Only Heart Brings Happiness…Why I Have Always Followed My Heart

Follow your heart

An invisible voice, probably an intuition has always mentored me. If I try to remember when did this voice become conspicuous, it recedes into unknown precincts but I know this voice too well, I know I could never defy it and I am happy I never felt the need.

I remember I have never been directed to follow my heart. All my major decisions were taken by somebody till a spark ignited deep down within my gut… it could be an instinctive feeling but I learnt to recognize it and took the charge.

Incredible joy

Whenever I have followed my heart, an incredible joy has glowed within me. I have felt that elation of achievement, which is associated with triumph.

When heart whispers, its tone may be low but it makes sense, as it really knows what makes us happy.

When we follow our heart, opinions are not imposed, dreams don’t get crushed, all our wishes get fulfilled and judgment stays out.

But we need unbridled confidence, a wider perspective and a strong will power to follow our heart.


Freedom of the heart sets us free. It opens all those channels through which our dreams can navigate stormy waters.

That doesn’t mean your journey would be smooth.

It never is. Life is always throwing new surprises and challenges. Setbacks do exasperate us but if we have followed our heart, we don’t have any regrets. We live with the satisfaction that we took all those decisions happily and we have done our best.

We have to overlook the demands and sentiments of others who may be having high expectations from us. At times we may get disliked, even condemned for choosing the path that suits us.

We all make mistakes, we miss opportunities, we cannot be perfect but that is the way of life! Fear keeps cautioning us but I never let it overpower my tender heart.

Like Albert Einstein’ “I believe in intuitions and inspirations.”

Have you ever felt the chatter of the mind? It keeps on reasoning, it keeps on weighing the pros and cons, it makes us dither but heart speaks in one word, one final word!

Wider choice

When I started listening to my heart, the first major decision I took independently was quitting my first job, the most secure job that could have made me very successful.

Now when I look back, I can say it was not a very wise decision but at that moment my heart said…what do you want…A life full of adventure with open doors of opportunities and explorations or living just in an alley?

I responded to my heart.

The answers I got were very convincing and I had to listen to what my heart was whispering.

Follow your heart

No regrets

I don’t have any regrets now. It is quite probable that I could have been stuck in that job and a small city. I am glad I left that city to touch new horizons.

I am very satisfied that I could raise my child myself, without worrying about pursuing a fledging career.

I am happy that living in a big city gave a better exposure to my family and me.

Another big decision of quitting another job came from my heart, which didn’t like the toxic atmosphere at my work place.

I didn’t get any opportunity to ponder over that decision because a better avenue was waiting for me…it showed me the way to the valley of happiness

Whether it is home décor or self-grooming, I have always followed my heart.

“When your heart feels at peace, rest assured, you are on the right track.” – Angie Karan Krezos


All those dreams, which I had for myself materialized when I started following my heart. Some got left behind but I didn’t look back to pull them out of those crevices, which were beyond me at that point of time.

When I grew out of the constraints of time, my heart taught me to weave new dreams.

It whispered to me…you are so beautiful and therefore I learnt to love myself the way I am.

Then it constantly murmured you are on the right path, keep going!

It has made me tolerant, benevolent and compassionate. When I was unhappy, my heart inspired me to be patient.

At times, it cries and teaches us a profound lesson – let go.

Detachment and forgiveness too comes from our heart.

Follow your heart, it knows the way to happiness.

Do you follow your heart? Do you get that feeling of liberation when you listen to it?

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Balroop Singh.


26 thoughts on “Only Heart Brings Happiness…Why I Have Always Followed My Heart

  1. Wonderful advice, Balroop. You’re right when you say following your heart isn’t always the easiest path. Instinctively we know when we’re on the right path though, no matter what others’ reaction may be. I love that you have taught yourself to follow your heart and you have found the Valley Of Happiness! 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for understanding the emotion behind following the heart. Yes we know instinctively that we are right but it is the chattering mind that confuses us and also few fears that lurk around us, dissuade us most often. You are right, we have to train ourselves to follow our heart!

      Thank you for a lovely insight.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences with following your heart, Balroop. I think over the years, I’ve gotten better at following my heart. When it is filled with love, I know it is my heart guiding me! I have to remind myself regularly, including through this post, to be guided by my heart. If we get our mind chatter and our fears in the way – we’re done:) So it’s following your heart and being observant of the negativity of our minds that can be distracting and doubting. Following our heart by the way is no easy task – it takes us through difficult terrain and challenges:) Listening to others might just be the easier way to go lol (somewhat kidding) but that’s what I’ve noticed but still to be true to ourselves, we’ve got to go with our heart’s desires.

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      I completely agree with you…love surely guides us on the path of following our heart because love has a profound connection with heart. Yes, we learn slowly as heart doesn’t chatter, it just whispers and many a time that whisper gets snubbed by outside elements, the so called well-wishers and our own fears. That’s why it is no easy task.

      Once we learn the basics to get more familiar with our inner voice, then nothing can stop us! Thank you for adding such great value to this post by sharing this invaluable point. I truly appreciate it.

  3. Very well written, Balroop. “Follow your heart, follow your intuition, it will lead you in the right direction” – that’s a line from a Jewel Kilcher song I heard when I was younger, and I thought it fit your words very well. It’s an interesting feeling, isn’t it, following your heart as it’s only a feeling you can feel. No surprise it can be a lonely decision at times.

    We miss opportunities, that is so true and I agree with you. So brave of you to quit your jobs and go after what you do. Following our heart, we get judged but then again, it’s our life and our shoes and we have the right to do what we desire instead of living a life of “what if’s”. Thanks for sharing again. Wonderful piece.

