It Is Never Too Late To Follow Your Passion…If You Have Any

Passion rules us

I never had any passion. It may seem implausible but I didn’t know that it is essential to cultivate a craving beyond little desires and dreams. The awakening hit me quite late when I heard that it defines us, it carries us far beyond, into another world.

When I started thinking about my passion, I got to know this girl who just wanted to be happy but didn’t know how. She was too scared to ask anyone. She just observed. She happened to watch squalor, intimidation and subjugation.

She wanted to protest, to shout out to the world but she couldn’t find the words, the courage and the voice. Could that become her passion?

She often talks to me. She shares all her little dreams, anxieties and fears with me…

 She lived in two worlds – one that transported her into those lands of her choice, by the side of a hill, with a tiny brook flowing leisurely. She often sat by the side of this brook, dipping her hands and looking at the flowing water, wondering – is she going to flow like that one day? Why can’t her life be just like this brook, beautiful, babbling and carefree?

When she steps out of her land of fantasy, sometimes she takes me into those dark alleys of her life, which she fears to tread all alone.

She likes to sit in those corners, which had once scared her, testing her strength and narrating the horrid experiences of violence, fear and anger. Those corners have become an integral part of her reflections now.

She hopes to shake them off by talking about them.

She has promised to share all her agonies with me but there is some fear, which scares her away.

She often tells me with great confidence and pride that she has torn off those fears but I am skeptical as I can see them lurking around her, in her way of sharing her thoughts, in her eyes.

I know she will never share certain incidents of her early childhood. I know she doesn’t remember them clearly. I am very certain her passion lies buried in those obscure crevices.

There are many such children who feel they have no opportunities of growing up with love. They miss the sunshine of life, they have never found delight in rain, and they always yearn for those few years that we call childhood – the blessed period of our life.

They become immune to misfortunes. Struggle becomes a part of their life. Resilience meets them naturally, without any effort. Can you expect them to have a passion?

Yes, they do… when they start comprehending the meaning of passion, when they realize that the world is much larger than what they have seen, when they grow beyond the sordid realities of life.

Passion – a strong and uncontrollable emotion, an intense desire associated with an urge to accomplish like one of my friends possessed.

passion of life

My friend, everybody called him ‘Don’ due to his incredible confidence, was a very successful lawyer ten years ago. He had accomplished this position with the help of his father who was his mentor, who was very keen that his son should take up his law firm to the next level. Don loved his father and so followed his footsteps, bringing all the happiness and contentment to his father’s ambitious nature.

Whatever Don had done, he had done for his father and so it gave him a great satisfaction but he realized after few years of successful practice that he was a misfit. He didn’t enjoy his work; his passion didn’t lie in his profession, which his father had chosen for him. He started regretting his decision but he didn’t want to hurt his father.

When he met his soul mate who was also a lawyer, she could figure out Don’s simmering discontent with his job. She took up all the responsibilities of the firm to let him follow his passion.

If money is not your priority or financial constraints are not limiting your interests, it is always good to follow your passion.

Don gave up a very successful career to pursue his childhood yearning – acting! He could never communicate his love for acting as his father had big dreams for him. Being the only son, he felt it was his responsibility to follow those dreams. The values that he had picked up from his family impelled him towards his duty first and his passion took a back seat.

Yes, he couldn’t be an immediate success. In fact he failed the initial auditions and started wondering whether he was carved out to be just a lawyer. His determination and the loving, solid support of his wife stood by him during those hours of cynicism. He joined an acting institute to hone his lost skills. He had acted on various stages during his university years, which kept him hopeful.

I had lost touch with Don after I got too busy with my life and therefore I was pleasantly surprised when one day I happened to see him acting in one of the most popular shows on television. His persistence paid off and now he is a popular actor. He still assists his wife in some cases that interest him but most of his time is spent in acting.

He may not be earning as much money as he could have amassed as a lawyer, he may not be having the best car but the contentment and the happiness of accomplishing his childhood goal sparkles on his face. He may have started quite late and therefore could not bag the main roles but that was not his target. His happy moments are those, which satisfy his creative urge.

Passions get trampled upon for various reasons but it is never too late to catch up.

Despite that well-meaning advice of not paying much attention to passion in this competitive world, the embers do keep smoldering if the passion is intense. They just need a little fuel.

It is never too late to start again. “Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Have you followed your passion? Were you dissuaded from your path by some obstacles? I would love to hear your views.

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Balroop Singh




24 thoughts on “It Is Never Too Late To Follow Your Passion…If You Have Any

  1. I’m in that process of rediscovering my passions. Travel has always been one of them, but with my life changing a lot lately, I’ve realized how much I miss just learning new things in general. I always feel most alive when I learn something new, so it’s time to take another photography class and maybe finally learn how to fly fish.

    1. Hi Jeri,

      I am so glad you have the time to rediscover your passions. Many of them are abandoned just because life becomes busy and mechanical till a particular stage and then one thinks…is it right to pursue especially if the passions are connected with adventures!

