Ode To Poetry


Time stands still in your clique
Stream of consciousness flows faster
Solitude becomes sweeter
Silent soliloquies speak softly

Imagination soars in your company
Insights find a crystal clear channel
Enlightening moments ignite ideas
You add a calming color to them
Sunsets lend their hues to my words
Moon breathes life into them
Mesmerizing dawn dons divine light
When you visit my affable abode
You inspire me to look at the clouds
Creative fairies step out and smile
Somber thoughts spill out to greet you
You enthrall them when you meet
You enhance my inner voice
You absorb all my woes
You draw me out of my cocoon
You tell me to keep desires in tune
You are my perceptive mentor
I was delighted to discover you
Only you could direct me through streams
Thank you for giving shape my dreams.
© Balroop Singh.

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26 thoughts on “Ode To Poetry

  1. Another thoughtful poem from you, Balroop. I really love how you used the phrase, “silent soliloquies”. Been a while since I have read the word “soliloquies”. But when we read or think hard, we all do that in our heads as different parts of the brain might silently sound of different opinions.

    I am equating this poem with one looking at nature around them. There is so much iinspiration to be gained from the world around us if we just stop and look up, down, left and right. The sun, moon, leaves, clouds and seas are always changing shape and colour around us – it’s always hard not to be captivated by them if we slow down and simply look 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel,

      Yes, whenever we think and look at the beauties of nature around us, we talk to ourselves and most of the times, if some device to note down my thoughts is near by, I use it to record them otherwise they just pass into oblivion.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, which are so much in consonance with mine! No wonder we like each other so much! 🙂

  2. This is wonderful Balroop… “Imagination soars in your company ~ insights find a crystal clear channel ” Your poetry always inspires and enlightens dear Balroop… Another wonderful contribution of profound thoughts..
    Many thanks for being YOU my friend.. 🙂 you share so much love xx

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