Dead End?


Attracted by the rosy path
Littered with little primroses
On both the sides…
I took this journey.

It seemed so fascinating
To tread the unknown trail
How could I forget the elation…
The warm words of assurance!

Words…empty words?
Leading me into unknown ventures
Little help, just soft silence…
Pretense of leading, guiding.

This seems to be the dead end
Alone in the wilderness…
Staring at the desolate way
Congregating courage to trudge.

I sit gagged, staring into space
Towards the wilderness
The horizon so close
The rainbow so alluring

Forgetting that rainbow is transitory
And the horizon – a delusion
I still move on!
Who can question my mettle?

Who can doubt my optimism?
Who can distrust my capabilities?
Of making new pathways
Dead end is nothing but an illusion.

©Balroop Singh


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15 thoughts on “Dead End?

  1. “Dead end is nothing but an illusion.” Love that last line. Every ending – whether a chapter ending or us coming to an end of an adventure or a literal dead end – is a new beginning. It is what we make of it. You are right – the key is to keep on moving. The more we move, the more we will learn and eventually learn what makes us tick.

    Lovely poem, you do poetry well 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel,

      Welcome to my blog! Thanks for the appreciation and adding a valuable point to interpret dead end. Yes, a new beginning can be made if we keep the hope alive, if we nurture the resilience to accept the setbacks and keep moving, rising like a phoenix to accomplish new heights.

      Thanks for the visit. Stay blessed!

  2. This poem reminds me of a song in a Malayalam movie of the 1970s…, chalanam…chalanam…chalanam, maanava jeevitha parinamatthin mayoora sandesham, chalanam, chalanam, chalanam…the translation of which is, movement…movement…movement, it is the essence of change and progress surrounding human life…your lines resonate the same meaning, balroop. What matters is only movement, which makes all things happen…best wishes… Raj.

    1. Thank you Raj, I like that comparison and thanks for the translation.
      Besides movement, this poem speaks of betrayal, disappointment, hope and determination of not to give up. Though these emotions are subtle but they trigger change…the urge to move on.

      1. You are right… The reference to movement in the song subsumes joy, sorrow, betrayal, pretensions, deceits et al in life’s journey, which is why I did not mention it separately…Raj.

  3. Hi Balroop,

    That was beautiful, just like your other poems 🙂

    We do come across such time when it seems like it’s all come to an end. But then we give ourselves that push and move on, such is life, isn’t it? Never give up, never say die is what I believe in too!

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Life is quite strange…an amalgamation of all those contradictions we keep combating with smiles…love those smilies, 🙂 which form an essential part of your insights!

      Thanks for the kind words, you are always full of them. xoxo.

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