How Writing Can Help Us In Dealing With Emotions


Writing is one of the most amazing gifts that we receive with life. When a child learns to put the alphabets together, when he starts using those words into small, broken sentences, he hardly knows that he is learning the best of all the ingenuities available to human beings to share their emotions.

Those who get an opportunity to develop and enhance this skill at an early age feel blessed when they can use this as to tool to calm down their emotions.

Have you heard about writing therapy? My friend Kim of My Inner Chick has been using it since the untimely, unfortunate demise of her sister Kay, who was murdered by her own husband.

I too have experienced its therapeutic appeal!

Have you felt the cathartic and liberating effect of writing?

Whether it is expressive writing, writing for pleasure or creative writing – it is the best outlet for those emotions, which are difficult to express and lurk deeper within the inner recesses of our heart.

As a student I had read what Aldous Huxley said about writing: “Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly — they’ll go through anything.”

I have often deliberated about this bizarre analogy…X-rays always conjured up darkness before my eyes but I could understand the import of his words only now…when I can discern what role darkness plays in our lives…how it props us up to look for light, almost impels us towards it…how it raises our hopes!

Writing makes us happier:

The elation of recording our feelings is so fulfilling, so heartwarming that many people develop the habit of writing a journal. We can create our own world of fantasy, in which all the characters are mere puppets in our hands. We can unlock all the doors, as the keys are in our possession…what a wonderful feeling!

Writing inspires:

Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms and writing is surely one of them. It gives an impetus to our desires. When we write down about our aspirations and goals, our dreams begin to take shape. We start feeling that we are on the chosen track and through writing; we can plan as well as take stock of our achievements, quite frequently.

Writing organizes our thoughts:Writing Quote

It gives clarity to those ideas, which are confusing or blurred. It calms us down and leads us to self-discovery. With practice, words become our best friends, teach us tolerance, control our anger and rein our negative thoughts. They slash those emotional walls down, which ward off our progress towards becoming a better person.

Writing keeps us busy:

Like reading, writing keeps our mind occupied and takes us to the next level…of honing our skills, of embellishing our imagination, of drowning all the anxieties and loneliness in the ocean of words. The pleasure of this activity can only be felt when we start sharing our solitude with the words. It keeps our mind healthy and active.

 Writing heals:

All those hurts, the agony, the emotional throttling gets assuaged when we pour it out, when we weave a wreath of words to be placed on those buried memories, when we share it in the form of a poem, a story or that precious book we write. Healing starts the moment we pen down our thoughts. We feel relieved. We learn to forgive. We rise above human imperfections.

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” –Anne Frank

Writing sets us free:

Writing has given me wings. I can fly anytime, anywhere. I often perch on the branches of my favorite trees and can communicate with everyone without any reticence. All those who sit far away, in the comfort of their homes can hear me as I let my voice merge into the clouds that float around, merrily.

Have you experienced the power of writing? How has it affected you?

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Balroop Singh.

26 thoughts on “How Writing Can Help Us In Dealing With Emotions

  1. Great post! Writing is an excellent way to explore your inner landscape. Looking forward to more.

      1. I’m juggling several plates at the moment so I post when I can. I know it’s erratic and it’s evident that I am not keeping up with others posts as timely as I’d like. 😦

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Who can understand better than you as you have written a book to heal!! I have always felt that it is better to pour your issues out to the laptop. It listens calmly and quietly, without any interruption and hypocrisy.

      Thanks for understanding so well!

  2. Thank you for hitting all the main points, Balroop. Writing is both therapy and artistic expression. I love the last paragraph on how writing sets you free – so poetic 🙂

    I started writing my blog during one of the most difficult periods in my life. Each and every post has contributed to my nourishment and healing. Writing allows me to convey my pain as teachable moments, inspiration and guidance for others.

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      I have seen you evolve with your writing…I have read all about those ups and downs. I know we have to fight all the battles of life alone. As we try to make peace with the circumstances which are uncontrollable, we need to analyse, understand and digest those painful moments and I have always felt better after sharing my anguish with the words. Yes, those moments truly teach and inspire!

      Thank you Vishnu, your insights are always so welcome!

  3. Hi Balroop,

    You are absolutely right – writing IS therapeutic 🙂

    Speaking of myself, ever since I’ve taken on to writing, it’s just made me a more expressive person, as I am better in my written words, as compared to my oral, though my family says I speak a lot….lol…I guess I’ve become better in both ways, thanks to my writing the posts, or for clients, and even the comments. It’s a constant conversation for me.

    Writing heals and makes you feel better, and the best part is that you can get started anytime and just carry on with no one to stop you. I was into writing in my younger days when I kept a dairy that I wrote daily – so the habit carried on, though once I had kids it took a back seat as I had other priorities then. But now….there is no end to it.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      This is so true, when you get into the habit of writing, you keep getting those flashes of words, ideas and your your imagination too seems to soar higher than you ever expected! Isn’t it strange? Some times I wonder why didn’t I know this…may be busy life drowns all the thoughts, that’s why we need leisure to explore more and take an inward journey.

