6 Emotions That Get Better With Prayer

Power of prayer

The power of prayer is so profound that it can assuage our emotions. It calms the mind, dilutes all our worries, gives an anchor to fears and endows us with a remarkable peace of mind.

Emotional strength that it fosters can be comprehended slowly, with perpetual and persistent efforts to nurture the habit of prayer.

This habit is not very easy to form unless it is imbibed in childhood.

Is there any hard and fast rule for prayer? If any, I have never followed any.

Prayer is not just a religious service on regular basis. It is also not a ‘request for help addressed to God.’ Often such requests fall flat.

True prayer comes from within only when we get acquainted with the light that glows in our heart. Only when it becomes ‘a longing of the soul’ does it become effective.

“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” – John Bunyan

Prayer comes most naturally to our mind when we feel its need and its amazing power unfolds itself when it enriches all our emotions.


This is a wonderful emotion but it lies dormant till it is nudged. When we pray we become modest. We learn to submit and acknowledge that certain situations are beyond our control. The conceited efforts of trying to sort out all our problems, the brashness to establish supremacy and the urge to control everybody with our authoritarian attitude melts with prayer.


Prayer and patience are natural pals. When we pray, we know that we have to wait, let the power of prayer transcend beyond our mind, we know it can elevate us out of disappointments. It distracts our mind from our failures and refocuses it on fresh possibilities. It enthuses us to adopt better ways of approaching our complications and never lose hope.


When we lose all hopes, we turn to prayer. The platform of hope gets elevated when we feel connected with the divine power. This link provides us with the confidence to deal with negative emotions, keep all our fears away, feel the need for introspection and rekindle the desire to be optimistic. The reassurance that we feel is unique.


We may have used this word a number of times to express our gratefulness but the real meaning reveals itself only when we start believing in prayer. Learning to pray and having faith in that prayer are two different levels, which are achieved after having experienced both. The first prayer that I learnt much later than questioning His injustice and apathy is…‘thank you God for all that I have, all the privileges that you have bestowed on me.’


We detest anger; try to deal with it in our own way yet we keep meeting it in different forms and faces. If you are prone to anger, prayer is an enigmatic antidote. It possesses the power to pacify this aggressive emotion, it offers a fresh perspective to think with a saner mind and slowly it steers us towards spiritual development.


Prayer mellows us down. It opens all those doors and windows of human communication, which we tend to close if we have some differences with our near and dear ones. Forgiveness, which seems too hard, comes naturally when we learn to pray.

We need not go to places of worship to pray. Any quiet corner in our home or the backyard can serve as a safe haven. I learnt this divine lesson when I taught ‘God Is Near’, an astonishingly convincing story by Dr. James Herriot. I was immensely moved by the inimitable attachment of an invalid lady who took care of her five old pets and felt God is near, watching our benevolence and affection.

The best prayer is the one that tranquilizes our sadness, connects us with our emotional well-being and helps us in living a life of our choice.

Do you believe in the emotional power of prayer? Has it made you emotionally balanced? I would love to hear your views.

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Balroop Singh.

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25 thoughts on “6 Emotions That Get Better With Prayer

  1. Prayer has always been a natural part of my life, not only my gratitude at night and morning but throughout my day. Yes, I feel it balances my life emotionally as well as centers my perspective of life’s circumstances.

    1. Thanks for endorsing the gratitude part of prayer. For me, this has been my only prayer most of the times, which brought me closer to hope…of waiting and accepting that prayer changes only us, not the one we pray to.
      Yes, it has surely balanced my emotions and evolved my perspective.

  2. I think prayer, or rather active contemplation, is a beautiful and very powerful way to condition the mind and mental habits. It can also be used to overcome phobias or anxieties, rather in the way that hypnosis operates. Thank you Balroop. H ❤

    1. Hi Hariod,

      Prayer could not condition my mind though I have seen it possesses that potential in those cases where they are caught at a very impressionable age. I didn’t get any such training and therefore could form my own impressions and opinion about it.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your insight, dear friend.

      1. Hi Balroop – are you saying that the thoughts you consciously cultivate (such as in prayer) do not ultimately have a conditioning effect; in other words they get ingrained as habituated ways of thinking?

      2. The conditioning of the mind is a conscious training, which we give to ourselves and therefore if we don’t make serious and sustained efforts, the ‘ingraining’ might get interrupted.

  3. Prayer has become more important to me as I’ve gotten older and faced greater challenges. I’ve learned that it isn’t praying to God per se but to the universe. Lovely post, Balroop! I like how you’ve shown us the interwoven emotions and how prayer helps us reach those.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for understanding that emotions do get intertwined at various stages of life and prayer defines them, refines them and makes them handle in a better manner. You are right, the challenges of life direct our way towards that unknown path, which further gives us some life time exalted experiences.

      Your love and support is greatly appreciated Lisa 🙂

  4. Prayer has become a part of my life in recent times when I’ve been through challenging times. And I’m not religious and don’t follow a faith at all. I just believe there’s a higher power out there that guides us all along in the world. “Prayer is not just a religious service on regular basis. ” You said it really well here. Prayer is when we feel like we need it, or when we feel overwhelmed or when we have love to share.

