Dreams…A Domain We Love To Visit


Like fragrant flowers under our feet
Like diaphanous drops of first rain
Like moonlight soothing our eyes
Like water boats floated with childlike charm
Dreams remain our precious possessions.

Dreams gently caress us, carry us along
Awaken us out of their magic
Sometimes, stimulate us into activity
Encourage us to embark on the journey
To make a beginning, to plod on

Dreams are those concepts, those desires
Which remain deeply entrenched in us
Till we work on those images of mind
Flow in their current, shield them
From stormy waters… love them!

Dreams ignite a fire within us
A fire of reality, of confidence, of success
They push us into the life of adventure,
To rush, to explore, to accomplish
They steer us towards our goal

Dreams drown dreary thoughts
Keep us alive in the worst of times
They give wings to our heavy heart,
They transport us into another world
A world of our choice.
© Balroop Singh

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27 thoughts on “Dreams…A Domain We Love To Visit

  1. This is simply a beautiful poem ~ touching on perhaps the greatest part of waking up (whether in the middle of the night or morning…), trying to recapture and remember the dreams of the night. You truly have taken the magic of dreams and eloquently put them into words ~ Wishing you a great week ahead!

    1. Hi Randall,

      Nice to see you! All dreams are fascinating, whether they awaken us or the ones, which carry us forward. Their magic can only be felt, very difficult to communicate.
      I am glad you have liked my humble efforts of trying to capture the emotions associated with them.

      Thanks for the appreciation. you too have a blessed week.

      1. That is a perfect point: their magic can only be felt. As much as I try to collect the memory of a dream ~ the memory seems to disappear to quickly but the feeling lingers throughout the day. Wish you well ~

  2. A nice poem on dreams yours is, balroop. It brings to mind a song in my native language that, translated, reads as: dreams, dreams, you are angelic maidens from heaven / were it not for your presence here in this world, nothing would exist except an expanse of emptiness..

    1. Hi Raj,

      That is a beautiful song…dreams are indeed ‘angelic maidens’ as they can deliver anything we wish for and they can take us into beautiful realms, far away from the realities we want to evade…may be for a short while!

      Thanks for standing by and sharing your view, much appreciated.

  3. This is so optimistic and uplifting, Balroop. Whether we’re talking about nocturnal dreams or ‘dreams’ for the future, either way, they are powerful. I’ve been having vivid dreams for the last month and it’s kind of fun to write them down and recount the bizarre and sometimes wonderful experiences. Great poem and I LOVE the quote you’ve chosen to accompany it. 🙂 ❤

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yes, it is fun to write down those bizarre dreams, some of which are difficult to understand. I too have many and some of them keep repeating themselves to emphasise their significance.

      I love those dreams, which inspire us to move ahead and accomplish our goals. They are indeed very powerful. Thanks for a beautiful view about dream world.

    1. Yes Jeri, dreams give us hope, which keeps us going through all the travails of life.

      Dreams are the dewdrops that sparkle every morning
      Dreams are also those footsteps that carry us far… into the real world.

  4. Beautiful poem about dreams. The last stanza sums it up nicely that dreams ‘drown dreary thoughts’ and ‘Keep us alive in the worst of times’. As long as we have some hope and belief in our dreams we can carry on positively while waiting for the good times. A dreamer believes that the ‘A world of our choice’ will be attained one day.

    1. Thanks for your words of appreciation Alka. Dreams always evoke good times, that is why the dream world is so alluring. Most of the hope and light is derived from this world.

    1. Thanks Mani, I am glad my words could transfer that image from my mind to yours…poetry is all about emotions and images. Nice to see you, I am grateful that you spared some time to visit me.

  5. Hi Balroop, this is a lovely take on dreams. Our passion translated into dreams, soothe and caress us, ignite the fire that propel us towards actions and keep us alive in the worst of times. 🙂

    1. Thanks Somali, dreams do possess all that potential. All real life accomplishments start as an idea, a dream, which slowly transforms into real happiness. 🙂

  6. Yes, what is life without these beautiful dreams, dreams are what we count on to provide the springboard to lift our life our of difficulties and dreams are what makes us feel so good about life. Nothing tangible, nothing specific but everything in the that world of intangible we fall in love. Indeed dreams ignite us, it caress us, and dreams remains our precious possession…we treasure in our memory bank, these are short term investment, but returns are huge.

    Though everything in life cannot be measured and should not be weighed on the scale of quantity and money, life is beautiful in the world of dreams and it just doesn’t cost us…it is art of enjoy the feelings of lovely dream and take the clues from it to make our reality a better place to live. Breathtaking realities are nothing but a breakaway from the dreams we have seen or dared to have seen.

    So subtle, so beautiful and it has tantalized my thoughts on dreams. Thanks so much for sharing such a profoundly touching poem.

    1. Hi Nihar,

      Yes, dreams show us how beautiful life can be, they teach us to see the positive aspects and steer us towards the less travelled paths, reassuring us that they too can be turned into reality. All obstacles melt when we embrace dreams but we have to remember that this domain is only for inspiration!

      Thank you for such a lovely analysis, I am glad this poem could attract your attention, I appreciate your interest and presence.

      1. Yes, it indeed shows us how beautiful life can be and at the same time as rightly pointed out, we should always remember the domain has its limitation and we should not cross the boundary of reality and falter in our path towards less traveled by…dreams are the panacea for many problems which even the spiritual words or medicinal dose can cure…dream cares for our aspiration.
        It was such lovely poem driving into a new world of dream.

  7. I am amazed at how you have turned dreams into reality here…i would love to dream more now, for they seem to provide you happiness that reality can not!

    1. Thanks Alok, nice to see you here. Dreams do have an unparalleled power of transporting us into the world of our choice and eventually provide eternal happiness. Often we ignore how they can sway our emotions in a positive manner.

      Welcome into the world of dreams and poetry! 🙂

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