My Mother

Mother's Day

She watched me grow with glowing face
Who walked with me, at my pace
Her tranquil touch taught tenderness
Whose sweet smile brought togetherness!

She always ran to cushion my fall
Who responded at my every call
She smooched away all my fears
Who whispered endearing words into my ears!

She shed tears of joy at my little feats
Whose heart with my achievement beats
She added veracity and color to my dreams
Whose lilac love in my eyes gleams!

She sat by my side silently at night
Who apprised me with my future bright
She could even understand my defiance
Whose pride glimmered in my triumph!

She gave me wings and watched in delight
Who never thought of her own flight
She loves me beyond measure, I know
She sacrificed for me all her glow

She lives in the smile of every flower
Whose sweet shade pervades this bower
I return to it, to feel her presence
To live her laughter, in the real sense

Her sweet smile still beckons me
Nostalgia often grips me to see…
A mother’s love is the true treasure
Only now do I understand in full measure.
© Balroop Singh.

Inspired from real life, this is one of my recent poems. You can click on Sublime Shadows of Life by Balroop Singh to read more such poems.

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24 thoughts on “My Mother

  1. Hi Balroop,

    This is SO beautiful 🙂

    It reminded me of my Mom, who I lost years ago. The love and care mother’s have for their kid’s – no one else has….there is such a lot in a mother’s love, tough to talk of it in words.

    With Mother’s Day just round the corner, nothing could have been better – thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Thanks Harleena, I am so pleased to know that this poem reminds you of your mom. Yes, in no way can we put a mother’s love in words…it is unfathomable and inexplicable. This is just a humble effort on the eve of Mother’s Day, to celebrate her love.

      Thanks for your kind words. Stay blessed!

  2. Balroop, this has got to be one of the best poems you have written. Touching, emotive, and so full of love. If you mother was reading this, she would be very proud of you and I’m sure she would give you a hug.

    A mother’s love is very strong. It’s funny how so many of us have never seen our mothers show signs of weakness and when we do, it’s always a shock. Our mothers seems to be everywhere when we need them – to not only pick up after us but also to be there for us when no one else is there for us 🙂

    1. Thank you SO much Mabel, your appreciation warms my heart…I have tried to pour in whatever love I could manage through words but a mother’s love is much more deeper, unconditional and unequivocal.

      As a mother I have tried to live up to all the words that I have used here and that gives me great satisfaction. 🙂

      1. A mother’s love is probably something that can only be felt, and probably why it’s so special and strong. Your poem was remarkable – the words blending so nicely together, loved the rhyming and your use of alliteration.

        Happy Mother’s Day, Balroop. Have a good one this weekend 🙂 ❤

  3. so kind to write words like this for a mother, from a mother who never much hears from her daughter… a daughter that was so loved. eve

    1. Hi E.D. thanks for sharing your view. As mothers we give all that we have inside our heart, never expecting anything in return. That is how God has made mothers…with natural instinct to love and still love!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Balroop. I delighted in this poem and it made me think of being a mother myself. I hope I inspire those feelings in my adult children (one day). Your mother sounds like a very special lady! ❤

    1. Thanks Lisa. I know you must be a very loving and kind mom…that’s why you could find delight in this poem. All mothers are special to their children, probably some don’t know how to express their thoughts and feelings.

  5. This was simply beautifully expressed, Balroop. I love that you know how to rhyme and make the words fit together, creating such loving thoughts and pictures in my mind about my own mother. You were blessed with a special mother, watching and protecting over you. This is wonderful and sad, since maybe your mother is not with you anymore? I have tried to be a good mother, hoping someday that the full impact of my sacrifices will be remembered and not the mistakes I made along the way…. Hugs for this to you, Balroop. If you celebrate this weekend, Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    1. Hi Robin,

      I am so happy that this poem resonates with you. Thanks for the kind words of appreciation. I look forward to meeting my mom this November when I make my annual trip to my home town.

      As a mother I feel proud to have raised two highly successful children, part of that glorious time is reflected in this poem. Now i am giving the same kind of love to my little grandchildren. 🙂

      Thanks for your loving wishes and I hope you too will be having a Happy and blessed Mother’s Day.

  6. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this is a heart touching poem. I am a poet at heart and I enjoyed reading your beautifully penned lines. Your mom is super blessed to have you as her daughter.Stay blessed.

    1. Hi Swapna,

      Thank you for liking this poem, it is very dear to my heart too. Yes, it is inspired from Mother’s Day. Mom and daughter both feel blessed to have each other with the loving bond that keeps them happy. Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. We can only see and understand with time Balroop. Beautiful words for the most beautiful person on Earth for you. It’s nice to able to put these words together and offer her a lovely tribute. May you both stay blessed.

    1. Hi Marie,

      Thank you. Time only strengthens this relationship. even those who grow distant or are compelled by circumstances to keep aloof never stop cherishing the love that mothers have for their children in their heart and vice versa.
      Much love. Have a great Mother’s Day!

  8. There is no doubt that this has come out so brilliantly, it had to be when you are writing on mom, indeed it is very difficult to capture in words the emotions and the relationship we have with our mother, they are so special and indeed mother’s love is true treasure.
    Lovely post!!!

    1. Thanks Nihar. You are absolutely right…a mother’s love is so unique that it leaves us speechless. While writing this I was truly at sea, in search of the right words and they still elude me…treasures do remain precious especially if they are related to emotions.

  9. So beautiful, Balroop! I’m happy your had such a loving mother and have come to appreciate her so deeply.

    1. Thank you Sandra. I believe all mothers have such a warm heart and an unparalleled benevolence, which could be subdued due to circumstantial constraints. Their love doesn’t know any limits.

  10. This is so beautiful, Balroop. You can’t repay her in your lifetime, but she would be so proud of you!
    You’ve put it so nicely.

    1. Thanks Alok. I don’t think a mother’s love can ever be repaid…such a thought never even crosses our mind as love can only be reciprocated.

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