Visages Of Joy

When you meet joy Joy
Even in that momentary experience,
This ephemeral emotion unravels
All those colors of contentment

Which sparkle from within,
Transcending gloomy alleys of angst
Spreading shimmering beauty
Which can keep gleaming around us

If we breathe it in, savoring soft sounds
If we gather those divine resonances
If we overlook the prickly peeves
If we revere this exquisite emotion

It can become a perennial stream
A vibrational intuitive sensation
An inward journey, a self-healing step
If we learn to tap into its enormous energy!

It can define the quality of our life
Which brings delectable delight
To divert our attention from
The real robbers – ambitions, aspirations

If we halt, if we look around
If we take a break, to relish life
To appreciate the aroma of living
To escalate the whiffs of joy.

© Balroop Singh.

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30 thoughts on “Visages Of Joy

  1. Joy is a powerful emotion that we are lucky enough to experience from time to time. I love how a joyous moment can help us feel at peace with ourselves! Thank you for this, Balroop!

    1. Yes, peace is the twin brother of joy but we often miss those little moments as we keep yearning for more…whether it is success or love or kindness and joy slips by! Blessed are those who can recognise and experience them.
      Thanks for sharing a lovely thought.

  2. So true, Balroop, as joy is really the sparkle within, brightening gloomy alleys of angst. But should you say aspiration and ambition are robbers, greed and envy will of course be…

    1. Hi Raj,

      I have tried to keep the wicked robbers out of my way while writing about joy, they didn’t even cross my path as I was flying on the wings of joy, which are clipped by aspirations and ambitions. Greed and envy creep in much later but the former grab those momentary joys unawares. We don’t even realise that our own aspirations, our pursuit of goals ruin them!

      Thanks for adding pragmatic thoughts to this flight!

  3. Lovely poem Balroop painting the colours of joy. Taking a pause from the mad rush of life to savour the beauty of nature and life, even if for a while, rejuvenates us, the same time aspiration, ambition and passion also give us something to look forward to. I would say when both are in sync, we would be in a rather happy and content state of mind. 🙂

    1. Hi Somali,

      I am glad you liked the colors of joy, which are scattered all around us…only we fail to notice them as their hues are very light. There is no doubt that they are so relaxing and infuse new enthusiasm in us. Yes, we would be happier if we can balance them with all those passions we pursue but we learn to savor them slowly…with age and experience, after facing the disappointments and setbacks. We learn to appreciate the finer points of life only after experiencing all those rocking tribulations!

      Thank you for standing by and sharing your perspective, greatly appreciated.

  4. Beautiful, uplifting post, Balroop. “Spreading shimmering beauty” That is my favourite line and how I envision joy. Joy loves to touch people and others around us. When we feel joy, chances are others around us are happy too and share in the joy with us. It is certainly self-healing. When we feel uplifted and positive, often we dare to dream a little more and have a bit more confidence moving forwards 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel,

      Thanks for taking my thought further…there is no doubt that joy multiplies when it bounces off from us. All that we give comes back, even if we share the darker moments, we always gain a lot of peace and strength. So joy has to infuse new confidence! 🙂

      Thank you for taking time off despite your busy schedule and sharing your wisdom.

  5. A joyous moment is as pure as a baby’s smile, as precious as a diamond… It not only makes the bearer happy but also spreads the shimmer around…. 🙂

    I’m entirely in love with this post… 🙂

  6. Lovely poem. I had a bit of trouble comprehending the meaning of one line “To divert our attention from The real robbers – ambitions, aspirations.”

    Are you hinting that we ought to live in the moment, rather than be consumed by ambition and aspirations? If so, I respectfully disagree……well………not completely……but somewhat. We should live in the moment (eat, drink, and be merry….and all that good stuff), and we should not be consumed by ambition and aspirations, but without them, we would never have Accomplishments. Yes?

    I still enjoyed the poem. 🙂

    1. Thanks Joe. You are right, I am just yearning to live in the moment and during that time, forget about the anxieties, which accompany us all the time. At least those few moments can be unshackled from the realities of life…I agree dear friend, where would we be without those soaring aspirations? Just writing down about these robbers gave me my moment of joy! and another one came with your observation! I am talking about these moments. Stay blessed! Keep going! Accomplishments follow.

  7. The thought of the word “JOY” makes us cheerful, how a little three letter defines our life and living, we all crave for that moment of joy, yes even for that ephemeral moment it is bliss. Lovely way to state that colors of contentment and the sparkle within, can make all the difference how we look at nature and nurture our emotions, it is indeed a beautiful experience.

    Such refreshing words, so beautiful presented, it is exactly like taking a break and appreciating the aroma of life and living life with joy.

    1. Yes Nihar, joy is indeed a magical word! We have to stand and feel that magic. We have to believe that it is real, it can be ours if we can discern its presence around us.
      Thanks for endorsing the sentiment, which can only be felt with emotional eye.
      ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’, said the renowned poet Keats, inspiring us to live with that beauty. 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words of appreciation. Stay blessed.

      1. Beauty indeed is within us and with mad rush and hectic life we have forgotten to locate the beauty and madly search it in the outside world which is fleeting and which is a mirage…yes, it is very much within and it is magical feel to experience the joy of beauty…
        My pleasure always to read such lovely poems of yours…

  8. Hi Balroop,

    Great verse.

    What resonated for me are these lines of yours.

    “It can define the quality of our life
    Which brings delectable delight
    To divert our attention from
    The real robbers – ambitions, aspirations.”

    So, how does one go about diverting attention from our ambitions and aspirations? For are these latter aspects not who we are and who we would like to become?


    1. Thanks Shakti, welcome to Emotional Shadows!

      I am glad the key lines of this poem resonated with you. I know the awakening is there and it is always nudging us to live in those moments of joy. Only we keep rebuffing it, waiting for some truly blissful moments, forgetting that any little moment can be savored if we don’t let these blinding robbers take them away. we only realise this truth when half the life is gone!
      Just live those moments fully. Let them tip-toe into your routine on regular basis.
      Yes, we all live in that dilemma but we do have the capabilities to brainstorm our way out.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated.

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