Learning To Smile

I hate to say I miss youlearning to smile
No tears can ever stream down.
These eyes now look at the sky
They find delight in your flight
Your smiling image looms large,
Tears recede instinctively.

Yet those promises haunt, hurt
I know you have forgotten them
I know you would never return
Your flight is beyond my reach.
Your selflessness, a far-fetched dream
Should I regret trusting my instincts?

If I ever meet you again
I’ll just look at your eyes
I will try to smile…
Smile and savor the moment
But we ‘ll live in our own world
A world devoid of anxiety and acrimony

The love that I hold in my heart
May have faded from your memory
Yet I treasure those mirthful moments
Of raising you with a smile
Of giving you wings to fly
You will forever be my dearest child.

© Balroop Singh.

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29 thoughts on “Learning To Smile

  1. Another great poem, Balroop. One about letting go. Some moments in the past are some of the best moments lived 😊 Be thankful for them, take away something from them, and fly, soar onto another exciting chapter 😄

    1. That is what life teaches us…to move on, to stop dwelling in the past and find new activities to sustain but nothing is as exciting as the soft touch of a child and nothing as satisfying as seeing them soar 🙂

  2. The poem beautifully captures the essence of selfless love, the need for parents to let go of their children and give space to bloom, thrive and soar. Soothing for the soul. 🙂

      1. Yes training fails each time till one is faced with the situation where one has no option but to detach ..and then all the mind training comes together in bits and pieces. 🙂

      2. You are so balanced Somali. Yes, without any options at their side, human beings do come out of unimaginable suffering, that is how they learn to smile…slowly, painfully, discovering joy in the happiness of others.

  3. This is life, I think after a certain time, we should give our kids enough space to bloom and grow. Cherishing the beautiful bygone moments are the best rewards life offers… 🙂 Beautifully expressed…

    1. Yes Mani, easier said than done. Yet we hardly have a choice! Growth and success are more important than holding on and pulling down. Never wanted that.
      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Welcome back…I missed you!
      Yes those moments are the true treasures…hope time travel would become a reality in the coming years albeit we may not be able to travel back! 🙂

      Thanks for loving those lines, which I added at the last moment to give clarity to the thought. The original version doesn’t have the last stanza.

  4. This is a very touching poem Balroop ~ “The love that I hold in my heart, May have faded from your memory” a perfect line, a necessary line in life. Wishing you a great week.

  5. Hi Balroop

    I’m not getting your posts in my Reader. But as usual, this post and that on grief are soothing, even with the turbulence they carry within them.

    About this poem, it touched my heart as I remember, in your comments to one my posts, you had advised me that parents should let go of their extreme debilitating love for their children.

    Although your other friends have said it all in their comments, I find it hard to write much. I try to comprehend what’s there in a writer’s mind but only if I know the real experience, am I able to have the right words.

    Why would a mother say:

    “I know you would never return
    Your flight is beyond my reach.”

    or “If we ever meet again…”

    Do I lack depth that your other readers have? Probably I really want to live on the surface right now, having lived forever in deeps that drowned.


    1. I wish we had a super like button on this page! Your heartfelt emotions are reaching me Alka…they are pulling the strings of my heart. We have too many expectations from our children and we need to understand that when they grow up, they are not the same…it is very painful to realise, it takes a lot of time to accept that their own pursuits are more important than us and why not?

      We need to lower our expectations to reconcile to the fact that children soar into their own land and meet us when they choose. This poem was written long back when the emotional sores were fresh and festering but time has made me resilient and more tolerant.

      Thanks for a lovely feedback, loved it.

  6. Love as its best Balroop.Letting go is a hard task.
    But your words are peaceful. It feels like you know when times come to let go.

    1. Thank you Marie. I have learnt to let go but with a lot of emotional writing…some of it is still buried in my heart but it has stopped bleeding now.

  7. Nothing in life is permanent, and relationships are essence of life and when we distance or break relationships, it hurts and hurts badly, never easy to adapt and accept such reality in life. Words matters and many times we just don’t know how to react to such situations in life and we take the assistance of such powerful words to sail to the shore.

    Indeed we find delight in our flight. We look for a world devoid of anxiety and acrimony…yes, we yearn for those special moments to smile and savor.
    Just loved every bit of the composition, so touching and so profound, made me to pause and reflect, after all what is life and what are these relationships all about, letting go is the biggest challenge we keep facing throughout our life. We should smile and let it go…the ego.

  8. Hi Nihar,

    Your interpretation of my poem seems to be quite different… but it is always so. All writers have their own perspective and poetry opens up many aspects…that is the beauty of this genre.

    To my mind, smile and letting go doesn’t match. Ego has got nothing to do with emotional bonding. Wherever there is ego, the relationship turns out to be quite phoney.

    Yes, life would be so empty without relationships but they are the major cause of all conflicts…so paradoxical! Usi ko dekh kar jeete hai jis kafir pe dum nikle (Mirza Ghalib)

    Thanks for sharing your perspective, I truly appreciate it.

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