When We Gather The Courage To Step Out Of Our Comfort Zone…

Comfort Zone

All people don’t possess that courage, sometimes we are dissuaded by circumstances or some fears that lurk around keep warning us, whispering into our ears…is it that essential…aren’t you comfortable?

Do you know that ‘comfort zone’, though alluring is quite detrimental? It blocks our mind. It restricts our thinking. It encourages procrastination. It impedes our way to success.

Before we convince ourselves to step out, time flies, life passes by and we realize it is too late.

Too much of comfort makes us indolent and we start accepting life as it unfolds. We stop taking the risks. We forget that life is like a stream, not a lake, however beautiful it may seem.

I know a woman who believed in taking life easy. She never had any big goals; she was very fond of socializing and traveling. A fun-filled life motivated her more than her books. She had never taken her school and college assignments seriously, she had such friends who took pleasure in watching movies and organizing parties. She was not interested in balancing her life.

She happened to start her career as an elementary school teacher, just to earn some pocket money and that gave her great satisfaction. She had never thought beyond that but she happened to marry a very ambitious doctor, whose main interest was a successful profession. He tried to motivate her, persuade her and advise her to take her profession seriously. He reminded her that she was highly qualified.

Let’s call her Shimmer. She didn’t pay any attention to all that pep talk, which she had to hear every single day. She wanted to live in her comfort zone. She thought she wouldn’t be able to handle more than what was in her hands. She got a better break in a high school, which was nearer to her home and her daughter too could study there, so Shimmer changed her job, which seemed to be the best one to her, now.

The awakening hit her one-day when during an argument about her job; she was mocked at for being an ordinary teacher. This hurt her deeply because she knew she had never explored her capabilities. She knew she could accomplish whatever she wanted to.Comfort Zone

She just had to step out of her comfort zone! That off-the-cuff remark proved to be a defining moment for her career. She took up the challenge to prove her worth.

She applied for the top positions at various schools and got picked up by an upcoming school at the young age of 32. She never looked back. She took a fledging institution to envious heights. People of her age looked up to her for inspiration.

Self-belief can take you to unimaginable pinnacles. We just have to tap the power within us; we just have to gather the courage to step out of that comfort zone, which disempowers us.

Shimmer had never made any endeavor to check her potential. Many people are trapped in such situations. They never feel motivated to go beyond the ordinary to see what lies ahead.

The same carefree person, fond of a lot of leisure and fun has completely changed. Now her comfort zone is her school, her students and all those responsibilities, which she carries out most sincerely.

She happens to be my younger sister!

From an elementary school teacher to the illustrious Principal of a renowned school, the journey was quite smooth because a new challenge inspired her to step out of her comfort zone.

When we step out of our comfort zone:

  • We can work on those long forgotten dreams.
  • We can find new untrodden paths.
  • We can rediscover ourselves.
  • We meet new and interesting people.
  • We encounter new challenges.
  • We learn with every endeavor.
  • New avenues of growth unfold before us.

“We cannot expect to grow if we are too afraid or unwilling to change and face challenges. When we exit our everyday, mundane lifestyles to do something different we can experience growth, undiscovered strength, and new abilities within ourselves.” – Ashley Ormon

All we need is a little push but that has to come from within. It is our own inner voice that can nudge us and infuse new verve into us.

Do you lack that valor? Are you dwelling in your comfort zone? What inspires you? I would love to hear your views.

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Balroop Singh

34 thoughts on “When We Gather The Courage To Step Out Of Our Comfort Zone…

  1. Reading this post, I thought the person in the story was one of your students or colleagues, thus the final revelation turned out to be a pleasant surprise, balroop. It is a fact that potential is unlimited in everyone, yet most people become limited by their thinking or circumstances, settling into, and stagnating in, either self-created or external situation-defined zones. Success certainly rewards those who manage to step beyond, exploring the gamut of potential within, and steer ahead. How nice to learn that a derisive comment sparked the aspirational flame in your sister, propelling her way forward…thanks for the refreshing presentation…best wishes to you and your shimmering sister….):)

    1. Hi Raj,

      Thanks for such nice words and best wishes. I have always tried to inspire my students and ignite that spark, which lies dormant in all. Probably I picked it up quite early in life…I have learnt that we need to give a push and keep reminding others that some talent is lying unused, some potential remains untapped and I have seen success in most of the cases.

