How To Stop Hiding Behind Those Excuses…


We are perfect at inventing excuses! I think this is an innate trait, which we love to explore. We find happiness in them.

Students feel a sense of exhilaration when their excuse works to keep them safe from punitive action.

Youngsters take pride in using excuses just for fun! Their adventurous spirit takes them beyond all the responsibilities they have towards themselves and their parents.

We grow up with excuses and don’t even realize that they become our second nature.

When life throws up challenges, should we hide behind the excuses and procrastinate?

There is no magic wand that would lift us out of those situations.

After publishing my third book, I have learnt another profound lesson – we need to own up what we think and do.

We must stop making excuses to ourselves.

I have been hiding behind many excuses to tell myself that my book is not good enough!

I have spent many years looking down upon my own writing, hiding those pieces of papers into drawers so that nobody could read those thoughts.

When somebody told me that I write positive, I told myself… ‘One day I would compile all those pieces of paper into a poetry book but that day dawned only when I stopped making excuses. I didn’t keep waiting for the right time, free time, which never comes ‘free’!

We have to squeeze it into those twenty-four hours that seem so less!

When we tell ourselves – ‘I have no time’ we are just hiding behind our own mismanagement of time. Either we are disorganized or we are not making any effort to plan ahead. Lack of time exists only in our head.

First of all we have to get acquainted with our thoughts because only they can lead us to positive action. Eliminate those thoughts, which encourage you to postpone certain activities.

‘Now or never’ is the most pertinent dictum to follow.

If you want to add few minutes of exercise in your morning routine, reset your alarm.

If you want to sleep early, give up that TV viewing habit after eight!

Determination is the right word to start exercising in the morning.

If you are in a meeting and time seems to fly before finishing your agenda, the culprit is not time, which moves at its normal pace.

It never flies; it only seems to because we tend to waste it in meaningless conversation or argument.excuses quote

Setting goals on day-to-day basis and spelling out the priorities is the hallmark of managing your time appropriately.

When we tell ourselves – ‘I have no money’ we have probably not developed the skill of spending judiciously or we are inept at handling our priorities.

It is a known fact that money is never enough.

Often money is squandered away without the realization that unplanned expenditure leads to such a situation of ‘having no money.’

The unnecessary parties, those special dresses and expensive shoes, which could be worn just once or those extra toys, which may just add to the unattended clutter, frequent eating out at expensive restaurants need to be curtailed in order to channelize money into more fruitful expenses.

When we tell ourselves – ‘I get so tired’ we are just finding an excuse to get rid of any discussion on why certain chores have not been attended to.

When we use our past as an excuse, we are just shifting the blame and not making any contribution to move on. If nobody encouraged you and showed you the right way, you are no longer tied to that. It is your turn to learn the right behavior; it is in your hands to choose your future path. Isn’t it enough that the fetters of past are no longer holding your growth?

Go ahead, grab the opportunities and make the best of them. Put all your heart and soul into what has been your silent dream.

Forget your past, forgive those who denied you your share and live in the present.

When we doubt our success, when we tell ourselves that we may fail, we are just making another excuse to hide behind the unknown fears. The fear of failure was never real. We have been endowed with the capabilities to overcome those fears.

Life never unfolds the way we want, unavoidable cannot be done away with but all aspects of life are not uncontrollable.

We make mistakes, we resist change, we don’t want to step out of our comfort zone

Just because something didn’t work well doesn’t mean we should stop making efforts.

Are there some excuses that have been holding your growth? I am waiting for your answers.

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Balroop Singh.



15 thoughts on “How To Stop Hiding Behind Those Excuses…

  1. Right… we all invent excuses just to defend ourselves, our own faults and shortcomings…

    In my case, procrastination is my worst enemy 😦

    “Now or never’ is the most pertinent dictum to follow.”- I agree completely…I’ll try harder to follow this in real life… 🙂

    1. Hi Mani,

      There are times when we know that we are capable of walking away from those excuses yet we dig deeper into our comfort zone, closing one eye and wishing for miracles. We often forget that our real potential remains dormant till we get up and explore it. 🙂

      Thanks for coming over to share your view.

