Awards Can Be Fun If They Don’t Come With Rules.

Fun with rules

I have always felt more comfortable in the company of youngsters, found them closer to my heart and therefore I had to accept the fun time suggested by my youngest blogger friend, Atiba.

She has nominated me for the ‘Liebster Award’, which comes with five rules or conditions.

Let me remind you my dearest young friends how much you despise the rules or the ‘restrictions’, as you would call them.

I remember them too well because I was always trying to impose those rules and the youngsters around me called me ‘fun spoiler.’

I too want to feel relaxed and flout a few rules that have been tagged with this award!

The five rules are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Flaunt the ‘Liebster award’ badge on your blog.
  3. Tell 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate at least 5 other blogs.
  5. Prepare questions for your nominated blogs.

I just want to follow four.

First and foremost, I want to thank dear Atiba for nominating me.

Here is the badge:liebster2

Sorry, I am skipping the third rule.

My nominations for Liebster Award:

Brad: A poet and a writer, he loves exploring the world of blogging as a creative expression. He selects awesome stories from all over the world and shares them with his readers every week. Love and compassion move his heart and he passes them on through cyber hugs.

Eric: He believes in creating awareness around what really matters. He loves to laugh, listen and observe! Those observations are passed on in a succinct manner, each word heavier than the other! His words of wisdom always enlighten his readers.

Kim: She blogs about wiping out domestic abuse, domestic violence and encourages women empowerment in the memory of her sister Kay who was murdered by her own husband before she could escape his clutches.

Lisa: She shares humorous and touching stories as well as her challenges that she has faced in her own divorce. She also includes lots of tips for dealing with common divorce issues.

Louise Gallagher: Blogging is an adventure for her. A journey. A mystical voyage into the exploration of that state of being that accepts human imperfections as perfectly magnificent. Her beautiful, dreamlike thoughts can carry you along with her into her alluring world.

Questions you have to answer dear nominated bloggers:

  1. One unfulfilled dream.
  2. What is your definition of success?
  3. What is your most precious possession?
  4. A loving childhood memory.
  5. Who has influenced you most of the time?
  6. What can make you laugh instantly?
  7. If you have lost your way in a maze of underground parking, how will you locate your car, without modern technology?
  8. What according to you is the major reason of bullying?
  9. What is your biggest regret?
  10. What advice would you give to a new, young blogger?

My answers to Atiba’s questionnaire:

  1. Your favorite past-time.


  1. What, according to you, are your bragging rights?!

I don’t believe in bragging. May be I have passed that age.

  1. The 3 wishes you’d make if you get Aladdin’s Lamp.

Firstly, I would tell him to transport me to my loving home in Delhi, whenever I want, in a jiffy!

Secondly, I would tell him to get me the job I love.

Thirdly, I would tell him to make my working hours more flexible.

  1. One weird thing you believed in as a child.

When I looked at moon, I wondered how it could walk with me and even travel wherever I went!

  1. What are your 3 chief principles in life?

Love unconditionally, smile and give whatever you can.

  1. One place where you’d like to travel to.


  1. What sort of a person is the most boring or irritating to you?

The one who brags and talks too much.

  1. A thing that has happened in your life, which was like a dream come true for you…

Nothing so special.

  1. One skill you’ll love to acquire and why.

How to handle modern technology and the plug-ins of blogging.

10.What does blogging mean to you?

It is just a hobby, to spread my wings in a creative and constructive manner to engage with nice people around the globe.

Balroop Singh.

21 thoughts on “Awards Can Be Fun If They Don’t Come With Rules.

  1. Hi Balroop,

    Many congratulations to you for winning the award 🙂

    I SO agree with you that such awards shouldn’t have rules attached to them, though I like the fact that because they are rules, so I guess they can be broken! After all we can all take a few dips here and there – reminds me of the many I won long back in my blogging career (when I had started off), and I did the same!

    Nice list of winners, though I just know Lisa from all of them, and I liked the little things you share about yourself with us, especially your 3 wishes, and I wish you could come and we could meet too!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Happy weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thank you so much! Yes, I know how irksome rules and restrictions can be! As a youngster I too never really cared for them, that’s why probably I got the responsibility to impose them. Having done so half of my life, I am now a free bird and want to be one!

      Yes, I too look forward to seeing you whenever I visit next. Thanks for a lovely comment.

  2. Lovely award, Balroop! I enjoyed getting to know you a little better in your answers.

    My answers to 2 questions –

    #2 Definition of Success: Taking personal responsibility of self and leaving the world a little better than before.

    #8 Main Reason for Bullying: Fear/Insecurity/Emotional Pain

    1. Thanks Denise. I am glad you liked my award! Yes, we must have this kind of fun to know each other more!
      Thanks for the awesome answers. I liked them.

