One-Year Journey…And It Continues!

First Anniversary

I shall be completing one year of blogging this week and so far this flight on the wings of words has been the most pleasant one. It has given me those precious moments of creative relaxation, which I had always yearned for in my extremely busy hours of life.

It was never on my mind that I would write a blog one day or I had so many moods, emotions and words to express my feelings. A person of few words, I always found poetry a more suitable genre of expression.

When I took the plunge, it was more out of impulse.

The number of blogs and the competition bewildered me.

Yet I found some calm and complacent bloggers, who find pleasure just in writing and guiding. They have been my biggest encouragement.

The Enticement:

My journey started one fine day when I stumbled upon a very inspiring blog and the beautiful reflections were so appealing that I couldn’t resist the temptation to share my thoughts. I am referring to:

IMG_Sandra_Outside-Cropped, managed by my loving, spiritual friend Sandra Pawula writer, teacher, and champion of mindfulness and ease. She helps people who are willing to think deeply and look within to find peace, happiness and freedom.

Her articles have the magic to transport you into her company, give you the privilege of basking in her spiritual journey, flow slowly with her enchanting words and feel… all is well, all around us and within us! She has truly changed so much within me, with her words. No words of gratitude are enough for her as she helped me discover an unknown aspect of my personality.

How I learnt to blog:

Ramsay_Blog_TyrantOne day, while reading one of the articles at her blog, I came across a comment by and got inquisitive. I visited this blog and his inspiring words were so infectious that they infused a new wave of confidence in me. I felt that I too could learn to blog. His step-by-step guidelines and advice was so effective and encouraging that I was actually able to create this platform to give vent to my emotions. No wonder his blog is amazingly busy! Thank you Ramsey for revealing all the tech jargon in a very simple language.

I found the music of my soul here:

W3WpGsaA_400x400 totally draped and swathed with positivity, always living up to its name, Zeenat Merchant Syal is the zeenat (glory) of this blog, which is her ‘little piece of Heaven.’

She strives for a happier, more loving and positive world in and around her. She inspires and motivates her readers to be the best and the happiest. She is a practicing counseling psychologist, spiritual counselor, motivational speaker, naturopath, holistic healer and a writer.

Zeenat’s mesmerizing words of robust optimism and tenacious positivity impel you to visit her the moment she updates her blog. Her soft and gentle nudge awakens you out of your slumber to realize that with loving care, positive thoughts and actions everything can be achieved, personally as well as professionally.

And I found the wings:

Harleena-SinghBy now I had learnt the tricks of hopping from one blog to another and I came across an amazing friend, Harleena, ‘the Queen Blogger’ and for the first time I saw that blogs could be so organized and blogging can be a serious business., a haven of personal development and self-improvement is managed by Harleena, who is a positive thinker, a freelance writer and benevolent beyond belief. She loves to write inspiring and thought provoking posts on family, relationships, health, and myriad other aspects of life. She is an anchor for all those who want to solve the problems of their life in a realistic manner. No wonder her popularity in the blogosphere is unparalleled. Her unstinted support has given wings to ‘Emotional Shadows.’

My first steadfast friend:

Mike-And-Phoenix-About-Me-Pic-300x300He visited my blog when I didn’t have any friends; when I was still stumbling and wavering, when I didn’t know how to build up communications. I am extremely thankful to Mike and Phoenix, for being an embodiment of genuine friendship. I value it immensely.

Mike Vogler of, who calls himself ‘a night owl’, has been my first committed friend and follower who always encouraged me with his thoughtful words. His son and soul mate, Phoenix, his golden retriever, who activated his energies, watched him with the most sensuous expression in his eyes when he sits at his keyboard, writing about places he’d like to visit, food he’d like to eat, and reflecting on the crazy things that happen in his life. His pictures speak more than his words! The food he cooks and the way he enjoys his cooking can beat the best of chefs! Phoenix, his most doting confidante always looked at him as if to ask why he is so passionate about every little detail and why he keeps writing so late at night!

