Wishes That Come From My Heart…


If you are a writer
May words twirl around your place
If you are a dreamer
May visions placate your days with solace

If you are a lover
May fragrant freedom grace your days
If you are a visionary
May the hues of rainbow seep into your ways

If you are intuitive
May your inner voice fathom all
If you are sensitive
May tender vibes caress your emotional fall

If you are reflective
May your ideas sparkle and soar
If you have indomitable spirit
May success knock at your door

If you are a pessimist
May hope glow in your heart
If you are agitated
May patience bloom in your backyard

If you are a brooder
May your hours of distress decrease
If you are fun-loving
Savor each moment of joy with ease

Let happiness, harmony, humility
Let acceptance, compassion, calmness
Permeate through your persona
This year, to dispel all the disdain.

Copyright: Balroop Singh

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20 thoughts on “Wishes That Come From My Heart…

  1. Thank you for these exquisitely crafted well-wishes Balroop. I love the way you embrace all, and the whole reminds me of a meditation practice known as Mettā. (Pali: मेत्ता in Devanagari or maitrī Sanskrit: मैत्री) H ❤

    1. Thanks Hariod, your words of appreciation mean a lot to me. I feel so honoured that you could associate this poem with Metta. I am familiar with that word of sanskrit. It means friendship. 🙂

    1. Thanks Christy. Yes, we all have our own dreams but they are interconnected. Some supreme force or energy links us in a unique way. Isn’t it amazing?

  2. Well-wisher’s wishes are always warm
    you have the power of words to charm

    you are so kind to wish for everyone
    May God almighty fulfil all your wishes

    1. I am so glad that my words inspired you, Jodi. You are a big inspiration for all of us, living at the edge of knowing ourselves, prone to so many pains. Thanks for the visit.

  3. What a lovely poem, writer to lover…the intuitive to reflective, dreamer to visionary, you have captured every sense and sensibility…let there be harmony everywhere and let the spread of compassion all around…

    Just love it…keep sharing such beautiful thoughts.

  4. Slightly late in catching up with u balroop…what you have strung is a beautiful garland of wishes for the year ahead, each bloom more fragrant than the other…may I put it back on you balroop, wishing you many multiples of the same….best wishes… Raj.

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