    1. Thanks Lisa. The award is forwarded to you too. So we are in it together. Now I will eagerly await your response to my nomination and following the rules!! All the best! Please tell me when you upload this award to your blog.

  3. Hello Balroop,
    It’s great to get your answers! Though I’d have loved to know the random facts as well. But anyways, let me tell you, you are the first one to complete all the conditions of the awards (except for the one you skipped!)
    Well, I don’t like bragging (or bragging people!) too, but I think everyone’s got some talent to be proud of – yours must be your spirituality I guess.
    I totally agree with your principles in life.
    Oh, and I can help you with the tech and plugins 😉
    Great answers, and great post too, thank you for sharing!
    Have a great time ahead,
    Atiba. 🙂

    1. Hi Atiba,

      I have mentioned right in the beginning why I had to respond to your loving nomination but I am so glad that I have done so first of all! I hope you can understand why I didn’t mention the ‘random facts’…they could smack of bragging or ‘talents’ as you call them!

      I don’t think spirituality to be a talent or worthy of bragging as I am just a normal human, with all the imperfections, which we keep working on to get better.

      Thanks so much for offering your tech. help, I will ask you next whenever I am at sea!
      Thanks for being so gracious. Stay blessed!

      1. You are welcome, and thank you too!
        You are very humble indeed.
        The ones who brag are even more imperfect than you! 😀
        I’d love to help you, should you ever want me to.
        Thanks again, you are awesome!
        May your life be all full of pleasant surprises and happenings! 🙂

  4. How kind of Atiba to recognize you, Balroop. She seems an astute and enlightened being to acknowledge Emotional Shadows! I enjoyed reading your answers to her questions and am curious, when are you going to travel to Switzerland? 🙂

    Thank you! for nominating Awakening to Awareness as one of your blog choices to highlight. I am equal parts honored and humbled. I actually blushed when I read your kind words about what I share with others. I am merely a messenger trying to stir a few souls with what I choose to share.

    Yet I will gracefully decline your thoughtful award nomination. As has been my blog practice and reflected on my ‘home page’ I quite some time ago elected to make this blog ‘award free.’ Still, I very much appreciate you, your words of wisdom, and your sincere gesture.

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the words of appreciation, I am touched by your benevolence. I must mention that visiting Awakening to Awareness has always been a humbling experience. Your efforts to touch the hearts of your readers have a superb quality of subtleness in them, which casts a profound influence.

      Even I thought that I would make my blog ‘award free’ but then some requests are too delicate to decline. Thanks for a gracious comment.

  5. Fun to read this post, Balroop. Thank you for sharing your answers with all of us. These fun tidbits about people – the moon talking to you as a kid and instant time-travel desire to Delhi 🙂 are interesting tidbits that make you even more unique than you already are. Also, enjoyed your 3 principles in life: smiling, giving and loving. If more people did just that, we would live in a more peaceful and happier world. Congrats on being nominated.

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      I also liked it, thanks to lovely Atiba for inviting me to jump into this fun arena! This is why probably I have always liked the company of my young friends, they are always bubbling with life, ready to take the challenges head on and dragging everyone around them! One fun adventure I have always wished for like is surfing but first I have to learn swimming!!

      Thanks Vishnu, I am glad you have contributed your opinion.

  6. It’s great to see Kim’s name on your list of nominations 🙂 Your question number seven made me laugh. Anymore I’ll take a picture of where my car is at so I can find it again, or use the alarm button on my key chain if I forgot to take the picture. If an ink pen doesn’t count as modern technology, I would probably write the location down on a pad of paper that’s always in my purse.

    1. Hi Jeri,

      Nice to see you! Your answer ignores that you have to find it after it is lost in that maze…picture would be taken before that and noting down the location too would be the same!! Alarm button – modern technology!! Do we ever anticipate that it would be lost or we would forget the location?

  7. Hi Balroop. It’s fun to learn more about each other. Thanks for the nomination. I appreciate you and am honored. I’ll answer some of the questions here since I don’t do awards on my site. Blessings, Brad

    One unfulfilled dream. world travel
    What is your definition of success? health, happiness and loving relationships
    What is your most precious possession? my health
    A loving childhood memory. playing outdoors
    Who has influenced you most of the time? my mother
    What can make you laugh instantly? kittens playing
    If you have lost your way in a maze of underground parking, how will you locate your car, without modern technology? use my eyes!
    What according to you is the major reason of bullying? pain and insecurity
    What is your biggest regret? not spending and enjoying my money when I had it
    What advice would you give to a new, young blogger? just keep writing, sharing and connecting with other bloggers.

    1. Thanks Brad…That is so sweet of you to answer all the questions! There is no end to innovations!
      May your dream of world travel get fulfilled soon!
      Yes, Health is no doubt the most precious possession.
      Full marks for all the answers!!

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