Living Again


Living Again

I rise again from the valley of death
The valley you pushed me into
The valley I reject…
Its darkness had blinded me.

I don’t want to mourn for
The blessings that I have lost
I refuse to crumble under them
Within me, I can hear a loud protest.

Memories don’t make me smile
They offer no solace now
I have buried them in the valley of death
Anger and apathy is what I carried.

They too diluted with time
I am seeking new vistas
I am focused now
Approbations no longer allure me.

I seek the company of those
Who can guide me, escort me,
Towards the path of enlightenment,
Of forgiveness, of acceptance, of eternal peace.

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 Balroop Singh.

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20 thoughts on “Living Again

  1. I like your forward looking and moving focus, Balroop. It is important and valuable that we surround ourselves with people and sources who exude energy and positivity. I do, however, choose to carry with me, memories that I cherish as they help to augment my enlightenment and new, unfolding perspectives. A lovely piece!

    1. Hi Eric,

      I appreciate your outlook and share it too. Some memories only bring misery, it is better to dump them as the protagonist of this poem has done to move on in life.
      Thanks for liking this poem and expressing your view about its theme.

    1. Hi Mike,

      I am so relieved to see you, I can understand your state of mind, you have been in my thoughts each day, I know some partings are SO unacceptable, I know words can’t fill the vacuum of our lives yet life moves on…we have to get up from the dumps we bury ourselves in, I know we don’t want to seek anybody’s support because all people appear to be happy at such times…happier than us yet we have to seek new vistas – that is what is life! That is the way of the world.

      Yes, some memories are such, they don’t give any solace but they can’t be wiped out as they are embedded into our skin and soul.
      I hope you will find those vistas you are seeking.
      Thanks for understanding the tone of this poem. I know it has touched your heart.

    1. Thanks Lisa, you are so kind. It has been my endeavor to write positive but the tumultuous intricacies of life do creep in, which too play their role in enlightening us. I am glad this poem has an enigmatic value!

  2. This poem speaks to me of strength. It shows a determination to rise like the phoenix from the ashes and seek to find the beauty waiting beyond the greys.

    It saddens me immensely to think anyone has to gird themselves from another human in such a manner simply to keep going. Yes, it’s key to find the support and encouragement from those spirits who know Love is the way. It is the healer for both and sometimes one of them simply won’t or can’t accept it. Silent loneliness can be held to the Light by knowing hearts.

    1. Hi Amy,

      What a beautiful, touching and realistic description of emotions attached to this poem! Thanks for understanding human mind so well! Your analysis very clearly brings out the dilemma of love, betrayal and hope that is attached naturally to relationships, that is sometimes an inevitable consequence we fail to discern.

      Thanks for adding so much value to this poem by providing the in-depth analysis.

  3. Hi Balroop,

    Simple wonderful 🙂

    Reading your lines shows me the inner strength and all that one’s overcome, the power and struggle to come out of it all. Wish I had the poet in me, just glad to read yours here so often and share it further.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for the kind words! 🙂 Strength is innate…we just have to summon it, struggle is an essential part of life and I am glad we can overcome all!

      Thanks for standing by and appreciating poetry, love your feedback:)

  4. “I seek the company of those
    Who can guide me, escort me,
    Towards the path of enlightenment,
    Of forgiveness, of acceptance, of eternal peace.”
    Positive people are so important in maintaining you inner peace and avoiding unnecessary stress!

  5. Balroop, this is powerful and raw. I see the narrator coming into her own. Standing strong on a tall rock overlooking a spread of land. Wind blowing in her hair and resolute to own her own life. Inspiring!

  6. I think it takes a lot of time and therapy to inspire such survivors, resolute and tall they may stand but are truly broken inside. I hope this poem provides some solace and inspiration.

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