Feel the Gratitude

feel-the-gratitudeThe tender touch of breeze
The soft sound of brook
The beautiful blossoms smiling
At the light and warmth of sun
Happiness filtering through the trees
Moonlight streaming through my windows
Hope sprouting around me, every spring
The dusky sky, the merging hues of rainbow
The warmth of my home
The mirth, the kindness, the consonance
The steady drizzle of love
Seeping slowly into my soul

Assimilating the ache of setbacks
Embracing the hurricanes of life
Gratitude grants the serenity
To bounce back, to tap the infinite

To stumble upon and cherish
Those moments of endless joy
Those moments of togetherness
Sparkling on the sand of time

The blessings of being alive
The constant company of friends
Revered reminders of gratitude
Celestial moments of appreciation.
Balroop Singh

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15 thoughts on “Feel the Gratitude

    1. Thanks Lisa, I feel we have to express gratitude every single day for having such wonderful people around us. Gratitude is one such emotion that fills our heart with goodness! When we sit and look around, we have so much to feel thankful for!

  1. A fitting poem for this time of the year. Thanks for sharing, Balroop. Gratitude doesn’t cost a cent and can bring us so much joy. Your poem is like snapping a photo of natural wonders that can make our heart smile – the breeze, the brook, the sun and more.

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      You are right, without investing anything, we can enjoy the natural wonders! Isn’t it marvellous in the grand scheme of things? My heart sings with delight when I look at the mountains and waterfalls, the pines and the music they produce! All the aches and anxieties melt way…there is such a harmonious connection with them!!

      Thanks for the appreciation!

  2. Hi Balroop,

    Yet another lovely poem on Gratitude 🙂

    I know with Thanksgiving just round the corner, we all tend to remember more about being grateful, though that’s just another day and we need to practice and make it part of our daily lives, isn’t it?

    We have so many reasons to be thankful for, the nature, our families, friends, things around us, and just being…here!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Though I believe in being thankful every single day, it is a good tradition to remind everyone that gratitude too needs to be expressed in a formal manner. We have so many days for celebrations but this day encompasses so much value within itself. I love the idea of Thanksgiving.

      Thanks for being there, I am so grateful to you too 🙂 Have a blessed week!

  3. Your poem is so refreshing Balroop. Gratitude is the highest expression of prayer. It can move mountains and it helps see the beauty even through hardships.
    I LOVE IT.
    Stay well and keep writing, keep sharing.

    1. Thanks Marie! I never thought gratitude can itself be replaced for prayer. Yes, what else do we say when we pray! Most of my prayers are in the form of thanking God for all He has given us!

    1. Thanks dear Corinne. It is the gratitude that acquaints us with real happiness, which steps into our heart the moment we learn to be grateful for a number of blessings that have been bestowed on us.

  4. enjoyed your wonderful little poem , balroop… we all need to start our days with , to put it alliteratively , an attitude of gratitude for the many blessings that we almost take for granted…best wishes…raj .

    1. Thanks for endorsing the attitude of gratitude – that is what this poem is exhorting us to develop, forgetting the little, everyday irks…moving ahead with a smile and new determination! Stay blessed!

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