      Sometimes circumstances may limit our leap but aspirations do need assurance especially at the young age when distractions play a vital role in defining our future.
      Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom, they are greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Balroop,

    I loved this post 🙂

    I guess I can relate to it because my younger sister too seemed to have gone through something like yours. Shimmer needed that little push to move away from her comfort zone and she did achieve success eventually. She realized her own potentials, which were waiting to be tapped.

    Similarly, my younger sister writes well, and needed to be goaded by all of us to pen her thoughts, and she came up to write two books! Of course, now she is wanting to work offline and is joining a firm, for experience sake. But sky is the limit to all that YOU want to achieve, provided you are ready for it.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      I am glad that you could relate to this story, such moments are a blessing in our lives as they make us so proud!

      When younger siblings accomplish greater heights, we can feel that success deep within us…as comfort zone into which we keep pushing them is sometimes created by us with all the love and care we keep showering! 🙂

      I am so pleased about you sister who could write books. My best wishes for her! Thanking for sharing your personal point to validate the impact of quitting our comfort zone. Stay blessed and you too have a nice week.

  3. This is a very vey interesting subject Balroop. And I love the way you presented it to us.
    I remember my younger sister, when she arrived after me in Ireland. It was the first time she tried something new. She realised at this moment that she only needed a little push to change her life and how she could evolve in it.
    OUr zone of comfort is reassuring for sure. It feels safe. But we can’t really fully live our life to its highest potential if we don’t take a step out of it.
    I always try to step out, even when it feels very scary. I think it’s the best way to get to know ourselves better, to get closer to who we really are too.

    Thanks so much for your post. May you have a sweet week and stay well.

    1. Hi Marie,

      Yes, comfort zone is like that soft, welcoming love seat that lures us and we feel we have got everything. Only later do we realize that it is a mirage, it is momentary and real love lies in meeting those aspirations and dreams, which lie beyond that comfy seat.

      The moment we get up and start moving, sky ceases to be the limit. We discover our true potential only when we step into deep waters. We know that we can continue even when it is scary. Only when we face fear boldly do we know that it can back off, we can vanquish it and change our life into what we dream of.

      Thanks for sharing your perspective. Stay blessed!

  4. Balroop. This was such a beautiful story about Shimmer. All her life she had it in her to go the distance and be more than she ever dreamed off. And finally one day she decided to change her life and look where that took her. You must be very proud of her, and I’m sure you were very encouraging for many, many years.

    You are right: we need a push from within to “take a chance, make a change, and breakaway…out of the darkness and into the sun” (lyric from a song). The choice might not be easy to make, and stepping out of our comfort zone almost always involves sacrifice. No pain, no gain.

    Balance is hard to achieve in life. Don’t think there will every be a perfect balance, but the least we can do is try.

    1. Hi Mabel,

      You are right dear friend, the achievements of younger siblings do make us proud because we feel we too have some role in that but no one can push you if your inner voice is not receptive, if you don’t make a sincere effort as you say, leaving your comfort zone requires some sacrifices.

      When we are young, we don’t think in terms of balance…immaturity and peer pressure carries us along the flow and much of the talent gets drowned in that. Right guidance can be magical at such a stage.

      Thanks for sharing your views. Stay blessed!

  5. What a happy leap for your sister!
    I needed this motivational story this morning…thank you.

  6. I’m very comfortable but always trying new things and I’m aware of being too comfortable (maybe that’s one of the steps). What a wonderful story about Shimmer. It’s interesting what will wake us up to change. I love hearing stories of people overcoming difficulty to soar! Great post, Balroop—very inspiring.

    1. Thanks Lisa, I am glad this story is inspiring…real life stories are always more uplifting as they touch some chord of our heart. Its good to keep trying new avenues, they do lead us to some meaningful pursuits.

  7. Lovely story Balroop! Will definitely inspire many. I too keep telling my son to come out of his comfort zone.

    It’s true, many if not most people live in their comfort zone and live like that till their end. But there are others who are born to be innovative, to rebel and take charge as well as achieve heights very early on in their lives. But when theirs efforts are snubbed time and again, either by destiny or other humans, then they have no choice left but to create a comfort zone that they never even had to begin with.

    Thus, not just one’s own efforts but external encouragement, like that provided by Shimmer’s husband, is vital to sustain the zeal one has towards one’s goals. Often many other factors play their role besides lack of motivation.

