9 Ways To Knock Off Arrogance


ArroganceI have already written about arrogance and how it can be harmful for us. If you haven’t read those posts and want to start from the beginning, you can click on the following links:

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Arrogance becomes detrimental when we accept it as an essential part of our personality. Can arrogance be divested? It may be quite challenging but not impossible.

ARROGANCE…the word that conjures up negative images, the word whose connotation is often misconstrued, the word, which scares us without even touching us!

My experiences with arrogance have taught me some profound lessons. The day I tried to break it into small pieces and deal with it syllable by syllable, this is what I discovered:

We can turn it around into a positive word:

ArroganceThat is how you can revert arrogance, which is very much in your own hands.

Nobody except the arrogant can change himself or herself.

Only our inner voice can impel us towards change. When an arrogant person decides to develop humility, he or she has to overcome self-perpetuated attitude of being supreme.

It is the ego, which accentuates arrogance. When we recognize the power of self-effacement, we can accomplish a positive change in our personalities. Often we don’t make any such effort. We get so accustomed to riding the high sea that it carries us far into the realms of selfishness.

The solution lies in dropping the sails and anchoring our conceit.

Acceptance and respect are the two key words for exorcising the demonic powers of arrogance. When we start respecting others as equal human beings with same kinds of desires and emotions, when we start understanding that they too have a tender heart and get hurt by our outbursts, we begin to comprehend the subtle influence of being compassionate.

Compassion comes very slowly and only if we decide to expunge egotistical traits, which dominate arrogance.

The roots of arrogance lie elsewhere, probably in childhood or upbringing and therefore it is very essential to visit those corridors and make peace with those experiences, which are no longer relevant.

If you didn’t receive love and care in your childhood, you can’t bridge that gap now, if you crave for certain moments to return to soothe your soul, they can’t. If you were bullied and you are hiding behind arrogance to cover it up, you have to break that shell and come out.

We can embellish our personality at any stage of our life.

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Balroop Singh.




47 thoughts on “9 Ways To Knock Off Arrogance

  1. A very appropriate description of what Arrogance entails.
    It is a complex word and people who are infected with this trait have a lot to do before they can shed it off…but then it is ingrained in their nature, and would take that much of an effort to exorcise!

    1. Hi Alok,

      You are right, arrogance gets so embedded into the demeanor of a person that it becomes quite difficult to knock it off. Most of the times it requires a serious effort or natural setback to root out such a trait.

      Thanks for standing by and sharing your view, much appreciated.

    1. Yes arv! childhood memories are very powerful, especially negative ones affect us more than pampering. Power and money have their own effects but much depends on us whether we want to enhance our personalities.

      Thanks for the visit 🙂

      1. You are right balroop! To add more to this, I find growing affluence is adding arrogance to people. These people think that wearing expensive brands of clothes and Watches, driving around in expensive cars etc makes them a special person. Any behaviour or acts, (even though unacceptable by any Standard) done by them are pretty okay!! unfortunately, they have power or money ( or both) but don’t know how to use it!

      2. I am so glad to hear such mature views from a youngster like you. Brands and cars don’t bring happiness, they only add to arrogant behaviour. Yes, power and money are big intoxicants. Thanks arv! Stay blessed.

  2. I am not sure that arrogant people recognize they are such, Balroop. I was married to a passive aggressive person who would whisper mean and insulting things. I am outspoken and would speak out, others, even my children thought I had “started it!” 😦 I told my children when they were older, I shared some of his comments, put downs, , they were shocked at his arrogance.. I am at work so this thought us rushed. . .thank you for this post! 🙂

    1. Hi Robin,

      They are so intoxicated with their power and self-conceit that they don’t want to realise even if it is pointed out! They don’t want to see beyond the world they create and want to be the ruthless masters, wanting to control everything around them.