      I feel if we have some talent, it resurfaces however hard we could have ignored it. And writing can never be buried, it digs out our buried memories to make them more memorable! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, always appreciated! Have a blessed week 🙂

  4. This is so true balroop!
    It so therapeutic. I can just forget everything when I write. I still have my diaries other than blogging. Its a little old school but helps me take my mind of any stress thats even closely coming to me.

    1. Hi Rashmi,

      Welcome to my blog, I feel honored! I just had a quick look at your site and it is awesome, I would like to explore it more.

      Yes writing down your thoughts has that unique quality of alleviating our pain, absorbing it most efficiently and then forgetting it as it lies buried deep into those journals we kept. Now we can share it and feel lighter!

      Thanks for sharing you perspective, it is greatly valued by me.

  5. Oh yes Balroop! Writing is sp precious, it’s a great way to express ourselves, to heal and inspire others. Writing is a gift we should be grateful for. It gives us the chance to feel and be better. Writing sets us free.
    As you know, I do love writing. I can say everything I want with words. I don’t feel limited this way.
    Stay blessed and keep writing Balroop. It feels so good reading you.

    1. Yes Marie, writing down your thoughts really calms down those emotions which keep gnawing at our heart…asking why people we trust so much turn their face away when you need them. I know you can put your thoughts so well into words to assuage those questioning moments. Writing possesses the power to heal them, slowly, taking that heaviness away…introducing us to brighter moments, showing there is life beyond those moments.

      Thanks for sharing your views, always appreciated. Love always!

  6. That is So true Balroop how writing helps us deal with emotions.

    I can remember being very angry with someone and not wanting to speak to them directly so I’d write out my thoughts on paper. That exercise alone helps calm me. Perhaps it’s because I’m giving myself the time to reflect on what angers me or what frustrates me.

    Writing down what we feel gives us the time and the strength to deal with our emotions. It’s what we need to reflect.

    It’s funny too how things just come out when you write. Thoughts I never knew I had seem to rise to the surface. It’s sort of like my subconscious is freer when I write.

    Writing is a gift and for me it’s been an extraordinary gift.


    1. Hi Liz,

      Thank you for visiting me, I am so pleased to welcome you. You are so right! Writing gives us time to reflect, that’s why probably we start feeling better the moment we write down about our frustrations and anguish. When we are trying to give the right words to our emotions we can understand them better, yes, we do emerge stronger.

      While positive writing is encouraged and liked, I pour out all my thoughts, if they are not received well, it is okay because life is an amalgamation of happiness and sorrow…Can we brush it aside?

      Thanks for adding so much value to this article by adding your profoundly prudent insight.

  7. ***Have you felt the cathartic and liberating effect of writing?***

    Writing is a savior, a prayer, the reason I am still here.

    Great post. xx Happy Friday.

  8. Am very emotional. But sometimes expressing myself verbally is rocket science. But God gave me a way to make known the confines of my heart and were it not that I got souls to please I would give up schooling and my job to go write for the street children. I love this post. I love this blog.

  9. I couldn’t have agreed more on this. Writing is Wonderful…it gives the path and the pleasure. It is inspiring and keeps our imagination on fire… yes, when we write we liberate our mind and once mind is in a good state, we keep thinking good things, we keep going close to nature…a good piece of article once written provides a magical level of satisfaction…

    We all can write, but depends how much we devote towards writing, it needs lots of effort and commitment and discipline to writing…it is not an easy task as it appears to others…but once we are into that zone, we keep enjoying every bit of it…

    Writing is indeed the painting of the voice…

    Lovely post!!!

    1. Hi Nihar,

      Welcome! I am glad you have dug through the archives and chose to comment on this post. It resonates so much with us and I completely agree with you that a lot of effort goes into writing. We need to organise our thoughts, choose the right words and devote some quality time to let them flow in consonance with the little idea that needs to be developed further.

      Sometimes the right state of mind eludes and other times the words play a clever game! Despite all this the pleasure of writing is unique…as mystic as the moonlight.
      Thanks for sharing your perspective and liking this article.

      1. Yes, there is something and subtle and something mysterious about writing…it takes you different part of the world, you relate to different people, you get close and connected to nature…

        It is indeed therapeutic, it relives you from the pain and stress you are in…it gives you reason to do something new and big…it nurtures your purpose of your life, and many of us find it difficult to find it…but if we keep writing and soon or later we get to know us better and our purpose of life…Writing is an engagement of mind with soul…we get into soul searching through writing…

        I always enjoying reading such beautiful posts on writing, thanks for sharing…

        Happy Writing!!!

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