    Balroop…funny that last week I myself began further writing an article on this topic of comfort zone, which has always been my favorite too. My above thoughts are also partially included in that…but I may never complete my article if till now I haven’t. Folders full of random thoughts 🙂

    1. Hi Alka,

      I agree with you…when our efforts are not rewarded, we do get disillusioned and cocoon ourselves, give up all hope and reassure ourselves that we are ‘comfortable’ with whatever we have. Shimmer and many like her may not have encountered those arduous paths yet nothing is easy. The challenge lies in coming out of that comfort zone, not in failure. All our endeavors can’t meet success.

      I would look forward to that article, which is awaiting completion. Thanks for sharing some parts of it…come on, open that folder NOW 🙂

  8. Such a lovely story, yes it is a powerful one as it was real life story and when is that of own sister, it matters a lot…very true many times we get trapped in the comfort zones for various reasons and many may not be valid. It is the assumptions we carry and the perceptions we build up limits to do something different or move out of routine and take a chance in life.
    The greatest risk of life is when we stop taking any risk. Risk and reward have a umbilical chord and there are enough evidences to substantiate the proposition that the more risk we take the bigger is the reward…

    1. Hi Nihar,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, real life stories are always more effectual and inspiring as we can connect with them better. I have many such stories in which comfort zones have suppressed the talent, squeezed the best out yet disillusionments were the rewards. This happens when we ignore the inner voice, which keeps calling. Probably the fears or the permission of people around us plays some role in hindering us to move ahead?

      Some push is required, that is what I have always felt. I like that phrase ‘risk and reward have an umbilical cord’…very aptly put!

      Thanks for taking the time to contribute to this discussion, it is greatly valued.

  9. I find this post very motivational, Balroop! You remind us that we can achieve more when we reach outside of our comfort zones. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but let’s channel that uneasiness into fuel for the fire of our lives! Let’s grow, learn, and enjoy life to its fullest. Thank you for the wonderful post, my friend! 🙂

    1. Hi Christy,

      I am glad my words have the power of motivation, I have always tried to speak in that tone. We definitely achieve more when we step out of our comfort zone…in fact the real life and its travails begin the moment we leave that place we love and what is this life without learning!
      Thanks for the encouragement. Stay blessed 🙂

  10. “Too much of comfort makes us indolent and we start accepting life as it unfolds. We stop taking the risks”…

    So true…. I am the comfy type but when I notice I am too comfortable I try to shake it up a little bit, so as to say. 😀
    Another great delivery, dear Balroop. Have a wonderful day! Love, Aquileana ⭐

    1. Thanks Aquileana. I guess it is one of the human traits to take life easy till the inspiration hits us! It surely does at some stage of life and then do we realise our capabilities…sometimes they surprise us! 🙂

      Stay blessed dear friend. Have a nice day. Love always.

  11. Beyond a doubt, the best things in my life came about through big changes that caused me to step outside of my comfort zone. My mantra to students in the classroom used to be that the one constant in life is change. Yet, as much as I’ve rolled with some serious punches and came out the better for it, I also grew complacent in the comfort I had achieved, feeling I deserved stability. Yet, in life’s true fashion, my stable life has crumbled. Now that buckets of tears have been shed, I know the change will ultimately be for the better because I’m starting to feel more alive than I have in years. That certainly is the beauty of change.

    1. A complacent comfort zone is many times a stagnant zone. Lets not forget stagnant water is prone to weeds and dank smell.
      Jeri, I am sorry for those tears you mention but I can assure you that they make us stronger, free and resolute. Thanks for sharing your feelings. Stay blessed!

  12. It is hard to do this, sometimes! I think it is important to be confident, but we are sometimes remembering less positive experiences. Trying again, knowing others have ‘failed’ and learned, others have reached for better lives and situations helps motivate us to try again. This was a special message to me, Balroop. Since I miss teaching, often apply and don’t get very far in the process. I will continue to try to find something out of my ‘comfort zone,’ Balroop! Thanks for this message, my friend!

    1. Hi Robin,

      I am so glad you have caught the message but sometimes we may not reach where we intend to, we may not be very successful but that should not dampen our spirits. I know there are those darker times when we give up all hope. They are just a phase and pass away! The sun shines brighter on some days, inspiring us to catch those rays in our heart. Stay blessed dear friend 🙂

  13. Oh, once I wrote a whole post about complacent behavior, some felt it meant to be content. I felt it meant to be doing less than we should! Smiles, Robin

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