Symphony Of Surroundings

Symphony of surroundings

Flowers are tossing, smiling
Conferring in cautious whispers
With wind as their confidant
Carries fragrance far beyond the horizon
Twilight tiptoes, adorning
Halcyon hues of golden tenors
Shadows shift leisurely
Beckoning, bouncing buoyantly
Magical moon joins the conference
Listening quietly, spreading its beams
To embrace the breezy silence
To hear the symphony of surroundings
Some clouds too float around
But we could only feel them
As they flirted with little drops
Falling gently, without a sound
Immersed in this moment of bliss
Savoring soft sounds of night
Watching imperious moon
I could feel your presence in its glow
A weird connection!
© Balroop Singh.

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29 thoughts on “Symphony Of Surroundings

  1. Another great poem from you, Balroop. Love how you describe the coming and descent of the night, and my favourite line is, “Magical moon joins the conference”. You make it sound like there’s an important party up in the sky and all over nature when the sun goes down 😀 There is something so eerie and so beautiful about the night. As you said, something, the moon, can watch over us but at the same time the atmosphere of the night is for our senses to behold and savour. Great writing once again 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel for joining in and feeling the intensity of emotions expressed through this poem. Yes, beauty can only be felt when we let our senses flow into the rivulets of charming surroundings 🙂 Stay blessed and have a great weekend.

  2. **Some clouds too float around
    But we could only feel them
    As they flirted with little drops
    Falling gently, without a sound**

    Lovely, darling Balroop! xx

  3. Lovely poem Balroop! I could relate to your thoughts as I’m known to be a night wanderer. I go out each and every night and just sit out there looking at the sky and trees. It is the moon’s changing phases that charm the most. And sure it does feel like some conference going on. The nature communicates better sans all the noise made by humans and their technical toys. Your last line about ‘feeling your presence’, well it can be any beloved being but most importantly God…one can feel it.

    1. Hi Alka,

      I am glad this poem takes you back into your own moments of bliss! It is awesome that our paths crossed on blogosphere…Thanks for sharing such beautiful words. 🙂
      The beauty of poetry is that it can be interpreted in various ways…if you are reminded of God, that is a wonderful feeling! 🙂

  4. beautiful and elating poem, my friend… great use of literary devices, such as comparisons and personifications… sending love and best wishes. Aquileana 🎇 ~

  5. Indeed Balroop there is an orchestra in the evening, the moment sun decides to take a break and take rest. The rest of the artists and musician and the instruments come together produce that perfect symphony…yes, the light in the darkness, the sound in the silence, the gentle movement with the breeze, the drizzle, the drops of rain with the floating and flying clouds…it is a well orchestrated conference of nature and nurturing all our senses with their beauty and musical notes. I loved the use of word “conference”, it is masterly choice. These moments of beautiful convergence are moments of epic nature and these episodes of life are best experienced in such magical moments, but many times we take it for granted and we simply don’t realize the profound power of silence and the darkness, we are invariably lost in the cacophony of sound and the glitter of light.

    As a creative person when we are connected to those moments, we are instantly transported into our world of imagination and we are instinctively immersed and our thoughts are powered by the purity and serenity of the surrounding. Just love the way you have captured those thoughts and given such flow, fluidity and added those lovely flair through your wonderful use of words and image.

    As always Balroop, it is such a bliss in reading such beautiful thoughts presented in such simplicity and there is those magical touch of sophistication to the poetry of yours…
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Hi Nihar,

      Thank you for providing all the lovely sounds…they have added so much value to the blank verses! Loved your beautiful words…I have been reading them again and again, thinking they could make another poem 🙂

      I agree with you dear friend, most of the times we take all these wonderful sounds and magnificent sights for granted and therefore miss their splendor! I guess lack of sensitivity and leisure are the two important factors, which contribute to our blindness.

      I am extremely thankful to you and your appreciation of my poetry Nihar. You seem to have a discerning eye for words and their magic…also you can use them to produce a charming effect 🙂

      Wishing you too a blessed weekend.

      1. Thanks Balroop for being so nice and being so generous in the use of words of appreciation.

        I agree, the culprits are the aspects of lacking the sensitivity and indulging in leisure, invariably we miss out the small things in the blindness of big things. In fact the beauty of life so beautifully resides in the smaller things and little moments of life we take it for granted and go the other way and look for things in the opposite way, we desert ourselves with thought by looking for water in the desert and we flood our thoughts with dryness in the rainy season…we miss the poetry of life and search to get the joy of life in the prose of life.
        Life is profound but hidden in the layers of life is the paradox.

        Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.
        take care!!!

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