Sadly Phoenix was snatched away recently by the callous monster – cancer, though both Phoenix and Mike fought fiercely against it.

How I learnt to communicate in blogosphere:

BlogPostPhotoThrough, I found another wonderful friend, Adrienne Smith – ‘the Engagement Superstar’…the Empress of Cordiality… and a totally new world unfolded before me when I visited As soon as I signed up for her newsletter, I realized how communications are built. Her warmth can leap up to you through her words and her altruistic outlook can infuse a new spirit into your thoughts. She thinks she was born to help people and they keep streaming into her blog to learn how to be successful, how to build such an engaging community, why she has so many return visitors to her blog.

Then I met the Wisdom Guru!

b363bb323060b10dab99bbb2876abaafI would also like to express my deepest gratitude to Vishnu, of – an online wisdom-filled sanctuary. I was attracted to his site due to the unique name and was not disappointed! True to his name he is not only providing enlightenment and support to all those who get in touch with him but also preserving all that can be salvaged from their broken dreams to bring clarity and purpose to their life.

Vishnu speaks from his heart and his words always touch your soul. The pearls of his wisdom have been recorded in the annals of ‘Emotional Shadows’ too.

I have met many more wonderful friends like you and so my journey continues with the support of each one of you and all those silent admirers who visit my humble abode of creativity.

I look forward to the support of each one of you. Your feedback is a valuable asset; please keep contributing your insights.

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Balroop Singh


24 thoughts on “One-Year Journey…And It Continues!

  1. Congrats on your 1 year blogoversary, Balroop! What a lovely tribute to those who helped you get started and inspire you. I recognize those wonderful faces, too and agree they have also inspired me! You sure have a wonderful way with words.

    1. Thank you Lisa. Your lovely face is always in my thoughts whenever I think of my friends. Hope you are almost ready with your new book and come back to blogging soon.

  2. Hi Balroop,

    Congratulations & Celebrations! 🙂

    Wow! One full year – it’s so wonderful to hear that and great going my good friend, though it seems like ages since I’ve known you and your lovely blog.

    You bring a smile to my face whenever I see your lovely comments on my blog or read your insightful posts and poems here – they are such a great read. Not to mention the great achievements you’ve met with the successful launch of your books as well, while the rest of us just think of writing ours – you went ahead and did it up.

    Thank you so much for the kind mention, and it’s indeed an honor to be mentioned here along with Adrienne, Sandra, Zeenat, Vishnu, all of who fit so right in all that you’ve written about them.

    I wish you every success with your blog, with many more years to come 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thank you so much for saying that you know me since ages, I reciprocate those thoughts. I love your liberal compliments and look forward to reading your articles. Your omnipresent tweets inspire me to read more and tweet more!! You are such a wonderful friend! I greatly value your wishes. Thanks and have a nice week!

  3. Well done Balroop!
    For sure, you were right to start this adventure, as your words do touch people’s minds and hearts.
    Keep writing, keep sharing. And we will all just be there at the corner, encouraging you and enjoying reading you.
    Stay well always.

    1. Hi Marie,

      Thanks for those encouraging words, they mean a world to me! I am so glad that my words can reach those who like to read more about life and its ways. That is how this journey becomes more pleasant, more fulfilling and meaningful.
      Stay blessed!

  4. Oohh! i can’t wait to delve into each of these! Thanks for the references and a heart-felt congratulations for coming up on one year! You are awesome!

    1. Hi Jodi,

      I know you have already made your presence felt at some of these sites with your profound insights.
      Thanks for the wishes, you are a loving friend whose support is always appreciated.

    1. Thanks for the warm wishes, Jeri! Yes, Phoenix was such a darling. He seemed to be so much a part of our community that it is hard to think of Mike without him.

