The Room…A Cherished Memory

That dark dusty room, always closed
With no chinks to peep inside
Children of the house often conspired
To enter, to explore… but how?

Everyday they made new plansold-world-rustic-wooden-door-with-bolts-and-padlock-399x600
Waited patiently to steal the keys
What would be the right time?
To give shape to their adventure!

Would it ever be possible?
With grandma keeping a close eye,
Supervising all the time
All the happenings of the day.

The room was right in the middle
Difficult to sneak in
Even during long afternoons
Or late at night which was scary!

Little Lovely had a plan
To enter one Sunday
But who would steal the key
From that dreaded drawer!

No child had an access to that drawer
None of them had ever dared
To defy the orders of the house
To keep away from the keys!

Who would listen to those orders?
When the promises of exploring
Guided the dreams of each other
When outshining was the sole aim!

With key already in her pocket
Little Lovely had already accomplished
The first step and proved
She was the smartest of the bunch!

The day was not far
The day all would be busy
With the celebrations of Sonu’s birthday
That was the planned day!

Sonu was told to keep company
Since he was the apple of their eye
The family would hardly notice
The pranks of missing children.

Curiosity drove Sonu away
From the venue of preparations.
Grandma couldn’t contain her worry
She alerted everyone!

The dark room was already open
All the children busy
Engrossed in their long awaited adventure
They were quite fearless!

All the trunks already open
All the pictures bare,
Loud voices, long discussions
Could be heard far!

Unaware of being watched
The children made plans
They needed more days to sneak,
More hours to explore!

The family elders watched amused
None of them balked
The children were given free access
To open the room everyday!
© Balroop Singh.

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23 thoughts on “The Room…A Cherished Memory

  1. Yes Balroop, this is indeed a very nostalgic post and also vividly reminds me of my childhood curiosity to explore and engage with mystery. Especially these hidden locked rooms kept away from the children, so much excitement to explore the past, the secret letters, the broken toys, the hidden gems, the once used pens, the collected coins to the old books, you name it and you have it everything stuffed inside the trunks…locked and keys never given to the kids…they see it everyday and they keep hearing about hidden treasure, what else could be a better treasure hunt…

    So beautifully written with such small details that matters, one can write with such depth and with such clarity only when one has closely experienced some part of it and relate the unbridled emotions and the excitement associated with such adventure in childhood.

    The choice of picture is apt and beautifully aligns with the flow of words, it is indeed flowery and profound.

    1. Hi Nihar,

      Thank you for such a heartfelt nostalgia! Would you believe this poem is inspired from a room, which never got opened but the yearning was always there and the details are put together from other explorations of old trunks of my mom…most of them are imaginary.

      You are right…the curiosity to explore is the key to all such knick-knacks which appear to be so precious! I am glad you could feel the emotion so deeply. 🙂 Thank you so much.
      Have a nice week.

      1. Yes Balroop. I have personally gone through such situations of mystery and history locked in those clandestine rooms in our old houses and parents had never allowed us to venture…giving reasons which never was convincing but we had to abide by their dictum and I have managed to see some rooms with such artifacts and definitely we have such nice anecdotes to narrate…
        It is indeed the test of our curisoity and many times we succumb that gripping inquisitiveness that keeps haunting us…

        Thanks for sharing and making me to go back down the memory lanes…

      2. Memories are indeed real treasures…we all have our share, tucked away, holding closely but it is interesting how they tumble out when we relate to a similar story. Lesson learnt – share more! 🙂

  2. Delightful poem capturing the adventures and curiosity of childhood. Children are naturally curious and all things forbidden things are always so attractive. Nothing as exciting as tiptoeing to steal keys from the drawer and unlocking the forbidden door to treat themselves to the treasures inside. 🙂

    1. Hi Somali,

      Thank you for finding this poem ‘delightful’…the memory is very dear to my heart and stands out when I think of that room, which never got opened! As I have shared in the above response, most of it is inspired from that curiosity, which I must have felt at that stage of life and the rest is fantasy! Yes, the excitement to see the unseen always drives us. 🙂

      1. I too have two old trunks, which I am going to fill with some little treasures for my grandchildren! Passing on some loving memories to them and keep the spirit of adventure alive 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful, nostalgic poem about carefree younger days, Balroop. Kids always wanting to go to certain places where adults think they are better off not too. But kids will be kids, and quite often they will outsmart others around them to get their way 😉 In this case in your poem, the grown ups don’t seem to mind the children got their way – sounded like the kids plotted and worked to get their way.

    As a kid, the store room at the back of my flag was out of bounds to me. My parents didn’t want me going in there. Not because there were things to play there, but because it was often dusty. Still, I went in there quite often to read old newspapers stashed away there 😀

    1. Hi Mabel,

      Children often find a way to what they want and rebellious ones sneak into those forbidden places! Alas we were not like those, probably we were very young and just two…most of the adventure is fantasy, only the room is real. This was a big old house, which belonged to a cousin of my dad and he had put his things in one room and locked it. We moved out of this house when I was quite little and have just few precious memories…the room is one of those.

      Thanks for sharing your own memory associated with this one. Stay blessed! 🙂

  4. Hi Balroop,

    Beautiful piece indeed 🙂

    Brings back childhood memories of the time when our granny used to do the same- and as kids we used to love every moment of it. Miss my granny, and sadly my kids never had the pleasure of such moments except the ones I convey to them about my times. I guess the grandma in the poem could be you?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      I am glad this poem evokes such beautiful memories! Ha ha…I had my own grandma in mind but yes, I plan to leave some such legacy for my own grandchildren so that they have something interesting to explore whenever they visit India…I hope they would go to check their roots.

      Thanks for your words of appreciation. Stay blessed and you too have a nice week.

  5. The temptation of a forbidden fruit or mystery of cordoned off areas in a family mansion is always a trigger stoking curiosity to investigate and explore, so well brought out in this ballad of yours, balroop. An enjoyable read…

  6. What a beautiful picture of childhood and the forbidden place that everybody wants to discover. Kids are great to make plans about something and dream about what’s behind. I like the story you told us today. It brought back lovely memories to my mind.
    Stay well dear Balroop.
    Marie – Mahshi and Marshmallow.

    1. Hi Marie,

      I am glad you could relate to this poem…most of the children play such pranks but as I have shared in the above comments, most of this poem is imaginative, only the room is real, which we yearned to open. 🙂

      Thank you for standing by. Stay blessed.

  7. Everything that is forbidden to us creates curiosity and a great urge to get hold of it. Children are no doubt, worst affected 😀 This poem made me nostalgic. We had a stack-room in our school and we were not allowed to enter that room. How inquisitive we used to feel about that!

    A very beautifully written poem, made me smile at the end… 🙂

    1. Yes Mani, nostalgia is so beautiful especially about childhood! I have a few sweet and sour memories of my early school, which make me wonder whether I should work on them to create some more poems…most of this is imaginative. 🙂 combination of reality and fantasy can create some fine pieces.

      Thanks for the appreciation 🙂

  8. It started so sinister and then transformed into childhood imagination and fun. I can imagine many times when I thought, as a child, that I was being sneaky, and the adults knew exactly what was going on 🙂

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