Sound That Resounds…And Guides

Sound that resounds

I could hear that sound
So familiar, so conversant
Stifled within me,
Smothered by visceral eyes
I could hear that sound
Coercing me to respond, to shake off
The primitive touch… tearing off
My spirit, my confidence, my vivacity
I could hear that sound
The fire crackling within me
The flames consuming my esteem
Shrieking… suffocation is excruciating
I could hear that agony
Imploring me to rise, to react
Reminding me of my resolve
To live with dignity, dauntless
I can no longer snub that sound
That inner voice, my mentor
My only benefactor, cautioning me
Not to die of asphyxiation
I can no longer wait for droplets
Of that heavenly nectar
Pretense is peeping through
That cloak of compassion
I can no longer remain insignificant
Your harrowing hauteur is oppressive
Forgive me for finding my own avenues
My gratitude goes to my spirit.
© Balroop Singh.

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31 thoughts on “Sound That Resounds…And Guides

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thank you for the kind words. This is all imagination, the inspiration lies in people around us and I have tried to capture the thoughts of one such person who could be trapped in detestable situation.

      I am glad you could hear that sound. 🙂

  1. Listening to the inner voice, to come out of the shell when it’s needed, to find a place on the face of the earth, to have enough courage to live without dependence…. we sometimes just need a nudge to find the right place we deserve. Wonderful and inspirational, Balroop… 🙂

    1. Thanks Mani, love your description…all need the right place yet it is denied to many. This is a cry, inspired from the lives of those who live in neglected corners and have nobody to convey their voice.
      I am glad it seems inspirational. 🙂

  2. Beautifully written Balroop. Listening to the ‘inner voice that shows the direction, guides through crisis, boosts the spirit, instills a lot of self-confidence and determination that we all need to move through the different phases of life.

    1. Hi Somali,

      All can’t listen to that inner voice, which is often suppressed by outside elements and societal norms…all can’t find the right direction…here’s giving a voice to all those who get intimidated despite the reverberating sounds within them.

      Thanks for the analysis. 🙂

  3. Honouring that which rises within.. Acknowledging and accepting that ALL is part of our experience… This is such a profound piece dear Balroop.. May we all listen well. and not suppress that which calls us to Listen..
    And follow our Hearts true lead.

    Love and blessings Sue xxx ❤

    1. Hi Sue,

      Thank you so much for understanding the message so well. I wish all could honor and accept the inner voice, I wish it is not smothered by diktats of so called well-wishers of humanity…’the primitive touch’…

      Thanks for the wishes, love and blessings back to you. 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for endorsing the power of inner voice, it is indeed volcanic!
    My favorite line is :

    “Pretense is peeping through
    That cloak of compassion”
    It is loaded! It conveys how people get misguided, how they get trapped due to the pretensions and a show of compassion, which makes them snub their inner voice, which kills their intuition to escape, to move ahead…and myriad such situations.

  5. “To live with dignity, dauntless.” Learning to listen to our inner voice is such a difficult process, but indeed possible. A lot of the time, people subconsciously push those voice down for years without even realize they are doing so. Sometimes, a huge wakeup call needs to come along.

    1. Hi Jeri,

      Inner voice starts speaking when we are old enough to recognise it. If we don’t pay attention to it, it shrieks and that is the time we realise how significant it can be.
      Yes, we ought to listen to it to be ourselves, to claim our freedom and stop being herded around.
      Thank you for sharing your view, much appreciated.

  6. Hi, Balroop

    I can hear the sound of desperation in the poem.

    Follow the sound of the inner voice and rise up.
    Rise up to live now and right at where you are here.
    Love that statement:”I can no longer remain insignificant”

    Beautiful inspiration, Balroop.

    Thanks for sharing

    Stella Chiu

    1. Hi Stella,

      Thank you for hearing that sound…I too heard it as it reverberated around me in various forms and I am sending it back into the society, which tries to muffle such sounds, which doesn’t recognise that each individual has one’s own identity and would like to follow his/her own path.
      No one should be made to feel insignificant, that’s my wish and message.

      Thank you for standing by to share your perspective. 🙂 love you for that.

  7. So beautifully conceptualized thoughts…There is a world within us and we are in constant touch and we keep hearing the voice within but the cacophony outside keep distracting us and many times we are confused between the tussle between the two world. It is said that we should listen to the inner voice and not get swayed by the outside dictum and drive.

    You have beautifully captured that very thought that lies dormant and many times suppressed, there is an anger and there is a frustration, this can’t be kept prisoned for long, it needs the space and it needs the vehicle to travel and go far off places, the inner freedom is essential to our existence and living life with dignity and joy and being able to appreciate the beauty of life.

    Indeed it is an inner calling and we should ignore that call or take that call for granted…
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hi Nihar,

      I agree with you, the discordant sounds around us do interrupt our thoughts but I refuse to be confused as I have slowly learnt to merge both into weaving poetry that assimilates reality by giving it a touch of fantasy. I agree it was not very easy, distractions are more powerful…I remember very clearly how we had to fight them to focus on our books that we were compelled to read to get good grades!

      Yes Nihar, creative minds can’t be kept away from soaring and they do find an outlet, sooner or later. Intuition plays a significant role in guiding and sometimes it shouts us out of slumber! I love those moments as they bring extra energy to write…

      Thank you so much for sharing such meaningful thoughts, always appreciated. Wishing you too a blessed weekend. 🙂

  8. It’s so good to find another poet who sees behind the masks others wear, even if those masks are only props to disguise their own vulnerabilities. Painful at times to admit, to witness, to set boundaries because of it, for sure. But how else to live, and live well? Blessings, Balroop.

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