A Letter


That ordinary piece of paper
Which could conceal all
Those unheard words, whimsical wishes
Eternal entreaties, abiding aspirations
A dazzling display of words…
Like shining stars…seemed insignificant
That letter, written with so much emotion
You knew your written word would melt me
You knew how to exploit emotions
You knew you could bend the rules
With your beautiful cute chatter
You knew me so well!
That letter, signed so sweetly
To accentuate my doting devotion
To let you have your own way
Your adorable wings that I nurtured
To let you soar into the unknown
I know I am accountable.
Tossed from one place to another
That letter is pricelessly precious now
It’s words speak more eloquently now
The aspirations seem to be real now
I have kept it in my empty jewelry box
Some memories are true treasures, invaluable!
© Balroop Singh.


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36 thoughts on “A Letter

    1. Yes Diana, they might have been innocently manipulative…they don’t even know this word when they express their love in this manner. Thanks for coming over to read this precious piece. 🙂

    1. Thank you Mani. Yes, they seem to be more significant now…in the age of texting and short syllables, which hardly convey what lies within our heart!

  1. I love these old letters! I still have so much of my girls’ writings, from letters to prose and poetry. From time to time, I pull them out and smile. Aloha, Balroop!

    1. I am glad you too have some precious letters, which are full of sentiments…often we ignore the little demands and protests of children but for them they mean the world! How I wish I could have devoted more time to understand them better.
      Thank you Bela for sharing your view.

  2. This is such a lovely poem, and what a lovely handwritten letter you got there. Though it looks a bit shabby and crumpled, the words still stand out strong. Very neat handwriting there too, I must add.

    “written with so much emotion” So true, and I think that holds true for a lot of letters each of us write on paper, by hand with a pen or pencil to someone. There is something about writing a letter: sitting down, forming the words, trying to get them all right without crossing them out – in short, quite a bit of focused thought goes into writing a letter. It often is not a rushed process, but a thoughtful one 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel,

      This letter must be at least 20 years old…must have moved me so much that I kept it each time I cleaned my closet and here it is…I can understand the words more deeply now, I can connect to it as it pulls at the strings of my heart each time I read it.

      The urging, the request of forgiveness for some small mischief is standing out so tall that it is making me feel guilty…the love and respect for me is so overwhelming that it draws out tears each time I read it!

      It is rightly said that a written word is more powerful…indeed this letter bears a testimony to that. Thank you for understanding my thoughts so well. Stay blessed and have a lovely day.

  3. “You are the universe to me”
    “I’ll go to any length for you to say angel I am proud of you”.
    Lovely and sentimental! Thanks for sharing!

    I too have every little tidbit from my child’s younger days. Rather too many primary and high school notebooks, charts and projects that we painstakingly made together. Some of it will have to be disposed off sooner or later.

    1. Hi Alka,

      Thank you for trying to figure out the lettering within the picture…I have always been proud of my children albeit we take time to tell them!
      What amazes me is the choice of words to request an apology at such a young age and they are indeed lovely!

      I am glad you too have treasured such memories…it is very hard to part with them. I had some paintings and prizes in the form of books which I have donated and kept some as mementoes to show to my grandchildren. Some hand made cards with the logo: “Angelworks”!! 🙂 Adorable!

      Thanks for sharing your reflections, they are greatly valued 🙂

  4. In your career years grooming wards under your care, and at home your own children, you would surely have nurtured countless adorable wings, enabling their flight towards excellences in several walks of life, Balroop. The handwritten letter displayed here may just be one of the many repositories of such memories. I too have a clutch of letters written to me by my father in his sunset years. He left the scene over two decades ago but the letters remain as a prized possession.

    1. Thank you Raj for such a beautiful tribute to the love and care of a career that focuses only on nurturing loving human beings…I am delighted that there are persons like you who understand the humble endeavors we put in the most daunting task assigned to us by destiny.

      Yes, I can proudly look up to many flights that took off, lending deep satisfaction that lies within. When they ruffle their wings to convey their appreciation, my life seems worth living.

      Your beautiful words have evoked some buried memories and many thanks for that, dear friend. I am glad you too have some such precious possessions…stay blessed.

  5. These days letters are indeed a treasure. On my vacation to India in Oct last year, my Mom gave me a letter written by my grandpa (who is no more) to her when i was just a kid. It contains references to my naughtiness.
    I got it scanned and laminated 🙂

    1. Oh! what a treasure Alok…letters take us back to the endearing laps of those whose love never wanes and it comes alive through their words! I appreciate your gesture of taking care of such a rare possession. 🙂 Stay blessed!

  6. Such a treasure! I remember how my mother kept all the greeting cards, letters and pictures safely for years together. Now that we are in different countries she goes through them frequently. Such an emotional feeling.

    1. Yes! cards and pictures are indeed a treasured collection. I had two drawers full of the cards, which I consigned to the bin recently while crossing an emotional bridge but all those pics I value are safe in albums, for posterity.
      Thank you for sharing an emotional moment. Stay blessed!

  7. Nothing can dim the light of these handwritten letters. They are treasures and their words stay with us forever.
    Sweet poem Balroop. Thank you

  8. Dear Balroop.. this is such a wonderful treasure one that is held so precious within your heart.. And your poetry shows just what a gem this is.. Beautiful sentiments in this hand written letter and poetry.. Love is shinning through

    Sending love dear Balroop..

  9. I really liked this post, valuable hand written letter with child begging forgiveness. I know my emotions if thid letter came to me~ I would be crying and immediately acting by calling up my grown child. The sincerity of words upon this paper is palpable, Balroop.

    1. Thank you dear Robin for such a lovely endorsement of emotionally intense moments…we seem to be on the same track. Yes! I agree with the sincerity of words, which stand out to reach the heart.
      I appreciate your standing by to share your view. Stay blessed and have a nice Sunday. 🙂

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