Eternal Gratitude

Eternal Gratitude

Surrounded by friends and well-wishers
I sat alone, wondering at their concern
I had never thought about detachment
Yet some power impelled me to move on
I walked alone, through thick forest
Shielded by shadows of Mother Nature
I felt elated at the strange force
That urged me to keep moving
Your words guided my path
It seemed less wobbly, less arduous
I could see the truth of your words
They radiated and illuminated my path
The love, the attachment, the fetters
Wore off like old, worn out garments
The turmoil within… but the freedom
Takes me into a new land of acceptance.
The healing, the hope of detachment
Is more satisfying than earthly endearments
I express my genteel gratitude
For the wisdom, the action, your words detonated.
 © Balroop Singh.

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27 thoughts on “Eternal Gratitude

    1. Thanks Somali, I am delighted to hear that my words produce a calming effect…deriving solace from the tribulations can be challenging at times…then I think of the waves, their speed and the eventual calm when they settle, making friends with the shore…that is the grandeur I admire and try to assimilate into life.
      Love your feedback 🙂

  1. A nice poem bristling with the spirit of Easter, signifying resurrection of life from darkness, renewing in vitality and ending on an uplifting note of enlightenment.

    1. Thank you Raj for sharing your interpretation and perspective. You have added great value to the poem by linking it to Easter!
      Dark alleys often blind us…it is at such times that the streak of enlightenment strikes us, steering us out with renewed hope.
      I appreciate your insights, stay blessed!

  2. So often we have to walk that lonely path before we finally shed those outer garments which we carry around us..
    So loved these lines Balroop
    “The love, the attachment, the fetters
    Wore off like old, worn out garments
    The turmoil within… but the freedom
    Takes me into a new land of acceptance.”

    I am pleased you are now finding this new acceptance.. Such a release it brings ..
    Beautiful poetry Balroop..
    Perfect for today
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx

    1. Hi Sue,

      Thanks for your words of wisdom and appreciation…isn’t it strange how we love those fetters…how we exult in their existence till they seem too tight and yearn for freedom?

      Acceptance doesn’t come in a day dear friend…preparations consume the best aspect of our heart…the conflict within resumes the moment we try to take a decision…some people keep postponing it. I think I have learnt to be resilient, I know I have to let go…the feeling is indeed very satisfying as I chose what my heart told me to.

      I admire your understanding and profound insights. Stay blessed and have a nice week.

  3. You express feelings so beautifully, Balroop. Love this line
    “The turmoil within… but the freedom
    Takes me into a new land of acceptance”
    The soul has to move on and find peace and happiness in new avenues. So well depicted.

    1. Thank you Ashween, I appreciate your standing by and sharing your view.
      New avenues are always more alluring…if we move into them with a positive mind, they do bring happiness and solace. 🙂

    1. Thank you Lisa…the truth dawns upon us when we introspect, try to take stock of our memories and try to move on despite the emotional roadblocks. Life goes on…it is better to smile and keep going 🙂

  4. Your words have a way of weaving their way into the mind ~ and I see more clearly. A gift indeed and there is nothing more powerful than inspiration except the gratitude towards those who inspire. Beautiful post.

    1. Thank you Randall, your words are so encouraging! I am feeling proud of your compliment, it is like music to my ears…weaving my way into the minds with my words is indeed so gratifying. Stay blessed. 🙂

  5. Love the way you are expressing your gratitude Balroop. In time of doubts or changes, words and thoughts can make such a positive difference. We are never alone.
    Thinking of you my friend.

  6. I like how while we age we learn not to weigh our lives down with earthly possessions, Balroop. Powerful and beautiful message, dear friend. 🙂

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