      I am sorry you could relate to this trait and have lived with it. There are two kinds of arrogant persons – the one you have faced but there are those who like to shout from roof top that they are the victims, that they have done so much and they want to take the credit for all the good that happens around them.

      Thanks for sharing your personal hurt. I am glad your children are so understanding. Stay blessed! 🙂

      1. Oh, those rooftop shouted are a whole horrible “breed” of arrogance,Balroop. No subtlety there! :)( Fortunately, they aee easier to spot.:) Have a blessed and peaceful day, dear. xo

  3. Such wisdom within your words here .. I have over the years met many with arrogance, who could not see the wood for the trees…. Many do not see themselves for they do not look in the mirror..
    The biggest step is getting them to listen to their inner voice or look within.. It is difficult I think to get them to wake up to themselves. And alter their nature..

    I had a very arrogant bombastic boss at one time.. When he said Jump, he wanted you to ask how High to jump.. 🙂 now how how
    The only way I could deal with him, was to not be intimidated with him.. and so because his energy clashed with my own… I mentally placed him within a bubble of Light…. I sent Pink, every time I saw him angry and every time he bellowed out instructions.. I would place love and Pink around him.. and would try to not let him see how he often could ruffle my feathers with his rude manner.. But smile and hold my own energy…

    After a while his hostility seemed to decline, and he became almost Human! 🙂 I often pondered upon what made him so defensive, and arrogant in the first instance..

    I have tried this in several situations in my life.. and the energy around a hostile person as eased..

    Some times All any of us needs is a little understanding and some Love..

    Wonderful Post Balroop.. xxxx ❤ Love and Blessings my friend

    1. Thank you dear Sue for such kind words.
      I love that expression… “who could not see the wood for the trees”…Yes! that is exactly what makes them jump to a pedestal from where they can’t see the mirror!

      I too had a boss exactly like the way you have described…we called her ‘SHE’ and also there were other names like “mataji”…a colloquial and vernacular expression which stands for mother-in law, apparently more cruel than the step mom of Snow white. When she retired we heaved a sigh of relief but our honeymoon was not even over when another one was Heaven sent!
      This SHE was more powerful as she happened to be a bigger Boss, from the management side! We called her Hitler as she was exactly like him and given the opportunity would have buried her employees alive!

      So my take on Arrogance is very much authentic…if you read Seven Secrets Of Arrogance, which presents the real analysis.

      Thank you for sharing a lovely experience…I love pink!! It speaks for itself. 🙂

      1. Yes you definitely speak from experience by the sounds of those She ‘devils’ :-D.. Not nice when one is on the receiving end is it…
        One hope’s that they have something to learn from their behaviours, or maybe it is we who have to learn.. I don’t know.. Maybe meeting those whose arrogance was strong also taught me to be stronger and not to keep being the Yes person I know I was at one time… I think often upon such subjects, as I encounter people and their behaviours, and wonder what it is they are teaching me..
        Love and Blessings Balroop and I thank you for that wonderful response 🙂

      2. Yes Sue, we learn from such persons and become strong too to stand firm on what we feel is right. I have never been a ‘YES’ person and that was a major cause of inviting the ire of people who wanted to dominate. The way for us may be long and arduous but it is such a way that makes us compassionate and kind. Negative behaviour too teaches and does so very effectively.
        Thanks dear Sue for a wonderful discussion. Love and blessings back to you too. 🙂

  4. Hi Balroop,

    Such an apt article about arrogance 🙂

    Yes indeed, sometimes it gets it’s roots so deep seated in a person that it’s tough to remove it, unless you really make the sincere efforts.

    Sometimes kid’s are treated in such ways that it makes them arrogant over time, and here the parents play a major role I feel.

    Loved the picture image you shared on how to knock it out. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Nice to see you here and thanks for liking this post…the fourth one on the same topic, inspired from the popularity of those earlier posts, which draw organic traffic. I too love that breaking down of arrogance syllable by syllable.

