Welcome To Our Island Of Fantasy…

Our train is about to move
Come, hop on… you could be left behind
just like little teddy
But he never bawls,
He sits around and drawls
listening to music…
Oh! Lets put the volume down!
Please wait!

This train can wait for hours
It only moves
when our two-year-old driver directs
sometimes the push is too sudden!
Pixie watches…her moo-moo starts
Suddenly the train breaks into parts
Its breakfast time for everybody,
as Pixie and Suzie are ready

Train journey is instantly abandoned
All attention is towards monkey, still sleeping
So is the giraffe and the elephant.
The snake is hissing around for milk
The knobs and handles of the doors overflow…
Bowls are full of milk
But the monkey starts jumping on the bed!
And as usual, he falls.

There is a big commotion!
Everybody is eager to see what happened
Oh…the monkey has bumped his head.
Duckie rushes to get ice for him,
which is rubbed on his head
He is laughing in no time, jumping again.
Donna and Bunny join him.

Breakfast is forgotten
Jumping spree goes on and on
Many of them get hurt but no crying,
‘NO crying’ is the command of our little Angel,
all conform to it.
Someone opens the wardrobe
there is a big hullabaloo.

Everybody rushes in,
pulling whatever comes in their hand…
out come the hats, the tiaras and the masks
our dear commander asks…
Where is my bug?
The bug takes us into moonlit night
The wardrobe is full of heavenly light
With stars twinkling all around
Everyone watches in delight!

Where is my runaway bunny?
Leaving them all in the lurch
She finds her favorite puzzle
She pulls out all the pieces
spreads them all around the room.
In comes Johny, sugar in hand
Runs all around the house
Followed by Sophia, Minnie and Dolly
Sugar jar drops down
All the din gets drowned…

As Barnyard party is in full swing
All are welcome
It’s so much fun
And it continues…

Living in the world of illusion, which is devoid of all the stress…living my childhood once again in the make believe world of my granddaughter and grandson who looks perplexed as he is too little to join us in our barnyard dance…feeling blessed!

© Balroop Singh.
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22 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Island Of Fantasy…

  1. Certainly a different poem than the ones you’ve been posting. I love it. It sounds like something you’ll find in a children’s storybook, very vivid characters bringing the morning routine of waking up, eating breakfast and going on about your day so full of life.

    Reading this took me back to my time growing up in Australia. I was around 4-5 years old and had all of these Disney and Sesame Street stuffed toys around me. No train set, but I was fond of stacking the plushies around a small table and pretending they had a tea party 🙂

    Having fun with toys may sound silly to grown ups. But there’s a kind of simplicity that comes with playing with toys and having fun with them. Our imagination is used to dictate fun; we make up the rules and anything is possible.

    Reading this, I think you’re a kid at heart, Balroop. I love that first photo where you can see Elmo with his arms outstretched – looks like he wants to spread a bit of cheer to anyone who picks him up. Lovely read, thank you for sharing this 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel,

      I am glad you could relate to these reflections…they are just a few! When you spend whole day in the company of loved ones and watch their antics, it is truly an amazing experience.

      All these characters seem to be real when we sit with them. You are so right! Elmo is undoubtedly one who tries to embrace all. Thanks for such a lovely comment.

  2. This is beautiful, Balroop. I felt the joy and delight coming right out of the computer screen! So sweet!! Runaway Bunny left everyone in a lurch…Ha! He did, too. That’s one of my favorite books. Let’s not forget the monkey! This is so clever and rich.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I am so glad that the joy could leap out to you! You can well imagine the delight when all this is actually happening with you being the part of it! Yes the runaway bunny is really funny, he is all the time hiding and one of us have to be quick enough to do that!

      Thanks for sharing your excitement.

  3. Hi Balroop,

    Lovely one indeed 🙂

    I could feel all that you wrote…and in fact took me down memory lane to the time we used to travel as kid’s with cousins, via train, from one place to another! Cute 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      I knew you would be able to relate to this fun post, actually this talks about everyone’s childhood. We just have to go into that mode!

