How To Enrich Your Personality With 3 Simple Values: #Consistency #dedication #sincerity


When I think of impressive personalities, consistency seems to be the most important requirement. We may feel more detached and free in today’s world, dedication and sincerity may appear to be a bit outdated but they are still revered and valued.

Consistency of principles and conduct give a distinctive shape to our personality. When we don’t change our behavior in the midst of crisis, under pressure or due to threats, when the influence of circumstances doesn’t crush us or change us, we can call ourselves consistent.

Consistency in relationships is the key to happiness and serenity. All relationships need an assurance, an assertion and an affirmation that they can be banked upon. Consistency lends that much needed emotional mortar to firm our relationships.

Consistent parents raise happy and healthy children and make a positive mark on their ever-evolving personality.

Dedication and sincerity are the offshoots of consistency, which align our actions with our concepts.

“Consistency makes the rain drops to create holes in the rock. Whatever is difficult can be done easily with regular attendance, attention and action.” -― Israelmore Ayivor

Just consider what consistency can do:

  • Consistency of thoughts evolves us into a better person. Even if our thoughts happen to be negative at times, they are shoved away by being positive and consistent.
  • Consistency of beliefs leads us through the darkest tunnels of our mind. Trust speaks to us during those disappointing moments to focus on positive aspects of life.
  • Consistency of values makes us a luminous personality. It makes us as tall and as bright as the lighthouse. People notice that consistency and get inspired.
  • Consistency of upright behavior endears us to all our acquaintances and friends who know that they can pin their hope on us.
  • Consistency of affirmative outlook sends a positive message to all those around us.
  • Consistency of diet, exercise and meditation keeps us healthy and fit.

Despite all the good that consistency brings to our relationships, and us… nobody cares about it! Why?

It is probably very demanding.

Demands of consistency:

  • Our actions should be in harmony with our values.
  • We must uphold our principles in all situations.
  • We treat all people with the same respect that we expect from them.
  • We need to maintain our integrity even during difficult times.
  • We have to come up to the expectations of others.

Our actions reveal our values and principles. If we don’t follow them consistently, we give out a clear message that we are faking our relationships. It is our behavior that exhibits what lies within us.‘ Without consistency there is no moral strength’- Owen

Dedication and sincerity:

I know these two terms are quite discomforting. One day, when I was emphasizing on their importance, one of my students kept staring at me in a strange manner, very clearly conveying through his looks that I was going overboard and should come back to the topic, which had triggered the so called ‘sermon.’

I could never forget those looks!

Those looks followed me, haunted me yet they couldn’t deter me from talking about these values whenever I got the opportunity.

Consistency, dedication and sincerity can enrich your personality.

How they help:

My conviction is that it is our zeal, our passion for work, which makes us noticeable. Whether you are a homemaker, trying to make your home more comfortable and loving, an entrepreneur or an ordinary worker, dedication and sincerity gleam through your work.

My friend, we can call her ‘Sage’ was so committed to her work that she was the admiration and envy of her colleagues, some of them waiting in the grass to pull her down the ladder of success. That did not deter her from her path.

She didn’t change her personality to please others.

She didn’t worry about being disliked.

She became a source of inspiration for many young men and women who were aspiring to make a mark through their work.

She has got many accolades for completing all the projects within the stipulated time despite the challenges she had to face in the form of limited resources and lack of support.

All those who interact with her immensely esteem her sincerity.

“When pure sincerity forms within, it is outwardly realized in other people’s hearts.” – Lao Tzu

Sincerity is like ‘truth’, which gives more of pain and poise but has long-term effects.

Have you ever felt admiration and pride for some persons? In what way are they special?

Have you aspired to emulate those affable personalities?

Were you attracted by their pleasing traits? Which one impresses you the most? I would love to hear your views.

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Balroop Singh.


35 thoughts on “How To Enrich Your Personality With 3 Simple Values: #Consistency #dedication #sincerity

  1. Hi Balroop,

    Loved your simple values, and yes, without them I wonder where we would our personalities be 🙂

    Being sincere is the key I would say, while consistency in everything makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Being dedicated, whether any kind of work you do or take up makes you put all of yourself into your work and the result will always be good when you have these three traits enriching your personality.

