The Light Of Peace

I was drowning in the sea of despair
I refused to clutch hope, my closest friend
An Angel of peace spoke softly
Last night… when my heart was bleeding
An Angel of peace pointed atLight of peace
The celestial light streaming outside
An Angel of peace gave me hope
Too delicate to hold at such an hour
An Angel of peace walked with me
Blessing all who lay in the pool of blood
An Angel of peace wiped my tears
Calmed my emotional outbursts
An Angel of peace made me peep
Inside the masks that often deceive
An Angel of peace infused a new light
A light of conviction and strength
An Angel of peace smiled solemnly
Promising to unravel all the secrets
An Angel of peace held my hand
Assuring me…no more hearts would be broken
An Angel of peace reassured me
This light would no longer be an illusion.
© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

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33 thoughts on “The Light Of Peace

    1. Yes Somali, that is how world has been thriving…Angels of peace and love keep coming, only we fail to recognise them.
      Thanks for that little prayer. Stay blessed.

  1. Love how you described “An Angel of peace” in this poem, Balroop. This Angel, it sounds like a very good friend to have; a friend who is there for you in the light and dark times, a friend who is there whether you are feeling up or down. I think sometimes we need a friend like that, one to encourage us when we self-doubt ourselves, and to pull us back when we are consumed with joy and might not be too aware around us 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel,

      Thank you for taking this Angel a step further…we do need such friends and mentors who talk positive, who guide us at the right time and disseminate the message of peace.

      After all those tears of anguish and heartbreak, this is the only way to get up and get going. I appreciate your connection with this messiah of peace. May peace prevail in the world.

  2. That’s so positive and full of hope. Not like my ‘emotional outburst’. I challenged God and rejected religion/s. Well not really…but an angel is better in any case as it’s less of an authority figure. Angels give selflessly without asking, or so we think. We feel them physically closer to us earthly beings so we believe they would know how to heal us. God has the power as a father figure; while angels walk with us, hold our hand and caress our wounds.

    1. Hi Alka,

      We have to rise from the setbacks to usher in new hope and positive words to oneself is the beginning. When we prepare our own self for moving ahead, then only we can help each other.

      This poem was inspired by the hashtag peace for Paris and the words keep flowing out of my heart so fast that I was myself amazed at the power of hope. Yes, Angels do possess that selflessness, which we need so much.

      Thank you so much for your perspective. Stay blessed.

    1. Hi Joe,

      That is so heartening to hear…please request your Angel of peace to support all those who lend hope to the bleeding and the grieving. #peaceforparis.

  3. hey Balroop – lovely poem. The angel of peace is always there but sometimes we are so soaked up in our own grief, we don’t have time to listen to the angel’s voice. If we became more silent in our despair and listened more, we would here the angel’s message of assurance more clearly.

    1. Yes Vishnu, you are right. Grief does numb our instincts. It is only when we look around that we can feel the presence of such Angels…the Angel of forgiveness too visits us often only if we have the inclination to welcome her.
      Thanks for sharing your perspective, truly appreciated.

  4. Hope, Light and Love. We are in need of this Balroop. The Angel of Peace is around us, telling us not to depair. We will fight the battle for Peace, all together.
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem with us my friend.
    Stay blessed.

    1. Hi Marie,

      You have been in my thoughts and when I was writing this poem, I truly wished to reach out to you say how saddened I was at the inhuman acts of our own fellow beings. I could feel your hand on my brow to reassure all is well.
      Thank you for reading this. We are all praying for peace, supported by this Angel.

  5. Beautiful Balroop.. May the Angel of Peace forever hold her wings around us all, never letting us give up on Hope.. For it is within each heart, we all of us bleed the same colour..

    May our hearts now beat as One, As we find hope through the power of Love against all that is empty of it.. And May we all of us find that Light of Peace as we speak to our own Angels of Peace.. So that she helps us all find it within our own being..

    Love and Blessings Balroop ..
    ❤ Sue

    1. Thanks for the beautiful words Sue. We all need them to keep the flame aloft, to reassure ourselves that peace will prevail all around us.The vibes of our little prayers do have the power to touch many hearts.

      Stay blessed dear friend.

  6. There is nothing quite like poetry of hope, especially as the week begins for me today ~ there were several lines that really held a great charge, but I was most inspired by “An Angel of peace infused a new light, A light of conviction and strength” A perfect way to begin a day. Wishing you well.

  7. The beauty in your words touches me. It was a moving poem, as the sky and the heavens lift us up, so do this post. Take care and have a beautiful day. ♡ Smiles, Robin

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