      You are absolutely right that parents play a significant role in moulding the personality of children who tend to develop certain unwanted traits if they are not checked in the right manner.

      Thanks for sharing your view. You too have a blessed week.

  5. I learnt a new word from your post today, Balroop: “self-effacement” Another word for humility and I like it. Arrogance is certainly something a lot of us are guilty of. I am not sure where it comes from. Perhaps it comes from when we get ahead of ourselves and think we’re always right, and don’t want to listen to others around us. And as you said, from our younger days – maybe we learnt it from others around us, unbeknown such attitude might hurt others around us. I read one of your previous arrogance posts, and I have to agree: arrogant people don’t self-reflect.

    I’ve worked with colleagues who don’t like to admit they are wrong. It is so frustrating and they don’t like to look back at what they’ve done, and how to improve on their behaviour. Of course, I can’t cut them out of my life so I try my best to work with them by telling them what needs to be done…never really works 😀

    1. Hi Mabel,

      I agree with you, when we move ahead or accomplish something, which could have been beyond us, we feel proud of ourselves. Probably some people can’t handle it well, don’t introspect and lack the basic trait of humility, which is picked up from family environment. I believe that success should make us kind and compassionate as nobody likes an arrogant person.

      I too have worked with such people who refuse to believe that they could have committed some mistake. Self-righteousness slowly leads us to arrogance. Yes, it doesn’t work because only our inner voice can convince us to get rid of this trait.

      Thank you dear friend, for understanding arrogance so well. Have a nice week.

      1. Things would be so much easier at work if we can own up to our mistakes. We all aren’t perfect. Arrogance often leads to more and more disagreements in the long run, and that is not beneficial to both parties.

        No, thank you Balroop for revisiting this topic again, and from a different angle. That’s what I like about your blog – how you break different topics down in different posts 🙂

      2. Life was never meant to be easy and therefore we have such people around us…to remind us, to embolden us and be prepared for the worst. I have learnt many lessons from such kind of people, most important of all – humility.

        Thank you for such sweet words of appreciation dear friend, they mean a lot to me. 🙂

  6. Hi Balroop, knocking of arrogance could reduce much of friction between people and you have very thoughtfully written down what it entails to change arrogant beaviour. Sometimes arogance is so ingrained into one’s behaviour that a person may act arrogant even without realizing. As you have pointed out replacing arrogance with compassion/empathy will need internal realization and still it will be a slow process as behavioral changes are the hardest to bring about.

    1. Yes Somali, unnecessary conflict can be avoided if all people think in that logical manner. But the major problem with such people is that they refuse to admit that their behavior needs a change. Also changes in personalities can be brought about very slowly, with consistent, self-supported efforts.

      Thank you for sharing your insight, much appreciated. 🙂

      1. Discussing them definitely helps to introspect but arrogant people refuse to discuss also. They just harp on what they think is right and that is another step towards arrogance.

  7. Another value addition to your earlier pieces on arrogance, Balroop, and I just read through this one visualising you as a teacher (that you already are) in a classroom full of keen students paying rapt attention. Those hordes of students who passed through your tutelage are all really fortunate…best wishes.

    1. Hi Raj,

      Thank you so much, it is an honour to be visualised as a teacher through a written word. My students indeed paid attention to what I said for I was always ready to learn from them too. Many profound lessons of life were learnt while teaching the youngsters who first test a teacher’s ability and resilience and then start sitting straight to pay attention.
      Have a nice week 🙂

  8. The prevailing culture of individualism tends to incline us to a certain arrogance I feel, and it is as if it were a sign of weakness for us not to hold definitive views on each and every subject. We therefore gather the accretions of our assumed knowledge – which are often but mere opinions – and craft our personal identity from them. Humility, as you say Balroop, is a fine counter-measure, even if it must be acted-out initially in a dissembling – true humility cannot be switched on like a light. In time, we come to see there is a certain wisdom in unknowing, in being less certain as to our beliefs, in being less self-centric in how we project ourselves in the world. Arrogance, as you so rightly say, is then seen as a defence mechanism, yet one which we no longer have need for.