    As in the case with Sage, she was sincere, dedicated, and consistent and that showed in her work I think. She didn’t change herself for others, which showed her commitment and she achieved success finally, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for endorsing the values. Though they are as old as humanity, we have to keep reminding ourselves how much they contribute in making a wholesome and endearing personality.

      It is very challenging to be consistent, that is why I have observed but I try my best to be consistent because I admire this value so much. Same is the case with sincerity. You are right, these values steer us through whatever work we take up!

      Thanks for being such a wonderful support, Harleena! I love your insights 🙂
      Have a blessed week.

  2. Very profound, Balroop. I confess I had to read this one twice to really appreciate your message. I think sincerity can be sabotaged when we feel vulnerable and fear being ridiculed. Dedication is so important and I think a learned value. We can teach ourselves slowly to remain dedicated to our work, diet, health, friendships…as you say. I have remained dedicated to Yoga for example, and I’m so very proud of that. Trying something new and sticking to it can really boost your self confidence. Consistency…well, that’s a biggie. We learn how it feels when people we think we can rely on aren’t there. They’re inconsistent. I try to keep that in mind for my own adult kids. Great post, Balroop!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for reading twice…I like your appreciation and candor!!
      You are right, sincerity is like truth, it comes with a price. I can understand those fears one faces in order to stick to one’s values. I have experienced such challenges, there- fore I never considered those fears as real. One needs mental strength and firm determination to choose one’s values and then stick to them in the face of tribulations.

      I am glad you are consistent to yoga, it brings along many health benefits, besides flexibility of mind and body. Thanks Lisa, your insights are no less profound 🙂
      Stay blessed! Love you!

  3. I’ve been gone; you’ve been gone (maybe?); our WordPress Readers are not synchronized… In any case, I enjoyed finding and reading this piece, Balroop. I concur: consistency, dedication and sincerity can enrich one’s personality. Each are valuable and contribute to people’s lives — to a point. 🙂 When they singularly or collectively morph into routine or ruts that one semi-consciously moves with and through, they drift from their core intent and useful purpose. I believe that when they are coupled with focused awareness, then they have the potential to yield abundant benefit to personality and people’s lives. A thoughtful post. Thank you!

    1. Hi Eric,

      So glad to see you, hope you enjoyed your break. I get your posts in my email box but sometimes I feel too overburdened and miss them, sometimes words fail me…

      I am trying to understand your philosophical perspective and how these values ‘morph’ into routine and lose their significance!? I have always felt that they need to be made an everyday part of our personality to let it shine more. Yes, without focus we can’t achieve much, that much is very factual.

      Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

      1. Glad you took the time to share your ‘confusion’ with my comment, Balroop. I could have better explained my “philosophical perspective” (which by the way, I would not term philosophical). 🙂

        Were I to have elaborated, I would have included reference to when people strive to work qualities and traits into their lives, they have ways of becoming conditioned — even bound by them. This can be good and less so. I’ve seen and personally experienced having qualities so ingrained in me that they become rote, routine-like and sometimes, ruts – when practiced continuously. They no longer become distinguishable, having been permanently etched into a person.

        There is also the flip side when/where said “values” can be immensely structural and helpful, as if markers or cornerstones to one’s persona.

        I see them as not single-edged but potentially double-edged swords… depending how they are adapted, honed, valued, and exercised.

        Not sure if these words lend any coherence or help to clarify. It’s late and sleep (obviously) beckons here. 🙂

  4. I like to believe that I’m always sincere, otherwise it’s a reflection on me and I have to live with that. Consistency is something I’m working with right now as I try to reprogram my brain and everything about me and my life from a recent tragic loss of my kid. It’s going to be a long haul. Btw, I’m betting that is Lake Tahoe in that picture! (I live 30 minutes from there) 🙂

    1. Hi Mike,

      I am glad that you are coming to terms with life without Phoenix, I know it is so challenging, so distressing to get over such a irreparable loss, so being consistent at such times could seem to be quite difficult. That is how life is, dear friend! We all have to learn to go on!

