The Song Of A River I Had Heard Once Upon A Time…

Song of a river

I had heard this song from the window of my room, a room I had checked in, to spend two days in the picturesque surroundings, by the side of a river, which comes cascading down the majestic mountains at a spectacular speed, producing amazing whirlpools near the boulders.

When my dear friend, Louise Gallagher spoke about ‘the poetry of a river’, this memory (almost twenty years old) suddenly emerged from the remotest corners of my mind and stood before me, extending its arms to embrace me once again.

Isn’t mind a strange canvas?

It records all those lovely scenic moments and flashes them before our eyes the moment we feel connected to similar situations.

My love for that flowing water, for those snow capped mountains from where this song must have started has never abated albeit I had almost forgotten about those two days of celestial bliss I had enjoyed in the lap of Nature.

Time seems to have stood still… with that song reverberating around me.

A song so soft, so mesmerizingly magical that … as if each bounce of flowing water whispered into my ears the unforgettable lyrics… a song having the quality of a lilting and enchanting tune, unique in its form.

Moments of exhilaration!

Sitting by its side the next morning as it gurgled down with glee, I tried to sing with it and soak in those fleeting moments of unexpected joy. I marveled at its sparkling surge and luminosity that never loses its sheen.

I admired the freedom that nature endows us with.

The song of a river


I wondered at the message that was written on its ripples, the message of surging ahead, of making its own way through the impediments, of singing happily despite the turbulences created by the unforeseen circumstances.

Life too is so similar to a river. We can’t detach it from water, its lifeline.

Is life possible without water? Is it imaginable without the rocky surface and inevitable incidence?

Can we stop its flow and speed? Its childlike innocence, its radiance, its twists and twirls remind us of little joys of life. Its depth and fortitude speak about the stormy weather, which is knitted into the fabric of our lives.

As a turbulent life is more eventful and adventurous, so are the travails of a river.

It might sing for us, endow us with beautiful memories but its own life is replete with unspeakable struggles as it leaves the snowy surroundings to meet the expectations of modern man…and that is another story to be lamented later.

Even if we try to harness its power, we can’t stop its fury and flow. It still whispers into our ears to be cautious, to face all the curves of life happily and meet the obstacles with the determination of hurtling down, which changes even the shape of pebbles.

How well has Ian Menard summed up all the erudite charm of a river that sings the song of life: “I am the river…sit and listen to my wisdom.”

Impact of the song

I have spent countless days in the lap of Nature, watching the movement of clouds and the orange glow that spreads across the sky, dancing in the sudden hailstorm, sliding in the snow, walking in the woods and deriving solace from the whispering of the pines but the impact of that song, which I had heard twenty years ago is far more profound and eternal.

It taught me those lessons of life, which are timeless.

Do you have any such memories? Have you felt the power of Nature?

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Balroop Singh



24 thoughts on “The Song Of A River I Had Heard Once Upon A Time…

  1. I love this post so much Balroop. I think nature is one of our best teachers. When looking at it or staying silent within its own presence, we understand many things, we get to know what life is all about and we even find strength and energy in the surroundings.
    I believe we should spend more time contemplating nature, as it’s what make us alive. Your lines are very poetic and serene. Thank you Balroop. I can’t find a better start of the day than this one!
    Stay well and safe dear.

    1. Hi Marie,

      There is no doubt that Nature endows us with unmatchable energy and strength and all that in a positive form. It absorbs our negative thoughts just when we look at its varied forms and hues.

      Nature inspires, its music calms our mind and blesses us with hope, contentment and serenity. I am so glad that you liked this post. Thanks for the words of appreciation.
      Stay blessed!

    1. Hi Hariod,

      All that is beautiful and alluring aims at enhancing that charm…so does a river, which lends its voice to the ocean so that it can roar but it also teaches serenity! Even in merging it conveys the messages we love to analyse!

      Thanks for taking out some time to read and add your succinct wisdom.

  2. I too love this post — and thank you for the mention. I love how you speak of not being able to detach water from the river — such a profound thought!

    Beautiful my friend. ❤

    1. Thanks dear Louise, your posts always inspire such multidimensional ideas, which can be taken further. I appreciate your style and prolific writing.

      I am so glad that this post has been liked by you 🙂

  3. Hi Balroop,

    Loved it indeed 🙂

    Life IS so much like the river, flowing constantly, with it’s twists and turns. Those ripples, the nature, surroundings, the feel – it’s all part and parcel, and so is our life, and perhaps because it’s never smooth, it’s known as a life worth lived.