    With gratitude and respect,


    1. Hi Hariod,

      I look at it the other way…it must be the arrogance, which is sometimes innate that must have led to individualism. Intimidation too plays a significant role as people’s weaknesses can be easily played upon.

      Society is built upon opinions and therefore we all get influenced by them… they do affect our personality but there comes a time when we develop the ability to discern through, analyse and adapt ourselves according to what we believe is right. At such a time everything is in our own hands. We can knock off any trait, which we don’t value.

      Thank you for sharing your insights here, I am so obliged and immensely respect them. Wishing you a blessed week. 🙂

  9. An important message for our times, Balroop. Arrogance is so blinding and destructive. I love your first quote as I believe it comes down to fear and a desperate need to hide.

  10. The time we are passing through needs such writings. Arrogance destructs not only the individual himself but also other people. It gives rise to hatred and intolerance. I’ve seen such people, so full of haughtiness and self-conceit. They never look at the mirror and refuse to look at others’ problems. Of course, not all are same, love and words of wisdom may improve some, but most of them are incorrigible.

    Can I download the two pictures you’ve used here? They are so profound. I want to keep them… 🙂

    1. Thanks Mani for understanding and liking this post. Yes, some are incorrigible, I too have said so in one of my earlier posts.

      Thanks for liking my images. You can download them. They are self-created and please respect my work by keeping them as they are.

  11. Great analysis, Balroop. Arrogant was a word often used to describe my ex (by both his friends and mine). It seems to come out when one is most insecure as you’ve pointed out. It’s largely related to our ego, for sure. I can say the moments I am most arrogant are the moments I am feeling least confident. Lots of discussion here about the relationship between arrogance and money. I agree that there is a connection but not always..some millionaires can be the most unassuming people. Great post as always, Balroop. If I need to think deeper, I come here to Emotional Shadows for some inspiration.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      You have always added more value to my posts. I agree with you many rich people are embodiments of humility. I too have met a few. Thanks for pointing that out.

      Yes, I know a lot about your ex…seems we have been pals for so long! As I have said in one of the posts on the same topic, ego is the younger sister of arrogance. She likes him, pampers him and lets him have his own way.

      Thanks for the great compliment. Love you for understanding ‘Emotional Shadows’ so well. Stay blessed.

  12. Excellent post… you are so right when you state that acceptance and respect are the two key words for exorcising the powers of arrogance…
    I am also wondering if arrogant people might be deep inside insecure of themselves… Otherwise I don´t get why one would have to make a deal of who one is and the virtues one has…
    Sending love and best wishes, dear Balroop. Aquileana ⭐ .-

  13. Hi Aquileana,

    Thanks for your kind words. Nice to see you! Arrogance surely has some connection with insecurity…why would anyone try to dominate or subjugate? That is the big question!

    I have spent a lot of time pondering over such questions and seen how deep-rooted this trait is. Sending best wishes and love to you too my friend 🙂

  14. I definitely think that we can always improve ourselves. Interesting to read your view on arrogance Balroop. It is in most cases due to problems of ego. Poeple feel that they need to prove something to others. Maybe a lack of confidence or as you say not enough care / love during childhood.
    Some tend to underestimate the importance of childhood. When in fact most of who we become finds its origins in this special period.
    Stay well and in peace always my friend.

    1. Sure we can, if we realise how such traits harm us, how they take us away from the finer values of life and how we antagonise people with our behavior.

      Yes, childhood is the most important and impressionable period of life, it should be nurtured with care. Thanks for sharing your view here. Love and hugs Marie.

  15. **Acceptance and respect are the two key words for exorcising the demonic powers of arrogance.**

    Even if we cannot accept, one MUST be respectful toward another human being.

    Great post, Balroop. x

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