Are You Ready To Change Your Outlook To Have Fun-filled Holidays?

old-town-holiday-lights-003-275Holidays have been celebrated since ancient times and they were always associated with simple, joyous activities. No longer so! Holidays now arrive with a lot of obligations and compulsions – all man made!

If you find Holidays stressful, you are not alone. I have heard a lot of people complain about that.

Did you notice the word ‘complain’?

Dwell on that. Contemplate, chew, ponder, think – why complaints?


When our mind veers towards negative words, there is the need to rethink, change our perspective and alter our ways of handling the situation.

As children we always enjoyed the holidays, the luxury of sleep without the admonishing warnings of getting up and following the set routine, the ephemeral moments of running around the house, coming up with new demands everyday, gathering friends and exploring our surroundings…the activities were endless!

But my mom was always stressed, wished the holidays to get over soon. Probably she could not devise enough activities to keep us engaged. Probably we kept her too busy.

When holidays lose their charm and become a burden, we can’t shift the blame to those wonderful days, which we get to celebrate, enjoy and relax.

We have to unearth the ways to make them thrilling.



The choice lies with us. In our quest to overdo, we ruin the fun part; we forget the real sentiment attached to these exquisite days.

If you are stressed about the gifts, what is the need to give now? There are many occasions to give. It is the commercialization of festivities that have added to our stress.

We can refuse to be guided by those advertisements, which are meant to lure.

What is the need to wait for discount offers and long queues? The choice is yours!

Why give only to friends and loved ones who have plenty?

Why not give to the needy and soak in the feelings of becoming a philanthropist? The choice is yours!

If you are stressed about the decorations, keep them simple.

If you are stressed about overspending, plan and reduce the number of gifts. Once again the choice is yours!

If you don’t like the crowds and getting stuck in traffic jams, plan ahead or buy online.

If you are worried about weight gain, avoid overeating.

If interaction with some family members puts you off, have the heart to forgive and forget.

I know it is easier said than done.

We can train and tune our mind to accept one strategy at a time.


  • Nothing is perfect, why crave for perfect conversations and flawless food.
  • Quit competitive spirit.
  • You don’t have to come up to someone’s expectations.
  • Shake off all the angst and guilt.
  • Choose what makes you and your family happy.
  • Reserve some time for yourself.

Fun lies in celebrating with those you love, those who can make the occasion memorable, those who don’t expect expensive gifts and who treasure the moments of togetherness.

Fun lies in being you. Follow your heart. Love the holidays. Count your blessings. More will follow!

Here’s wishing you Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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Balroop Singh



12 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Change Your Outlook To Have Fun-filled Holidays?

  1. You are so right Balroop. It’s up to us to choose what we wish to experience. I don’t like the crazy rush for christmas presents. For me Christmas means sharing, sharing love, peace, being together and enjoy it.
    May you have a blessed week dear.

    1. Thanks for the wishes Marie. I love that attitude of sharing love and peace. What is important is togetherness and warmth, which breed nice feelings. I too avoid the craze of shopping during the festive season.
      Sending you lots of love.

  2. Hi Balroop,

    A much required post, especially at this time of the year 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more with all that you wrote, and with the holidays just starting off, especially for those who would be celebrating Christmas and then New Year’s, this is a must read post!

    You are right – the choice always lies in our hands, and how best you make use of your holidays, whether you enjoy them or remain all stressed out, depends on you.

    We ALL love getting up late during the holidays, as that’s one time as a family we love being together, without having to visit anywhere or do anything much. Yes, if we travel, then again, it’s as a family – for a few days trip to my Dad and back as the kids also have their winter break this time of the year. We also take a short break from blogging this time of the year, just as in the summers, to be with them, and might casually visit places around or just shop, no stress whatsoever.

    These are the real times to treasure, the moments of togetherness that we need to cherish, and we do just that! I wouldn’t say we don’t work if we are home, because that is also the quiet time to sit and work to make the blog and very active forum – better, which we would be doing, and planning things out for the coming year. But all of that is within limits, for a few hours only!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and New Years too 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for the kind words. I have always felt that in the quest to excel, we tend to overdo things, which results in worries and lack of rest.

      Real celebrations are the ones you have shared! Spending time together… be with the family and let time stand wherever it is. When all the family members gather for holidays, celebrations step in without any formalities. I still remember those times fondly when summer holidays brought all the children together and we sat watching their lovely pranks and tantrums, oblivious of what time of the day it was! Those were the days! Only holidays can bring that bliss 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and taking me down the memory lane.
      Have a blessed week!

  3. How wonderful, Balroop!! Yes I needed to hear this today. I’m cooking turkey dinner and I know it doesn’t have to be perfect. Sigh. Things don’t always go as planned but I’m going to relax and enjoy. As kids we have pure pleasure without the responsibility now we get to make it beautiful for our own children. I do enlist them to help me though…:) Happy Holidays, Balroop!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I am glad you are enjoying your holidays and relaxing, that is what I call real fun! Everything goes very smoothly if we let go the angst and remain calm, we pass on that happiness to our children too.

      Wishing you great happiness and celebrations 🙂

  4. This was terrific Balroop and sooooo many of my friends would be served well to heed your advice! I take care of my friends 365 days/year. I have no need or want for presents. Christmas for the past 20 years has become a non-event to me to be honest. Oh, I still believe in the magic it can carry for kids and adults and I will likely pass along that message in my annual post. But, it’s not a time that causes me any stress is what I meant by non-event. The only thing I remotely complain about are the commercials that inundate television but I just fast forward through those! LOL! 🙂

    1. Thank you Mike, I would surely endorse the caring attitude you have for your friends. Yes, true friends never look forward to gifts, a warm and tight hug is enough for them.
      I feel holidays carry much more value than just celebrations of any day or event. Holidays have a special childlike charm and give us a lot of freedom!
      You are right! Being able to fast forward the unwanted stuff is the best invention of technology, I love it!

      Thanks for being a wonderful friend!

  5. I was just speaking with my wife last night about the holidays – about how everything takes on an accelerated pace – when the exact opposite should be occurring. We should be slowing down, relishing the moments spent with friends and family, reflecting on the gifts bestowed upon us over the previous twelve months, and dreaming of our highest aspirations for the next twelve to follow. Between the moment of stimulus and response lies a moment where we are able to make a choice – our choice. And it is in that choice where all our personal growth occurs. Thank you for the wonderful reminder and warmest wishes to you and your family for a happy and joyous holiday season and new year 🙂

    1. Hi Dave,

      Why do we spur up our pace when the holidays approach? I feel this is a very modern concept, in tune with the hectic, fast moving life and our mind has got so accustomed to it this speed that we forget holidays are actually meant for rejuvenation and introspection! You are right, we need to slow down, savor the moments and bask in the glory of our accomplishments…may be making some quiet plans for future or just spend quality time with our loved ones.

      Thank you for defining the charm of holidays so well! My warm wishes for you and your family too 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday season!

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