  2. Hi Balroop,

    Enjoyed every word of your inspirational post. Many people can relate to your statement “I never had any passion. It may seem implausible but I didn’t know that it is essential to cultivate a craving beyond little desires and dreams”
    Also to “I am very certain her passion lies buried in those obscure crevices.”

    That is the most difficult task for many if not most people – to know one’s passion/s. Nowadays parents are more aware and they strategically identify early on so as to help their youngsters device out their future path. No wonder we see them venturing into very unheard of fields, and not just money-minting career paths like medicine, law or engineering.

    Often people have many equally strong passions. That too becomes a cause of confusion at one stage – till one is able to balance them all. Lose some, gain some. I did that.


    1. Hi Alka,

      I am so happy to note that this post has the quality of inspiring somebody. You are right, these days parents have become more supportive and pay attention to what their children want rather than impose their own views on them. But there are thousands of children who come from economically and educationally backward homes, those are the ones whose passions never see the light of the day, whose dreams take a long time to materialise.

      Thanks for sharing your perspective, it is much valued here.

  3. Hi Balroop,

    Yes indeed, it’s never too late for anything – you just need to change your thought process and get going 🙂

    I know what you mean by following your passion, and like Don’s case, many people get stuck in the rut of life to earn a living. They have to work to make ends meet, and there goes their passion or what they’d have liked doing, unless it’s work that they enjoy, which becomes a passion for them over time.

    I am glad he eventually took to acting, and you are right, even if the money is less, at least there is contentment and happiness at the end of the day, which matters most.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Yes, the need to change the thought process, which easily gets influenced, which creates doubts and fears in our minds and we often fall in the usual line of control, whosoever is pulling those strings! 🙂

      Most of the passions get brushed aside due to money – the main culprit of directing our ways and why not…all young minds are swayed by the pay packets, thinking we can follow our passions when we have enough! You are thinking right, that time never comes as we keep on getting wedged in the everyday demands of time and expectations.

      There are very few like Don, who have the guts to move ahead without caring for a successful career and money!
      Thanks for sharing your view. You too have a nice week!

  4. What a poetic and inspirational post from you, Balroop. I read it from start to finish agreeing with everything you said. You are right, it’s never too late to pursue our passion. The only thing that stands between us and passion is a choice, and some careful planning. Often self-doubt gets in the way and we rarely want to risk it all…so often we are afraid of falling. But if we don’t try, we will never know what we can really do. Such a lovely story of Don. I am so happy he is on TV now 🙂

    As for me, my passion is writing. English was my favourite subject at school and my teachers constantly remarked I had the flair for writing. But I never wrote outside of classes much until a couple of years ago, a couple of years ago when I had no idea what to do with my life after university and still don’t. And though I don’t get paid for it, I still write today and it makes me happy 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel,

      It gives me great satisfaction to see that my words leave a mark on as good writers as you who has been so passionate about her writing. Thank you so much for such kind words, dear friend.

      I agree with you. Self-doubt and fear of failure are two big deterrents to fulfil our passion at a young age. It requires a lot of courage and forbearance to take the initiative. That’s why many dreams remain unfulfilled…we don’t even try, thinking we will do so at a later stage.

      I realised quite late that writing is one of my passions and I don’t care if it doesn’t fetch any money for me! Like you I find great contentment in writing…it is therapeutic for me. Adventure sports always excite me but I could never take part in them. I wish I could ski, skate, go surfing and sky diving but could never get the opportunity of even learning swimming!! 🙂

      Thank you for contributing to this discussion, I am so grateful for your support.

      1. Always happy to contribute here, Balroop. You really do have an edge for writing inspirational, reflective pieces

        I would rather write ten minutes a day than none at all. Like you, writing isn’t about money. As long as I have some time to write, I am happy.

        Thank you for writing 🙂

  5. Fellini’s view that the only defining feature of life is its infinite passion, and not a linear beginning and end, appears to be so close to life as we experience it, as without it, life would have been dull and insipid. Music, writing, travelling, swimming in the sea, driving fast cars are all my passions, which I am regularly into, even though diving into in-shore sea waters is a rarity now; an unrealised passion, which regrettably is bound to remain unrealised, is flying an aircraft. Every time I am aboard a flight, I would wish to be in the cockpit, being able to take off majestically, cruise a few thousand kilometres at the 40 K altitude and finally descent from so high up in the sky touching down smoothly on to tarmac. Interesting post, Balroop…

    1. Hi Raj,

      Thanks for sharing your passions…they are wonderfully exciting and I am glad you could fulfil them! As I have talked in my earlier conversation, most of my adventurous passions remain unfulfilled and there is hardly any chance that they would see the light of the day.

      Travelling is far easier to accomplish and I too have been lucky enough to explore the places of my choice. Despite unfulfilled passions, my life has been quite interesting and serene.

  6. I think we are thought it is irresponsible to follow passions; that passions are hobbies. We are taught we must take on certain types of jobs that provide certain benefits to be considered responsible and successful. I know many people who have done “what was expected of them” and find themselves in a rut and enjoy their passions as hobbies. It has become a way of life. After you acquire more responsibilities (those of a family, home, etc…) it is difficult to let go of a career to follow a passion. Work becomes a dedication of love to provide for family. Yes, our lives would be way different and perhaps more joyful and less materialistic if we allowed ourselves to follow our passions. I think those who do what they love for a living are perhaps the happiest and most successful of all, not those who rake in money and prestige.

