The Bliss Of Blogging…Just For Spreading My Creative Wings

Faith in words & emotions

Blogging can be fun when you don’t have any specific goals, when you can smile at yourself with the thought…Oh! Today’s post is still in a limbo.

Blogging opens magnificent avenues of communication and conversation if you can play with words.

Blogging nurtures our thoughts and ideas and can be creative as well as cathartic.

Blogging introduces us to like-minded persons whom we may not have met but there develops a bonding beyond friendship.

This friendship is strengthened with words…words that define us, that introduce us to each other, that lift us out of the mundane into our splendid world of imagination.

I am holding back today’s scheduled post as I am basking in the glory of one such blogger friend.

There was a time when my blog was more like a ghost villa, my own words wandering here and there aimlessly, always smiling at each other.

They were the friendly ghosts, waiting to welcome, to befriend warm-hearted writers who could appreciate the humble efforts of an aspiring artist who loved to paint with words, who carried emotions on her sleeve and could only write poetry.

Little did she know that this genre is no longer read and more so in the blogosphere, which held pro bloggers in high esteem.

She started writing prose too, learnt to elaborate on ideas albeit poetry remained her favorite form of writing.

Slowly the ghost villa got lit up with wonderful blogger friends, poets and authors whose brilliance sparkles on the pages of Emotional Shadows in the form of their reflections that they share.

I value each one of you and would like to express my gratitude for being here. I cherish your friendship and support and look forward to an emotional bonding, which gets stronger with time.

Today’s words of appreciation are inspired by one such author friend Joe Perrone Jr. who even invited me over to his own blog. I am thrilled beyond words and would like you to join me in my moments of delight.

Please click on the following link to walk out of the shadows into the glow of my friend’s brilliance:

HAPPY READING. Please share your views. Thank you

Balroop Singh.

35 thoughts on “The Bliss Of Blogging…Just For Spreading My Creative Wings

  1. This was such a lovely post to read on your take on blogging, and I couldn’t agree with them more. It is inspiring to see you keeping up your blog even though it was a ghost villa, and in the process found confidence in your writing and gained newfound friends. I hopped over to Joe’s and had a read, and it was lovely getting to know you better. From your interview, it sounds like you are at peace with where you are at personally and professionally, and I think that rubs off on your writing and passion as well.

    Keep writing, Balroop. I am so glad to have met you here and look forward to reading more from you my friend 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel, this post was just an introduction to inform all my blogger friends about the interview. I am glad you noticed how I found confidence in blogging. I take pride in all my author and poet friends who spare their valuable time in reading and sharing their views…communication of thoughts is one of the most significant aspects of blogging.

      I appreciate your hopping over to Joe’s blog and even liking that post. Many thanks for that dear friend. You are right…peace may be elusive but I try to hold on to it 🙂

  2. Balroop, I think blog-o-sphere is just great. It’s a melting pot of various personas. Thanks for blogging, liking and appreciating! 🙂

  3. Hi Balroop, I agree with your lovely description of what blogging is all about. You had me at the title, in fact. You are a gem of a writer, poet and friend. Your presence here is a healing one. Also, your invaluable presence at my blog and others is greatly appreciated. I’m over to read your guest post!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for using such beautiful words for me, you are so kind. I am glad to hear that my words have the potential of providing a healing touch. I appreciate your continuous presence here week after week…you are an awesome friend. 🙂

    1. Thank you Eric, I agree with you. I am glad we could connect even after the one year hiatus you took…that is what I call ‘true’ friendship. 🙂

  4. Balroop, I am like you in some ways, happy with building slowly with having friends here on our blogs. Through connecting we learn to write, give counsel, listen, become ourselves, 🙂 in a safe environment. Thank you for sharing how it felt to have low numbers of readers:”Ghost Villa!” What an extraordinary post, which touched my mind and heart, Balroop.

    1. Hi Robin,

      I am slow at making friends but once I do, I am hard to leave them! I may visit after a few weeks but they remain in my thoughts 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely words of appreciation, I value them immensely. Stay blessed.

    1. Thank you Bela…miracles do happen! I am so delighted that we could connect and admire each other’s thoughts. Blessings back to you too.

  5. Blogging friends are the best. Over the years and months, we learn bits and pieces about each other from our words. Though many of us go at it from a business perspective, we can still connect via the many stories we can all tell. I look forward to your posts that much I know.

  6. Hi Balroop, that’s a lovely way to look at blogging. I completely agree when you say that it helps to develop a bonding beyond friendship – one that is strengthened by words. I had a quick look at Joe’s blog and from the first 2- 3 questions & answers, it seems like a wonderful interview, Will return to the blog to read in details.

    1. Thank you Somali, you are one such friend whose poetry has the magic of connection. Your friendship is valued beyond words. Thank you for liking the interview…I look forward to your continued support, which keeps us motivated. 🙂 Stay blessed.

  7. Hi, Balroop

    This post is inspiring to me that you keeping up your blog even though it was a ghost villa, Because I am just at the same situation as you were. Your post came in right time to encourage me to continue.

    I will hopped over to Joe’s and have a read so I may know you better.

    You said you appreciate we are here for you. But I should be the one to thanks because it is kind of enjoyment to read your posts every time – the setting, the story, and the structure.

    Thanks for the post.

    Stella Chiu

    1. Hi Stella,

      I am glad that you find my thoughts inspiring. Many thanks for sharing your reflections. I write because I have to…it is like breathing for me, sharing my thoughts through poetry makes my flights fantastic, fills my dark moments with light…so essential for living a healthy life.

      Thank you for hopping over to know more about me, I appreciate that. Thank you for all those kind words for my writing. I am sure your blog would find the right readers, my best wishes are with you…above all you have divine blessings, your connection with God speaks through your words. Stay blessed. 🙂

  8. Hello Balroopji,

    The post is nice and inspiring. It helps me to know you much more than I met you personally. I feel really lucky that I know someone with good heart, poetical and inspiring person. Yes now I understood, blogging is really nice place where you can find the way to express your feelings. I have just started reading and commenting the blogs and I am hopping one day It will help me to start my own writing.

    Thanks for this post I enjoyed reading it.


  9. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for the kind words, welcome to Emotional Shadows…I hope you will find a lot of stuff of your liking. Happy reading and yes, you too can join blogging!

    Looking forward to your feedback. I am happy to know that you liked this post. 🙂 Stay blessed.

  10. I resonate your thoughts – we are all learning on the way.

    I too started slow, but am now connected to many ‘awesome’ friends (many have connected with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too) 🙂

    1. Many thanks Alok…for endorsing my thought, for being a part of awesome friends, for your kind visits and reflections. Much appreciated 🙂

  11. It’s a wonderful community here, Balroop. So many talented individuals and such positive, supportive energy. Beautiful, joyful post here. I’ll head over the Joe’s blog to say “hi.” 🙂

  12. And me? After reading your poems and prose I feel I know you more as a person. Have a great going. Stay blessed!

  13. What a lovely message Balroop. You are an inspiration for me and your words are always soothing and supportive. It’s so good to know that even far away we are not alone in this life.
    Glad you kept on writing. It is making a difference in our world.
    Stay well.

    1. Thank you Marie, I am delighted to know that my words can soothe. Yes dear friend, we are here to learn from each other and if it reaches even one person, it is worth it. 🙂 I appreciate your love and support.

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