Flying High

Flying high

The path I chose, I follow it with pride
Thorny monsters monitor my trail
I know I can brush them aside
Each one reminds me of you!

Each spike strengthened me
Unrequited love is not my shriek
I know this love let me grow
I know obscure alleys scream louder

Respect, reverence, self-esteem
Are my basic requisites
I refuse to be a competitor
Who struggles for personal rights

The stumble, the search… stirred me
Questions… that haunted my sleep
Clamor and clutter… that robbed my peace
Elevate me, help me detach!

I am no longer tied to the cliffs
Threats don’t hold any ground
I have decided to fly high
On the winds of cool complacence

Who has the audacity to ask?
Who can misconstrue my intrepid intentions?
Who can doubt my positive power?
No one can sway my dauntless decision!
© Balroop Singh.

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21 thoughts on “Flying High

  1. Very powerful and impactful poem. Who has the audacity to ask? Very optimist and very rooted. Each spike strengthens. lovely narrative.

  2. Beautiful poem. And as Ajay said, powerful too. Very inspirational. “Thorny monsters” I like that phrase. That can be anything – from things that annoy us to dark thoughts in our heads playing tricks on us. Love how you equate overcoming challenging times with cliffs and reaching the top or the pinnacle or end of a hike. We learn the most through the journey and at the end we not only savour the fruits of our labour, but feel so much stronger at the end of it. Thanks for sharing another poem 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel,

      Thanks for liking this poem…cliffs and challenges give us the inspiration, darker times start looking ahead, all those tricks and turbulences recede into oblivion when we have the spirit of determination. Yes, we always emerge stronger and prudent. 🙂

      Thanks for standing by and sharing your perspective, always appreciated.

  3. Very strong poem! A phase when one decides to take-off can be challenging. But when a person opts for ‘pride’, ‘strength’, ‘self-esteem’, ‘respect’ and doesn’t compromise on any of these, then life decisions are made without a second thought.

    “I refuse to be a competitor
    Who struggles for personal rights”

    Way to go…

    1. Hi Alka,

      You are right, dithering over decisions takes us nowhere! Good or bad, only decisions help us move forward. Only if we choose pride and self-esteem do we make our presence felt otherwise people start taking you for granted.

      Why should we compete for something, which we are born with? Isn’t it a good reminder for all?

      Thanks for picking out the most relevant emotion of this poem to discuss 🙂

    1. Yes Lisa, I have cultivated this strength over the period of time and I love to give it to my characters. I can never imagine my protagonists feeling desperate, they would always know how to emerge from a dilemma!
      Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. 🙂

  4. We all love to be get tied to the flight of freedom, an irony that we want to get tied to freedom, yes as you have crafted the idea we are no longer tied to the cliffs, we are then very much off the threats that keeps us on ground…indeed the stumble and the search that keeps us stirred and who has that audacity to question us, we are in control of what we are doing and how we want to do…yes, no one can pull the chain or put the sudden break, we are breaking our assumptions and moving into new horizon of thoughts…
    Loved the drive and passion behind the poem.

    1. Hi Nihar,

      The passion to fly with my thoughts always keeps me above the ground. Often I perch high to hear the sounds of my poetry, some of which keep me constantly inspired. It is at such times that all those who try to pull my characters down get kicked off with words…nothing can tie them down because they fly on the wings of imagination!

      Thank you for racing along to take this flight!

      1. Yes, we love the freedom of thoughts and exploring the world of imagination, we want out thoughts to possess the wings to fly high and fly wide, passion ignites that flare and force within us, and it is indeed an exciting experience to keep expanding horizon of thinking through writing…
        Writing is indeed one of the most wonderful experience and engagement we all have…love the association with our own thoughts and playing with the power of words.

      2. And the excitement is not just meeting our own ideas to expand our boundaries but meeting like minded people, who add impetus to the soaring speed by engaging in the play, yes! the inexhaustible power of words!
        Thanks for being one such support.

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