words! You really have an edge over them…they seem to be in your total grip!
      Wish you a lovely week too. Thank you.

  5. I have formed a very intense love affair with words 😉 I never understood the power and magic that a precisely arranged assortment of alphabet characters can have on an individual and his soul. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem 😉

    1. Hi Dave,

      Your love affair with words is indeed very profound, I can feel that intensity and passion in your stories and articles.
      Thank you for the kind words, they are very valuable for me.

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