      Yes, you are right, that is Lake Tahoe, a very beautiful and peaceful destination for weekends. Most of the background images I use have been clicked by me or I always mention the source. Thanks!

  5. You are raising a very interesting topic there Balroop.
    I agree consistency is demanding but at the same time it is so important to remain who we are, to hold on our values and dreams, to not look at others with disrespect and keep our beliefs alive.
    Some people do amaze me, the way they act, he way they behave, standing strong in face of hardships and adversity. They inspire me to be me, and not to let others decide for me.

    Stay well Balroop and thanks for sharing this with us. As always, it’s food for the soul.

    1. Hi Marie,

      I am pleased that you found this topic interesting. However, I feel much of the value lies in discussing it further as it becomes alluring with the views of readers.
      It is always creditable to be yourself and follow what your heart says because that is the inner voice and it is always right.

      Thanks for your kind words of appreciation! Stay blessed!

  6. Hi Balroop,

    Many thanks for this comprehensive and insightful article. Whilst I am not in the least interested in any overt and volitionally willed attempt at ‘enriching my personality’, I certainly do agree with much of what you have said here. Consistency is a critical element of good parenting I have always thought. The child needs the parent to exhibit a constancy of values, together with a certain predictability as to the parent’s responses. Without this consistency, the child becomes disoriented and uncertain as to her or his relationship with the parent(s). Such a failing also limits the child’s capacity to learn and grow through having this familial consistency as a bedrock of experience. Whether or not this shapes the child’s personality resultantly, as you suggest, I personally feel remains open to question.

    It may have been worth defining quite what you meant by the term ‘personality’ Balroop. Eric has raised some interesting points, and I think a useful distinction can be made between, on the one hand, those conditioned psychological tendencies which find their outward expression, and on the other, what some might call ‘character’ or perhaps even ‘charisma’, both of which the latter less obviously manifest and yet somehow remain detectable by the senses of others. ‘Personality’, as I think of it, is an outward reflection of the ideas we hold about ourselves and the world; and because these ideas may change over the course of our adulthood, so it is that our personality may change along with them. Here then, our maturation in fact exhibits a subtle inconsistency, though one which we ought welcome if we accept growth as a good thing, which surely it is.

    With gratitude and respect.


    1. Hi Hariod,

      It is such a pleasure to read your delectable prose and cultured views. Hariod, you don’t need to enrich your personality any further as it is already seems so good from your writing. The way you have elaborated on the need to be consistent parents adds immense value to the point. Thanks!

      Personality is a very wide term and needs a whole article to be elucidated. In fact this topic is most widely read, that’s what inspired me to write another post on it. There are already two articles on ‘Personality’ in my archives and are read almost everyday.

      You are right, Eric’s points always make me ponder and wonder! He has a profound understanding of life and people and always inspires to think beyond a particular level, just like you 🙂

      Thanks for defining the terms SO well! I am indebted to you for adding so much virtue to them. Stay blessed!

  7. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for elaborating your view so well! First of all these values are passed on naturally by the parents, environment and peer group. If they are imbibed at a later stage, as you are suggesting, (people strive) then it is quite apparent that they would become cumbersome to maintain, they could become ‘rut’…probably you mean they are boring or overwhelming? for us or for others? I agree too much of everything becomes crummy!

    Thanks once again for taking the time to clear my confusion. Hariod has been so kind in taking your points further. Stay Blessed!

  8. Ah yes, consistency. It’s ironic though that the world is always changing and we try to stay consistent within ourselves… I think it is a way for us to try to hold onto power and stay strong… Really though I don’t think anything is consistent. I do find your article to be most interesting, as per usual! You write very well, Balroop!

    1. Hi Christy,

      Yes, that is the challenge before us, always…to remain consistent and sincere despite all the changes going around us! That is why, probably people justify inconsistency, but the traits of our personality don’t have anything to do with the changes in the environment around us. To my mind, they are two different entities. Holding on to our values is the only reality that is in our control, nothing else.

      Thanks for your kind words of appreciation!

