A Journey

You have always robbed meHope, positivity
Of my happiness, my triumph
Weakened my strength, my confidence
Rubbished my care, my concern
Hurt my most cherished memories.
Created a world for yourself
Beyond my reach…
My love can’t reach there anymore
Your incredible indifference
Could reach me… I’ve absorbed it.
But you have also given me
A flight of fantasy
To detach…to disengage
And enter my own exotic realm
Embark on a journey of my own…
I am immersed in a strange light
Streaming through me
Sending the waves of forgiveness
Spreading the message of love
© Balroop Singh.

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27 thoughts on “A Journey

    1. Hi Diana,

      It took me a lot of introspection and struggle to understand the meaning of forgiveness but I am happy that I made an effort. Now that I have learnt to forgive, I can understand why people call it ‘divine.’ Thanks for lovely words of appreciation, they keep us going!

  1. This sounds like a great, uplifting journey. We certainly learn from our challenging times, and what brings us down always makes us stronger when we rise once again. “immersed in a strange light” Interesting that you described that as a strange light. The light at the end of the tunnel is always strange and mysterious – sometimes we might see it, yet we know we still have to work for it.

    Forgiveness is something that heals wounds. When we forgive, we not only acknowledge what has happened but we choose to move on. By moving on, we prepare ourselves for better times ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel,

      I am glad that you have paid attention to the expression ‘strange light’…this light does seem so because we refuse to recognise it, it lies dormant within us, it tries to shine within but we don’t pay any attention, we keep turning it off and let ourselves drift into the darkest corners. Probably we need time and when we realise its presence we embrace it and it glows through us! This light guides us towards forgiveness…so difficult to learn and almost impossible till we learn to accept it.

      Thank you for your pearls of wisdom, as usual. Your words are always so encouraging dear friend. Stay blessed and have a nice week.

  2. The poem points beautifully describes the journey towards unconditional love that is uplifting and is possible only one when is ready to love without expectations, forgive and may be also let go. Such kind of love would require a lot of dignity, conviction and an enlightened state of mind, which may often take long to achieve.

    1. Hi Somali,

      I absolutely agree with you, real love shines through that state of mind, which comes with a lot of effort. Expectations are like a shadow that diminish its brightness, make us myopic and leave us crippled. It is only when we lift ourselves out and see the power of forgiveness that we can catch the glow of real love, whatever its form.

      Thank you dear friend, your perspective is always encouraging. Stay blessed.

  3. What a powerful poem Balroop. Light comes after darkness. We learn many things from the worst and the art to forgive too. One inspiring journey.
    Take care.

    1. Thanks Marie, I am glad this poem is inspiring. Yes, forgiveness is a very hard thing, learnt after much struggle. Hope you have read my post on forgiveness, the link is there in the poem…click on the word forgiveness to read it.

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