    1. Hi Mabel,

      Most of those who brush aside the whispers of their hearts are the ones who are scared of being judged, who like to please people more than their own heart and realise too late in life what they miss.

      Once we learn to recognise our desires and consider them equally important, we get more aware of the right direction. It may be a lonely decision at times, it may even alienate you from some persons who mean a lot to you but my conviction is that our heart always shows it.

      Thank you for sharing your perspective, always appreciated.

  4. Oh, I absolutely agree, Balroop. I used to follow my heart until I got hurt badly. Then I was on auto-pilot and made the worst mistakes. I’m glad better (heart)sense prevailed. I believe that my heart knows what’s best for me.

    1. Hi Cori,

      Who says following the heart takes us through a rosy passage? The wiser advice is always the one which is not followed by the heart, that’s why it has to face the hurts, it has to stumble on the rocky terrain, it will surely get bruises from the thorns but the end result is what counts…contentment and happiness, which is only felt if we emerge successful after all those mistakes we make! Such a journey is the true journey!
      Thanks for believing what the heart says eventually.

  5. I couldn’t have agreed more, we all are highly passionate feel and religiously follow the dictate of our heart, it is a call once we understand its power we just cannot ignore it nor can we can think of any alternative, logic can take so far not farther. We all know the power of intuition, it is the ultimate power that unshackles us from our root and takes us to the roof, indeed such is intensity of intuitive power.

    Exactly like you I have taken many decisions in life purely on the call of heart and when I look back I am pleased that I have taken and I know I just couldn’t take so with logic or advise from others, it has come from within and from the heart which makes you take the decision with aplomb.

    Love the passion and the power of heart, wonderfully crafted thoughts.
    Great Post!!!

    1. Hi Nihar,

      It is truly amazing…coming from an Tech guy, who oscillates between chemistry and physics, whose writing clearly reflects a balance between logic and emotion…such a person endorsing the power and the passion of the heart!! I am so happy to know that heart’s whispers are so powerful!!

      When we start understanding our intuitive ability and pay heed to its calling, we get a strange, inexplicable satisfaction. It takes us into some unknown domains to explore further, its flights are exhilarating and when we return, we know we are on the right terrain, however rocky it may be…who cares?

      The day I decided I have to follow my heart, I have had the best of times and never regretted a single moment as I knew I couldn’t have been happier otherwise.

      Thank you so much for sharing your insights, they are dripping in delight, which is infectious!

      1. Such a brilliant use of words, the last line “dripping in delight, which is infectious”, I loved it…
        I strongly believe on the heighten power of intuition, no logic can match it, all big and innovative things happen out of intuitive power…yes the whispers of heart is more powerful but we need a different heart to hear these profound thoughts…it indeed takes us to unexplored and uncharted territories…yes I have always followed my heart, I agree it can be better, it is passion personified…
        Always a love to such wonderful discussion, you have such beautiful analysis and perspective, it is great learning…

      2. Thank you Nihar for liking those words, they are inspired by the thoughts, which are evoked by your insights. So the credit should go to the one who inspires.
        Intuition gets powerful only if we nurture it carefully and let it go wild at times, not caring for the controlling factors around us.
        It is my pleasure too to engage in such a word-provoking conversation, yes it gives an impetus to the urge for learning.
        Thanks for being such a wonderful participant and friend.

      3. Indeed it was touching and very profound…such words just doesn’t come our way all the time, there have to those wonderful moments of inspiration and when we engage is such beautiful conversation, it just adds to the vital ingredients of our quality of creative thoughts…
        My pleasure and I love such creative disruption of thoughts and convergence of new ideas…
        Have a lovely weekend.

  6. The conviction in your post comes from the fact that you have walked the talk. At times our heart or call it our intuition tell us things that may not make sense at the given point of time, but the call of our heart gives us the strength to follow through our passion. Wonderful read Balroop.

    1. Thank you Somali. If we pay attention to that intuition, if we train our mind to get accustomed to this whisper, it makes our life quite easy and yes, strength surely follows.

  7. Wonderful post that most of us can relate to, either for following our heart or at times for not following it.

    I like the lines “We have to overlook the demands and sentiments of others who may be having high expectations from us. At times we may get disliked, even condemned for choosing the path that suits us.”

    That is where people go weak and end up doing what others want. Only to look back and wonder if things would have been different if they had followed their own heart.

    Funny thing is, all those people for whom we give up following our heart don’t even remember anything later on, rather they are the first ones to conclude that we could not accomplish things due to our own incapability.

    That reminds me of sayings from books like Bhagwat Gita scriptures…that if we give up our field (of righteousness, our inner truth or whatever) only to please others, these very ‘others’ will later rebuke us for running away from the field.

    I drifted here and there but your post was, as always, thought provoking 🙂

    1. Thank you Alka, I am glad you could relate to this post…we all try to snub our heart many times, just for the sake of others and yes, they don’t even acknowledge it.
      How rightly a poet has said…’duniya jise kehte gain jaadu ka khilona hai. Mil jaaye to mitti hai, kho jaye to sona hai!!

  8. I’m definitely in the process of learning how to follow my heart again. It was easier when I was younger, then I lost sight of what my heart really wanted when I fretted over someone else too much who was incapable of fully reciprocating the effort. It’s so easy to lose sight of one’s self, but definitely not impossible to get back on track.

    1. Hi Jeri,

      When we keep the hope alive in our heart, that indicates how much our heart can influence us. It may get delayed but the outcome surely unfolds.
      I am glad you have moved out of negative thoughts of fretting as they don’t let us move forward. Wishing you great success in rediscovering yourself.
      Thanks for standing by and sharing your heart’s whisper.

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