    I was thrilled to see the first picture being of the river at Manikaran, where I’ve been too with my parents, and perhaps twenty years ago too! Wonder if we crossed paths then 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      I can understand the thrill…Manikaran sahib is known for that divine energy which gets passed on to the visitors, that could be the real reason behind this memory! At that time I could have carried along just the beauty and the song. Slowly it kept unfolding, adding more dimensions to the experience and now I can interpret it better.

      Oh yes, I could imagine you there in two pigtails, skipping by the side of hot water springs. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Stay blessed!

  4. Wow, Balroop this is so very beautiful! Yes the river is metaphoric for life’s journey. The flow and turbulence. Yet you focus on the song of the river which is even more captivating. What a lovely memory. I adore nature and find solace there always. The forest and the ocean are my two favorites.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for those words of appreciation. Along with the flow and the storms, this river of life blesses us with a myriad blessings…if we have the mind to absorb them. I am so glad that you too find solace in the lap of forest. We often visit our favorite haunt of serenity, which is surrounded by a pine forest, away from the maddening crowds.

  5. The river is so symbolic and I love your descriptions here, Balroop! This is one of my favourite posts from you so far ♥ I enjoy going for walks along local trails and that is when I reconnect with nature, seeing greenery, flowers (blooming soon), and hearing birds. It’s so calming to me! Hugs

    1. Hi Christy,

      Thank you for liking the symbolic description, my heart sings with joy when a person like you calls my post favorite. Yes, the blooming flowers bring sunshine back into life, I too walk by a forest track, with a little creek singing softly into my ears.
      I appreciate your inputs.

  6. This is absolutely spectacular, Balroop! This part REALLY resonated with me, “It still whispers into our ears to be cautious, to face all the curves of life happily and meet the obstacles with the determination of hurtling down, which changes even the shape of pebbles.” My life river has been running into difficult boulders and I’m trying my best to work with the flow to bring the peace and serenity that river always is available to provide. I soooo hope that made sense. Hugs to you, my friend. Good post 🙂

    1. Hi Mike,

      Life would be so boring and eventless if boulders were eliminated…they keep the spirit of struggle alive, which begins with the first effort of a child trying to grab a toy and then take a turn to explore his surroundings.

      It becomes interesting when we are able to navigate successfully through endless turbulences, feeling a sense of accomplishment. Do we ever give up? No, rivers always complete their journey!

      Thanks dear friend, your visit and insights are always appreciated.

  7. Was watching thewaves roll upon the shore yesterday, Balroop. Some reflections – life always goes on. The waves that come in (even strong ones) recede. Even after we’re gone, the waves will still be there. there are hard waves, soft waves and waves that just come and go. The flow of the waves may be strong but the depths of the ocean are calm and wise. Yes, indeed – nature is the great teacher and writer of our life’s songs. It already knows what we continue to discover. Silence and observing the lessons can only make us wiser and more in tune with ourselves.

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      Thank you SO much for making another effort to post your view, I know how much you value persistence! Your reflections always bring along the depth of an ocean.

      Waves are very inspiring…they evoke a thousand thoughts. I hope you have read my poem ‘Unknown Love’, which was written at one such moment as described by you. Isn’t it ironic how silent watching of Nature and its forms elicit so many words out of us?

      Thanks for sharing those lovely thoughts.

    1. Thanks Corinne, the everlasting solace that Nature provides…just put those thoughts together. There is surely some enigmatic force that works behind the scenes, that binds us all!

  8. River as a metaphor…indeed it is. Nothing can be more blissful and invigorating than sitting close to nature and getting the mind, body and soul so smoothly and so swiftly getting aligned…
    We get bogged down in life and daily grind keep us thinking beyond and looking at life differently…perhaps a causality of us moving away from nature. We rarely visit the nature and nurture our senses which is essential to keep a balance in our thinking and working…
    Yes, we should all start listening to the voice of the flowing water in such serene places…lovely post!!!

    1. Hi Nihar,

      Even if we are oblivious to the blessings that Nature bestows on us, it does remind us to derive solace…the change of seasons, which nobody can miss…the moods of rain even if we have no time to look at the beauty of wandering clouds – exemplify that we cannot miss certain hues of Nature, however busy we tend to make ourselves.

      The modern concept of the corporate world to transport their employees for compulsory holidays in the garb of conferences has been an eye-opener for those who didn’t respect this essential aspect of life!

      Thanks for sharing your insights, I appreciate your thoughts dear friend.

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