Seeking the key

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I wish I had the key that could unlock the secrets
I wish you could love me enough to pass that on to me
The key that would open the enigmas of your heart
The mysteries that lie deep down, drowned, distorted
The key that can shatter the glass barrier between us
To unravel, to share, to feel liberated, to enter the peace zone
I yearn to turn that key and be locked in that zone
I wouldn’t whine even if it got left behind, hanging outside
I know my own ways of stepping out, if you hold my hand
I know the weary wedges are growing deeper, darker
Every effort ends in the same circuitous corridor
Your clandestine charades coerce me out of your life
This is my last cogent entreaty to accentuate my wishes…
To soften your acrimonious attitude
To understand the gravity of growing animosity
To unearth another opportunity of building bridges
To love and be loved, to assimilate austere emotions
Which are still around us, locked in our hearts.
 © Balroop Singh.

This poem was inspired from the crumbling relationship of a dear friend.

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22 thoughts on “Seeking the key

  1. I often wondered why it was easier for me than for others to place distance between myself and those whose lives were becoming more distant from my own. Yet I find if I take my hands off, so to speak, given time, either that person returns to me with more clarity in their own Being, or they become even more veiled. Either way, they know where I am, who I am, and that my love is Universal. I simply don’t have time anymore for the emotional roller coaster some seem to require in order to feel part of the world. That is a world of illusion, in my humble opinion. Peace, Balroop. ❤

    1. Hi Bela,

      Welcome to Emotional Shadows. Thanks for sharing such profound thoughts.
      Emotional roller coaster is a part of our lives…depends how we balance ourselves on it. I am glad you have a steady control over the emotions that drag us down into such situations.

      I have to visit your site to understand you better…will shortly do so. 🙂 Stay blessed.

  2. What another sublime poem Balroop. We are many to search for the key. It feels like finding it will let love flow from our hearts and secrets / relationship issues will fade away

  3. Beautiful words dear Balroop.. Oh so many times do we whine our woes , I know for me this has been so.. Yet the KEY is always within our grasp.. and it’s lock is within our Hearts.. All we need it the courage to turn it, and unlock it..

    Yes so many ‘mysteries’ that get ‘distorted’ when we leave them in shadow.. To unlock them and bring them out into the Light.. we then begin to see how our fearfulness holds us prisoner..

    Beautiful Poetry my friend.. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts.. Hugs and Blessings Sue

    1. Hi Sue,

      I think whining the woes helps us and we get resilient. Thank you for a positive view of the key…sometimes we can’t just reach it or don’t know how to.

      Such profound thoughts! I agree with you dear friend we have to move beyond shadows; we have to break free out of oppressing emotions to unlock those secrets.

      Thank you for liking my poetry. I am blessed to have such a nice friend. 🙂
      Thanks for your blessings; you too stay blessed.

  4. Hearts are a treasure house of secrets, secrets of our childhood memories, secrets of our romantic relationship, secrets of our aspiration never shared with others, secrets of our passion and sometime our obsession in life. These are so true between us, we all do the same and create a glass barrier, we behave differently then what is within us and what we would otherwise would have shared with the world outside.

    We have our assumptions, assumptions are the driver of our actions and we have our philosophy of life to express and engage with the world around us. None of us like to give away the key but all of us want to have the other’s key, it is out of curiosity and deep desire to know how the world really looks at us and how wrong or right we are in our own interpretation.

    Thanks Balroop for sharing the secret code deep within all of us though we still have to get the key to unlock it.
    Always a pleasure reading such deeply thought out post of yours.
    Have a lovely week ahead…

  5. Nothing quite as sad as seeing a friendship waste away into ashes…while so disappointing is the end, there is the brave memory of the power that created the original relationship. Beautiful read and prose, gives me longing for times past, but also reflects the courage necessary to move ahead with life. Wishing you a great weekend ahead Balroop ~

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