  9. Being consistent takes a lot of effort, but it sure is worth it!
    Our pastor once said “Inconsistent parents raise insecure children.”
    Succinct and true.

    1. Hi Denise,

      You are right, it does take a lot of effort but what is easy around us? It is all in our heart, whatever we are passionate about, we can accomplish. In vain do people see the obstacles when they possess the power to remove them!

      Thanks for your that very relevant quote!

  10. Hi Balroop – 3 important values that I believe ultimately lead to another important value – authenticity. When we are consistent and sincere to ourselves and others, we are being honest and truthful. And being in that place of sincerity, we are ultimately being our authentic selves. Just like Sage who didn’t change or care what others thought about her – the word that rings true to me about her is authenticity and I believe that’s why she’s respected and inspiring.

  11. Hi Vishnu,

    Authentic, sincere and truthful are the antonyms of hypocritical. When we become our authentic selves, we stop being hypocritical! Isn’t it ironical that we admire these values but also keep hypocrites in our pocket! I think certain kinds of human demeanor is difficult to comprehend.

    Thanks for admiring Sage, she had to face many brickbats to maintain her values.

  12. I have shared this golden post with everyone and every media I am on.
    Just cannot put the value of these principles of life and good character.
    The secret of success, it’s also the secret to a well lived life.
    I would make it a prayer to acquire or be blessed with these qualities, if I did not know that it is something worth struggling for.
    Thank you
    Dr. nicolas Ray.

    1. Hi Dr. Rao,

      Welcome to my blog! Thank you SO much for being generous in using such lovely words to express your view. They mean a lot to me! I feel honored.
      I agree with you, a well lived life is a blessing we all cherish. Yes, I have struggled to keep those values intact in the face of ordeals and misfortunes and emerged stronger. So I really value them.

      Thanks for sharing your perspective, I appreciate it immensely.

  13. I completely agree with you that consistency is a cornerstone of developing not only your personality, but also for strengthening your inner core. There is one attribute of a person that always seems to partner well with consistency – and that would be authenticity. My personal opinion is that unless we are authentic, consistency is wasted, and we are seen through by others in the end. When we try to be someone that we are not, it is damaging to both ourselves and the people around us. It is certainly a difficult thing to struggle with internally, remaining true to who you are, especially if it goes against the social grain.

    But, if and when you define your core governing values and choose to live by them “consistently”, I believe you will find yourself with more happiness and peace, both inside and in the relationships around you.

    Thanks for sharing, Balroop, wonderful article!

  14. Hi Dave,

    Thank you for sharing a holistic view of a personality we all aspire for. ‘Core values’ play a pivotal role and yes, when can comprehend and define them well…only then do we become a person people look up to.

    I am so pleased to note that you also consider authenticity to be the foundation of any good personality! Really admire your perspective and profound understanding of relationships.

  15. Great article, and having consistency in life is something I’ve never really thought of before. It makes complete sense though, so will definitely be more mindful of this in the future.

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Welcome to my blog. I am glad you liked this article and would like to pay some attention to this value. I am sure it will surely enhance your persona, which would be envied by many!
      Thanks for standing by.

  16. I am consistent to a fault. It’s been both a blessing and a curse in my life. The one thing I need to work on is dealing with change. As always, your post has given me some good food for thought and how I can apply your advice to changes I need to make in my life.

    1. Hi Jeri,

      I can understand the curse of being consistent with our values! Despite all those aspects of being a curse, I would choose to uphold my values, which have given me my identity. Thanks for deriving the goodness out of my words.

  17. Thank you for your post on consistency, dedication, and sincerity Balroop. We all need to strive to be more consistent in our relationships. Many parents in particular seem to be remiss in the consistency side of the equation. Children need consistency and defined boundaries in their lives. I enjoyed reading.

    1. Hi tonyasmith,
      Welcome to my blog, I am glad you have shared your view here. Thanks for liking this post, your words of appreciation mean a lot to me.

      Yes, I believe if we become more consistent and sincere in our demeanor, especially when children are watching, we can pass on meaningful lessons effortlessly. I hope this message would reach more people…that is my sole aim in writing this.

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