  2. That is a lovely string of advices, Balroop, straight and simple, sounding out core need to schedule activities, for prompt execution in order of priority within the 86400 seconds, equally credited to everyone’s account towards daily cycle of waking and sleeping, a resource that lapses at end of cycle, and can neither be retrieved nor carried over to another day. As you rightly point out, making excuses is only a defence, which, if not curtailed, exacerbates into a disease called excusitis, eating into one’s potential to achieve anything worthwhile.

    1. Hi Raj,

      I know free advice is often ignored so I try to keep it to myself now and follow it whenever I am convinced by my words!

      You have an amazing style, interspersed with mature handling of issues with a vocabulary one would envy! Thanks for providing a superb feedback, always appreciated with a 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your third book again, Balroop. I am sure it is amazing. It takes courage to go after our dreams and make them a reality. You certainly are living proof that turning your back on excuses and going forwards with determination gets us far, and makes us better people.

    “I have no time”. I relate to this excuse a lot. One year ago, I said I will write a book. I kept saying that until the beginning of the year…I kept saying, and never actually doing the writing and mainly because I like to take my time to do things – like taking a long shower, looking at my phone when I’m bored. Then, in May I bought myself a diary and began to write down goals and outline a timeframe to draft my book chapter by chapter. And now, right at this moment, let’s just say it’s going very well 🙂

    1. Thanks Mabel, you are absolutely right. Courage and conviction is the path to follow.
      Thanks for being so kind and liberal in appreciation. Persons like you keep the motivation high and I have always tried to be in such a company.

      We all put forward this excuse of paucity of time but in reality we forget time is in our hands, not vice versa. I am so happy for you that you decided to buy that diary…wishing you all the best! I am there encouraging each word with a smile, along with yours!

      Thanks for being such a nice and committed friend. I value your insights.

      1. It is great writing like yours that makes me keep coming back, Balroop. There’s always something to ponder about the subjects you raise, and I like it how you always talk about both sides of the argument. Emotions tend to be a touchy subject and it’s brave and heartening to see you speak up about them often 🙂

  4. Yesterday I read an advertisement “How to get more time in your day”…I wonder how many fell for it. We each have the same 24 hours in a day; it’s all a matter of prioritizing.

    1. Hi Suzi,

      Yes, we all have the same time but some of us just squander it away while others make use of minuscule moments and accomplish what the former think impossible. Thanks for standing by and sharing your view.

  5. At the outset, congratulations for adding one more feather in the cap, never easy to come with one book after another, it takes away lots of energy and hard work to put our thoughts into an organized form to publish a book. I am sure it will be wonderful to read and wishing lots of success.

    Very interesting topic, excuses are our second nature, so true… it is a habit and if we allow it to grow, it affects us in every possible way. In everything we do we look at the problem not at the solution, and for every problem we have some excuse to justify the problem not look at the possible solution.

    Wishing you all the best.
    Looking forward to it.

    My biggest excuse is thinking I’m not good enough, that I can’t compare
    to others, that I’m not interesting enough. ((SIGH))
    You could say I’m still evolving into what God desires from me.
    Every single day is a new adventure.


    1. Hi Diana,

      Thanks for a workable tip…choices help us move ahead! Not all bother about contentment, they look for short cuts to accomplish all that they wish. Excuses are an easy way of passing the buck and shed off the responsibility.

  7. I like this post Balroop. A lot. I am very good at making excuses. I know it. And when I found myself doing it, I think twice, knowing that’s not right. We can achieve so many things but too many time we are afraid. Fear stops us. And excuses seem to release the tension. But times passes and we become angry at life and at ourselves. Excuses can’t serve us on the long run.
    Thank you for reminding us to believe in ourselves and make it work. Take care and stay blessed.

    1. Hi Marie,

      Thanks for liking this post as most of us turn the other way when such a topic comes up! You are right, fear is the major factor that keeps us from trying the new ways or avenues but we have to conquer this fear sooner or later.

      It seems you had taken a hiatus from blogging! Hope you had a nice break. I look forward to reading your posts.
      Thanks for reading and commenting on all the posts. Stay blessed.

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