  5. Congratulations Balroop on making it to your first year of blogging. As we both know, a lot of people have quit long before you but from the people you shared here with us it looks like you’ve met some wonderful bloggers and have really enjoyed this time.

    I think I’m only familiar with Harleena on your list and I’m so thrilled that you found me through her. She’s an amazing person and I’m so glad that we met as well through this wonderful platform.

    Thank you so much for the mention and I’m truly touched. It means a lot to be listed among this great group of bloggers who have really stood out to you. I’m all smiles.

    You enjoy the rest of your week okay! It’s definitely one worth celebrating.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you so much! I really value your wishes! I am so glad that I met you…I have learnt a lot from you. The contribution of each one of us makes all the difference in our roles as bloggers and I know you are always ready to offer a helping hand.

      How could such a post not mention you!! You have made my journey really interesting. I look forward to your support in future too.
      By the way, your comment was marked as spam!! Just by chance I checked that folder and retrieved it from there. I couldn’t understand the reason though you have commented here so many times!

  6. Darling Balroop,
    A Huge bucket-full of love and blessings are in order darling…this is a special occasion. One full year!! Wow! And I see you have already touched so many hearts with your words….that was the purpose right 🙂
    I’m so happy my blog inspired you positively…my purpose served too 😉
    May you live your purposeful existence through your blog for many years to come….this is just the tip of the iceberg darling. So much more fun and love ahead.
    Love all the beautiful people you shared here. I know most of them and have enjoyed their inspirations time and again.
    Love you lots and lots…and then some 😉

    1. Dear Zeenat,

      Thank you SO much for lovely wishes and such a warm message! That is why you are loved so much, your words rise up to touch the heart in a very tender way! You smiles too are reaching me, nudging me to smile back:):)…they are returned with the same love as you shower on your admirers.

      You are right Z~ this is just the beginning of love and fun…I am enjoying it and am so thankful to all the cyber support of my friends. Thank you for your visit, I know it is dripping with a lot of affection.

      Love always!

  7. Hi Balroop, Congratulations and wonderful job on your first year of blogging. Your voice and writing is a pleasant welcome and much needed in the world! I appreciate how you remain true to your voice and stand out in the blogosphere, even with so many blogs out there. You write on topics that many people don’t and explore deep and nuanced ideas that are seldom spoken about.

    Thank you for your inspiration, friendship, & kind mention above 🙂 I’m humbled to be in the company of so many well-known bloggers you mentioned who have ALL inspired me as well. Looking forward to a even more robust and engaging second year of your blog.

    1. Thank you Vishnu, for the wishes and such kind words…I am truly touched by your appreciation! If words can be music, they are to my ears!

      I have mentioned you Vishnu because you really deserve that place. Often when I visit your site, I am reminded of Vishnu – the Preserver. What a wonderful name your parents gave you!! You honest words, your candid and witty style leave a mark on the readers.

      Thanks for the encouragement, I hope I would come up to your expectations.

  8. When I entered the blogging world, I began writing for myself and my family/close friends. I never imagined the far-reaching ability of the written word. I have discovered so many talented and like-minded writers and individuals as a result of deciding to share my own thoughts. It has been a truly amazing experience and one that I hope everyone has the chance to discover. Congratulations on your great accomplishment and best wishes for many more years of emotional shadows 🙂

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the wishes, they are really valuable for me. A writer ought to share his stories and I am so glad that you decided to do so…sharing unravels the mysteries of the mind and keep us motivated to soar to newer horizons.

      Your stories have a unique quality of transporting the readers to your world of fantasy and keeping them tied to the flow of your thoughts. Keep entering those doors of discovery!

  9. I’m so honored to have been part of your blogging journey, Balroop. And, I’m so grateful for the insights and inspiration that you share. I love the company you keep too! Looking forward to the next year!

    1. Thank you Sandra, the pleasure has been mine and I have experienced a positive change in my thoughts with you around me, in the form of such meaningful and deeply stirring words. Love your support! Stay blessed!

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