      I am going through that phase again with my grand kids and loving every moment of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a nice weekend.

  4. That was so cute Balroop!! Your poem made me recollect, rather miss my son’s childhood. Yes, it’s their make-believe world which they sincerely believe to be real. My son was particularly fond of Humphery Bear and Teletubbies, along with others like Hi-Five and later Tom and Jerry. Of course, playing with kids we become kids again.
    Enjoy the phase you are going through as they will grow up fast. As they say, Interest is dearer to us than the Principal amount (asal naalon sood pyaara)

    1. Hi Alka,

      Thanks for adding such lovely nostalgic thoughts. You are right, grand kids are dearer and we are blessed if get our share of raising them and reliving our own childhood as well as that of our kids.

  5. This is not just one more poem, but is indeed a new treatment to poem with such a profound message. We all play with our children and while doing so we venture into our own childhood experiences and at stage and age of our life we are, we always love to enjoy remembering our childhood fables. Our own and others, it takes us into a different world, indeed a world of fantasy when we do so today where the outside world is so hectic and engulfing, we all want to escape the stress and want to be into own little world comfort, joy and imagination.

    Thanks for taking us into our lovely world of fantasy.

    1. Hi Nihar

      Thank you so much for considering this more than just a fun poem! I am so pleased that it carries a message too albeit I penned it in one of those exhilarating moments, which contain immense delight…just flowing with those emotions of trying to be a child whose make believe world can be so relaxing! Yes it is a fantastic world to be!

      Love your reflections, Nihar. Thank you for sharing them.

      1. Indeed it carried a powerful and profound message though very subtle that is art of a beautiful writer and which you keep doing wonderfully…
        we should give the child within us enough opportunity to play its part and role in our life, it should not stop the moment we become adult…
        Lovely perspective. My pleasure…

      2. Thanks Nihar, the child within us is always craving to get out and this is the best opportunity to let it run…the excitement of playing with all those characters can only be felt when they gather around us once again and if some part of our childhood could not fully flower, such moments turn out to be a blessing!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Balroop – a scene from Toy Story as the toys come alive:) Anyone with kids, grandkids or nephews (who I’m spending time with at the moment) can relate. Yes, sometimes the train waits for hours – thankfully all the parents, grandparents and caretakers rest during the time the train rests:)

    1. Yes Vishnu! These moments bring immense joy, which can only be comprehended if we can relate to them in some way.
      That train is symbolic of life, an amalgamation of joyful and adventurous experiences, which only we understand, not the kids!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, much appreciated.

  7. Oh this is fun and a wonderful change of pace. Isn’t it amazing how spending time with kids can put us back in that frame of mind? This summer I’ve decided to work really hard at having experiences I am immerse myself in with child-like wonder. It really does good for the soul.

    1. Thanks Jeri, nothing can be more loving than the time spent with little children in their wonderful world of fantasy. It dilutes all the stress and yes, very soulful!

  8. “Living in the world of illusion, which is devoid of all the stress”…

    l couldn’t agree more…
    You post brought back memories of my childhood… It was a very sweet and joyful reading, dear Balroop. ❤ Thank you very much. All my best wishes & hugs to you. Aquileana ⭐

    1. Thanks Aquileana, I am so happy that this random post could connect us with our own memories. So true! Such reflections open those doors of fantasy, which we tend to forget in this hectic pace of life. Love and hugs to you as well.

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this poem Balroop. It’s quite different from what you wrote before. It’s very kind, sweet. It brings back many memories. Childhood is a blessed time. When we are with kids, time does not have the same meaning. I can definitely say that kids help you to be in the present, to relax, to see life differently, to breath and enjoy what you have.
    Stay well Balroop and thank you for the ride!

    1. Hi Marie,

      Love your expression of delight, which is exuding through your choice of words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about how memorable those moments can be, which are spent in the loving company of kids. It can be very relaxing if we flow with their demands and step into their shoes.
      I am glad you enjoyed this ride!

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