    1. You are right Suzi. When I was guiding my children to choose a profession, I didn’t give much weightage to their passions. I also felt that passions should be approached as hobbies and they can never lead us to a successful and lucrative career. We tend to become materialistic when we think in terms of a bright future. All that idealistic talk takes a back seat!

      At the same time, a thought that passes my mind is that if we are able to follow our passion along with a successful career, it would be better. Also, if we are really passionate about something, we would continue to pursue it even later on in life.

  7. Passion is always an inspiring topic! Love this post, Balroop. I’m thinking of that little girl and want to hear more about her passion although I think I’m reading about it every week here at Emotional Shadows! I describe passion as a spark. It ignites our brains and hearts and makes us sharp and capable. Little voices can dissuade passion but we have to tune those out.

    Interesting story about your friend the lawyer. I always thought lawyers should take acting classes to better serve clients in the court room. So, he probably is an asset to his wife’s cases when he decides to help her out. I know that’s not the point of the story 😉 His story is an amazing one and it must have been very difficult to go against what his father’s dreams were for him.He was courageous to take that step!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yes, you are reading about her every week and she wants to remain an enigma as she is still discovering herself, wondering what all she has missed or did she get all in some other form! Life is quite strange and we can never be satisfied with its surprises and painful realities, which overturn themselves to confuse us.

      An outstanding definition of passion! I love your analysis of this post as you have touched upon each aspect. I think lawyers can make excellent actors as their acting in court trains them quite well.
      Thank you for your continued support dear friend. Much love! 🙂

  8. I think my life is ever changing and evolving. I have many passions and would not wish to live without art, music, books, nature, faith and family. This was a great conversation opener. I will check back to see more comments tomorrow.

    1. Hi Robin,

      You are so right…life is like that! Do passions also change? It would be interesting to discuss this point. I think faith could be one of those as it hits some people quite late. You are welcome any time. I greatly value your presence here. 🙂

  9. Good for him Balroop. I believe in passion. It’s the source of life. Doing something we don’t like can kill us very softly. We might not even see it and one day we wake up, wondering what we have been doing for so long.
    My passion is writing and growing. I may not be a full time writer but I know that it is something I will keep doing as long as I am alive. it’s my fuel, what urges me to wake up in the morning.
    Passion can guide us on the best road for us. And you’re so right it’s never too late to follow what really means something to us.
    Thank you for sharing your thought on this important subject. Stay well and blessed

    1. Hi Marie,

      I am so happy to know that you are so passionate about writing and you are pursuing it! This is one passion which truly molds us as we get so many opportunities to talk to our own self and introspect while noting down our thoughts. Writing ennobles us and helps us in rediscovering what we want to be. It gives us the wings and horizon seems to be so near!

      Thanks for sharing your view and keep writing!

      1. Hi Mrs Balroop as usual you select topics which are not only intersting but they force us to think deeply.
        As a child word passion was not in my dictionary . I loved to do painting , I wanted to learn music and I wanted to learn everything that is creative . Once I thought how is it possible to like so many things may be I am not sure what I want. But I never got chance to do any of these . But last year I thought I can do some painting by learning it from you tube so I decided to do so and I did . My kids appreciated that a lot then I thought
        if I would have followed my passion I would have done a better Job. But after thinking a lot I felt I am lucky that I got a chance to do it now. As resources definitely play an important
        role to follow your passion . So was in my case . I am glad that there are certain things which I can do now. As my hobbies I write , I paint , I read your posts and they help me to be a better person 😀

      2. Hi Daljeet,

        I am so glad that you have started rediscovering your passions. Painting was very close to my heart and I have even done some fabric painting too but this hobby got drowned somewhere when I got too busy with other responsibilities. I liked dress designing, playing musical instruments but gave them up too early! Now my passion is my lovely grandchildren who have given me back my childhood!

        Thanks for a visit and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate them.

  10. HI Balroop – I’m taking my passions more seriously these days!! I’m putting my money where my passion is.

    After quitting my job to pursue my passion of writing and coaching people, I’m finding it a challenge to support myself. I too used to be a lawyer and the rewards of law were much greater than the work I do now. But I feel the work I do now is in line with my purpose. So, I actively and against all my self-doubts and resistance, continue doing my passion every day. I know it’s a sacrifice and I know I’m paying a price for it but I know it will lead me to whatever is next in my life. My intuition tells me to stay true to my passions while my fears tell me to get a job and get back into the legal field. lol The best part about coaching other professionals in similar situations is I am walking the walk – I can confidently encourage them to pursue their dreams and follow their passions. The spiritual and emotional rewards of our passion labor are unmatched – I don’t even feel like the work I’m doing today is work!

    I truly believe if each person pursued their passion and kept at it, every person would be serving at their highest capacity.

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