Heavenly Whisper

Heavenly light

The light of my study lamp
Often blinds me, turns celestial
It lifts me, carries me away
Into the world of extreme elation
Far from earthly existence
Floating effortlessly, higher and higher
As if impelled by a light bright,
Feeling like a liberated kite!
Guided by a heavenly whisper
A soft, luscious unheard voice
Fascinated by the aura of sounds
Enchanted by the exuberance of colors
Confounded by the abstract beauty
I experience a strange sensation
A message resounds all around
Happiness is not elusive.
I return to my study,
My safe haven
The light of my lamp
Glows brighter, bemused I ruminate

I try to reflect… a sound reverberates
I can hear various distant shots
My selfish thoughts veer around myself
They are far…I am safe!

© Balroop Singh

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28 thoughts on “Heavenly Whisper

  1. This seemed to be a bit of a playful poem to me, Balroop. The study lamp light reminds me of the times I studied at night during my university days, trying to understand my textbooks, and I always end up daydreaming at some point! The phrase, “Floating effortlessly, higher and higher” captured my sentiments perfectly. When we daydream, we long to be in a happier place so to speak.

    I love how this poem is so positive throughout. I didn’t take those gunshots literally…probably that refers to jolting oneself back to reality. I could be wrong…but you know that art is always open to interpretation 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel

      Yes Mabel, this is a very old poem, which was inspired from those days when you yearn to break free from those dreadful books, which were read just to pass the exams…the words seem to oscillate and the bed warmer than those dreams!

      You have rightly understood ‘gun shots’, which are symbolic and can be understood in various different ways, depending upon the interpretation. Thank you for such a lovely perspective…’jolting back’…indeed I can remember many jolts!

  2. Hi Balroop,

    Beautiful as always 🙂

    Study lamp reminds me of my school and college days and how the long hours of reading our lessons helped us – through that single light of the lamp. But you have such a lovely way of expressing it.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Yes, the inspiration goes back to those days of looking at the study lamp helplessly, knowing well, this is the only company for few days but now when we look back…they gleam with a new light! 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words of appreciation, they mean a lot to me. Stay blessed and have a great week.

  3. Hi Balroop, Your poem serves as a beautiful reminder that happiness is all around us – in the colors, in sounds, in the safety of our home and shelters, and in remembrances.
    Yet, we often forget to look at these and chase happiness in certain events or moments, and it seems to elude us. Our happiness, to a large extent, depends upon our disposition and what makes us happy.
    The poem has a uplifting & heavenly touch about it. 🙂

    1. Hi Somali,

      Thank you for such a beautiful interpretation of my poem…that is why poetry is so charming!
      It takes us a few adversities to understand that happiness doesn’t lie in events or material possessions and the moment we reach that enlightenment is the defining moment.
      Thanks dear friend, I am so happy to note that words jotted down in certain moods become so relevant! 🙂 Stay blessed.

  4. What a beautiful way of talking about an object of ordinary life! You gave it life Balroop.
    I spent hours over my study desk with lights on. I used to dream a bit between two pages. The Light is an invitation to take a sweet break, following your words and letting them guide us to lands we never knew could exist. Thanks for taking us on this lovely trip…
    Stay well and let your light shine, Balroop!

    1. Hi Marie,

      The lamp can never be ordinary as it assumes various connotations according to its context! The same lamp, which we try to avoid during our adolescence becomes the most loved memory as it brings back all those thoughts and dreams we had shared with it!

      I am so happy to take you along that lovely flight of fantasy…hope you enjoyed my company. 🙂 Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, your view is always valued here. Stay blessed!

  5. It is evident from this poem, your passion for study and writing. I love that the light of your lamp can lift you to hear heavenly messages. Those messages you certainly write here and that we finally get the benefit of enjoying as well! This is playful and a reminder to take pleasure in our work. ❤

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Your way of looking at my poem is so unique! Thank you so much dear, you made my day! I have always nurtured this passion of reading and writing, which has inspired me to venture into poetry, a genre which gives me utmost comfort.

      Thanks for understanding me so well.

    1. Thanks Mani, I am glad you enjoyed the flight of fantasy 🙂
      Yes happiness is always lurking around, it only shows itself when we develop a discerning eye!

  6. You captured nicely this experience of sitting alone at night while the mind wanders off and returns back.

    We often equate celestial light to either a speck or a sudden sharp glow with an aura, hence a lamp with similarly focused halo feels unique compared to our everyday tube lights and bulbs. Our normal full lights compel us to see every object around, awaken our senses completely. A lamp, on the other hand, makes the same experience selective…as if we are shutting off other objects around us and trying to focus only on what is in front of us. That focus which is similar to ‘trataka vidya’ may happen or else, like you said, a dream like state follows.

    But of course, possibly here you’re actually connecting to heavenly sights and sounds (Brahm-naad as well as light-aura or aakhand jyoti) which are always all around us and not up there somewhere… except that our union, the ‘yoga’ with heavens takes place only by focusing through ‘anhad-saadhna’…that’s by shutting off all that is unnecessary.

    Why did I write that? No one will understand it 🙂 but I experience it sometimes

    1. That is quite philosophical Alka! Thank you for linking this flight of fantasy to play with words into such a spiritual experience! I have heard we can connect with cosmos but that comes after a lot of meditation and enlightenment.

      I have just made a humble effort to create an imaginative experience…a world of dreams, which is closely connected with the emotional realities of life.

      Thank you for sharing a profound perspective, trigged by this poem.

  7. You are allowing us to write of things to you about your own celestial pathway, Balroop. You may let us know more than you think. Each of our efforts may not come to fruition but using our imagination sends us into the sky, joining you as a kite or on a carpet ride. . . Lovely use of transporting us away from sadness and gloomy gray days. ♡ 🙂

  8. Thank you dear friend for giving me the credit of transporting you along, I am feeling honored! Wishing you happier days and celestial blessings Robin.

    Such pathways are shared by like-minded persons and I know we express similar thoughts through our poems.

  9. Beautiful poem, Balroop. I love the way you use the lamp’s light as a doorway. Interesting how we live almost parallel lives as body and spirit. Your poem made me think of those times of crossing between.

    1. Thanks Diana…I was myself surprised at the way this light carried me through my thoughts. I appreciate your standing by and calling it a doorway! There couldn’t have been a better phrase to interpret it.

  10. HI Balroop – lovely poem – is the heavenly whisper the voice of God? Or the chitter chatter of angels? or the divine muse that guides your writing? We can interpret your poem in so many ways and so differently for each one of us reading – the true skill of a poet 🙂

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      Thanks for such a wonderful view…yes! poems do have the potential to be interpreted the way the reader discerns them. This often happens with my poems. The ones which were inspired from the love of my children have been thought to be romantic ones by some readers…the ones linked to detachment are also understood differently.

      I am glad my words can evoke different images. Thanks for standing by Vishnu, much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Joe! No longer so! This poem is quite old, inspired from the times I have spent in the company of my lamp, struggling to break free but trapped by will to accomplish some goals, which seemed meaningless at that time. Those moments are dearer now as they give an impetus to my imagination.

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