    I liked it that you mentioned anger. Not only can prayer pacify anger as you mentioned, it can calm us down and regroup our thoughts, maybe even distract us a bit from what’s happening around us 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel,

      The power of prayer doubles when we try to understand its value beyond religion. The guidance provided by the experiences of life leads us to the prayer that emanates from our heart. It is no less than the prayer that snapped albatross from the neck of that sailor of ‘The Ancient Mariner’.

      I have always believed that real prayer is the one that ennobles us, it widens our horizon and helps us in understanding our own beliefs. Just reading the scriptures without understanding them is quite a useless endeavor.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your perspective, it is always valued by me.

      1. “the experiences of life leads us to the prayer that emanates from our heart”. Profound words. A prayer is something that we do out of feeling, out of emotions. Very philosophical. No wonder a prayer can change lives.

  5. Prayer is at the center of my life Balroop so your words talk to me a lot. I realised, not so long ago, that for many years I did not really know how to pray. I was doing it following the “rules” I had learnt as a child.
    But for a year or two now, my approach to prayer changed and I agree that we don’t need specific places to pray, we can do it in our home, in nature, in the place of our choice. And find a place inside us as well to hold this prayer.
    The gratitude prayer is definitely the one I love beyond words. But prayer also helps me when in doubt or when I am in a situation I can’t control.

    Thank you again for such inspiing lines. Stay well always

    1. Hi Marie,

      As children prayer seems to be quite confusing and we follow whatever rituals and rules we are taught. It is only when we grow up that we start understanding the real import of prayer that can soothe our emotions. Sometimes we need a different approach for situations, which we fail to control. Gratitude prayer is good to keep us grounded and I am so happy for you that you love it.

      Thanks for standing by and sharing your perspective.

  6. Can’t stress the importance of prayers in our life Balroop. Prayer is there for strength, calmness, peace and serenity. I love your definition of prayer – a longing of the soul. One thing that irritates me about prayer (lol – can I be irritated about a divine act) is when I or others (and I used to do this more than I do now) is think of prayers as a quid pro quo relationship. I don’t think that’s the most effective way to pray. I don’t think we should ask for things in exchange for prayers – it shouldn’t be a bribe or transaction but more of a request to have the divine present in our lives to improve our character, heal and help us with our shortcomings.

    I wonder is it possible to live our life, like we are in prayer all the time, even when not praying:) I think that would be a life of service and contribution. This is one of my favorite posts you’ve written, Balroop!

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      I agree with you, a selfish prayer which demands some specific thing is quite useless but I guess most of the people pray with some specific goal in mind. I have always felt that prayers were invented for self-satisfaction, for releasing anxiety, for passing on all the blames to that unknown entity to have some succour for the soul.

      I am so happy to know that this post resonates with you so much albeit I don’t know much about prayer. I have taken a long time to accept and realise that it can ennoble us. I have never followed the rituals and rules but the freedom to understand and assimilate it through my own ways has acquainted me with its invincible power.

      Thanks for taking out time to read this post and sharing your view.

  7. Hi Balroop,

    That was wonderful, as always 🙂

    Prayers mean so much to me – they always have, and I cannot imagine a day without saying my prayers. They are more of mini-conversations that I have with the Almighty – more of speaking one to one with Him, and I love the connection we make . It does bring out the best of me – those emotions are unmatched, just as you mentioned.

    I wish people wouldn’t take prayers as a ritual or something that they just have to do or say! There is so much more to it, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      That is quite interesting way of interaction with the divine power! I love that expression – ‘mini conversations.’ Yes, making it a kind of medicine does not serve any purpose. A true prayer is the one that calms our mind, that assures us that all is fine and time will come when we shall be what we want to be.

      Thanks for endorsing the power that prayer can give us, the methods may vary but the purpose remains the same in all cases. I appreciate your regular visits and adding so much value to the discussions. Stay blessed and you too have a nice week.

  8. Thanks Balroop for your thoughts on prayer. Shorn of the baggage of religious ritual and dogma, prayer must be treated as a one-to-one communication with the cosmic power whereby we continually develop and refine our qualities of humility, gratitude, patience and foster hope and sense of spiritual outreach, more for others than one’s own self. By a pleasant coincidence, I have dwelt on the same subject in one of my older posts titled ‘Prayers And Fingers’. It will be interesting to know your views on the same…best wishes… Raj.

    1. Hi Raj,

      Thank you so much for such a holistic insight. I am just trying to understand the power of prayer though I have never prayed on regular basis and never followed the conventional rules.

      I tried to find the article you have mentioned and realised how many of your posts I have missed! I could not find the post. I would be so grateful if you could provide the link.

  9. For me it is not so much prayer that keeps me centered as it is faith in general. I think of Him looking down on us and the wise journeys ahead but do not often make a decision to put my hands together and speak directly to Him. I believe in Him deeply and know He watches over us xx

    1. Hi Christy,

      I think faith needs to be nurtured to reach the next level, which is prayer. We can only accept prayer if we have developed the faith and I know it very well that faith creeps in slowly, probably at the speed of a snail because it has to seep into our skin to become consistent.

      Thanks for sharing an honest opinion.

  10. YES! yes. yes.
    without prayer & GOD, I would have vanished long ago.
    How do people survive w/ out it?
    Also, I started to heal once I felt GRATITUDE once again.
    Great Post, Balroop! xxx

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