The Magic Of Gifts


This little girl didn’t know anything about Santa. She didn’t even know children could request him to bring exquisite presents of their choice. The magic of gifts or Christmas was never real for her…it existed only in the stories.

She could not visit a single day in her memory when she had received a gift. She lived in a small town, oblivious of any such festivities. The cocoon in which she existed was just wide enough to peep outside and see the commotion of people, wearing new dresses and going somewhere.

The magic of gifts:

Gifts can be so magical and so loving was revealed to her through a story, which she happened to read in one of her schoolbooks. For the first time she could experience the joy of receiving gifts just by reading that story.

She always wanted to know more…why gifts are given…how could she get one and when would she get it!

She could never get an answer for her questions, so she had become quieter but the stormy thoughts in her mind didn’t subside.

Till she saw Santa!

She couldn’t believe that he actually existed. She went closer to touch him and all her friends laughed. But she was now grown up enough to understand all!

Trust in this mystical figure can only be created at a very young age when children look up to their parents and believe all they say, when they learn to be good for the sake of Santa, when they can smile at the make believe world created for them, just for fun! She had missed that stage of her life.

How she yearned to grow up again, to be loved, to be heard, to be understood!

Not just for the gifts she had never received.

But to grow up with that magic, which is renewed each year, to wait for the gifts which were lovingly left under the tree, to look in awe at such a dazzling Christmas tree, to nurture the faith in Santa that comes naturally… to grow up with the feeling of belongingness…to fit into the multi-cultural society that looks down upon certain people.

The lessons:

 Emotional affliction

As an adult, she refused to live according to the expectations of the society. She crawled out of that cocoon, which had made her reclusive. She chose her friends very carefully. She abandoned certain people she didn’t like.

She found great satisfaction in giving. All the gifts that she had not received were given. She started with her own children but her range was much wider than her surroundings.

Christmas was not the only time to create the magic of gifts. Now She knew how to create magical moments of fun… her efforts were just a grain of sand; a drop in the ocean but that thought didn’t deter her efforts.

The blessings:

The innumerable blessings that she continues to receive have steered her towards the path of humility, forgiveness and spirituality. She wonders how she gets the resilience and which force is guiding her trail. The travails of childhood have contributed to her growth in a huge way, she knows that. She doesn’t hold any grudges. She expresses gratitude to all those who neglected her and provided her with the invaluable lessons of care and affection.

These emotions have evolved with time and age. Forgiveness and gratitude were the most hard and arduous to cultivate. She spoke to her inner voice thousands of times; she calmed its shouts as many times and has succeeded in convincing herself that life is content and peaceful if we accept it as it comes.

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Balroop Singh.

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19 thoughts on “The Magic Of Gifts

  1. Awwww, I’m so sorry this little girl missed out on a cultural phenomenon that is Santa. I love the emotional equation you have created Balroop. That is perfect. This woman has become a huge giver and her heart has grown 10 sizes larger because of her hardships. You are an inspiration!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for liking the emotional equation, it came straight from my heart. There are many such girls who miss out simple joys of life, my heart goes out to them! Growing up into such a positive person, after undergoing deep distress is indeed inspiring!
      Thanks for understanding so well!

  2. Hi Balroop,

    Loved the little story and all that you shared about the little girl 🙂

    Yes, everyone isn’t as lucky to get gifts and know about Santa – look at the poor and ignorant lots, where do they have such privileges?

    But because she went through such a lot and the lack in her life, she turned to be such a giver, that’s really commendable. She must have inspired so many along the way as well.

    I guess even when you face negativeness and down times in life, they always teach you something positive in return, just as in her case, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead, and Happy Holidays 🙂

  3. Hi Harleena,

    You are right… difficult times expose us to the best choice – grab what you have been deprived of, follow that flickering light and it steers you out of darkness that tends to blind us. Positive outlook helps us in appreciating the little joys we come across everyday and if we let that sink in, we can pass all the tests of adversity.

    This girl eliminated the negative aspects of her life and could find happiness in giving, I love her attitude! All can’t do it, some get stuck in the time machine and keep dwelling in the past.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective 🙂 Happy Holidays to you too!

  4. This is an absolutely beautiful story of evolution with Christmas, Balroop! You nailed it in my perspective that it’s about magic and faith and not material things. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🙂

  5. What I like about your story Balroop is that the little girl did not wait for others to make up the life she wanted. She found happiness.
    Yet it’s sad to read that she did not got all that other kids had. Childhood is such an important period. It should be one of the best time in a lifetime. Kids should be protected and loved.
    But for many kids around the world, everything is so different.

    Love your equation. Just perfect.
    Take care dear and keep sharing beautiful and inspiring stories with us.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Marie. Happiness can be found if we are determined to explore, if we are not disheartened by the setbacks of life, if we look around and assure ourselves that we are much better than many who don’t even have the basic requirements of life.

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your view.

  6. I truly enjoyed the inpirational reading… The way you highlight the different phases of the process does really make sense to me. Excellent post!.
    Sending you all my best wishes for a wonderful 2015 ahead Balroop!. Aquileana 😀

      1. Thanks dear friend! 🙂 Love your presence here.
        My warm wishes for you too for 2015, may it bring happiness, more friendly conversations and greater success!

    1. Thanks Brad. Challenges of life teach us the profoundest lessons. Painful experiences make us resilient and loving…that is how we understand life!

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