Path That Haunts

Path that haunts

Drifting in and out of dreams
An alley…a pathway… a trail
So familiar yet so confusing
Always haunts…beckons to be followed.
With eagerness to explore it
Often tracked in dreams, deep down
It stirs the soul, irks the mind, entreats it
To walk the alley once more!
Could this unlock the secrets?
Could it put in perspective the missing links
Of a troubled, tempestuous life
That has been revealed through bizarre dreams?
Yet the trail is obscure, the quest to embark
Unfulfilled, looking for that alley… futile!
Meaningless search follows…
Were there wrong turnings?
Is it spiritual awakening?
© Balroop Singh.
All rights reserved.

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38 thoughts on “Path That Haunts

  1. 26 June 2016

    “Could this unlock the secrets?–Could it put in perspective the missing links”

    A wonderful poem dear Balroop.. and I think our Dreams do at least try to jog us into unlocking secrets.. my dreams have become lately more vivid, and I remember them clearly.
    I do not think there are ever any wrong turnings.. Perhaps in hindsight we may have done things a little differently, In some cases a lot differently knowing the outcomes of our choices..
    But then if we did know the outcomes, would our choices then have been made.. and as I believe all of our choices lead us to learn through their lesson, lessons perhaps we would not have experienced otherwise.. Be them good or bad.

    My own dreams are always taking me back to my working days within the factories as I sat at a machine sewing..My hands and arms ache upon awakening as if I was really again sat for 8 hours sewing..
    The people are the same and sometimes are new faces.. And I often think am I still part of me stuck in a parallel world, working away! 🙂

    I usually manage to find some message within them. I do not think our searching ever stops, as we seek meaning to life, and the questions we ask as to why we took such a path that still often haunts our dreams..
    Maybe our conscious minds are not always meant to unfold the complexities of our reality..

    The Journey is always one of discovery.. And I know we are both of us opening windows within our minds to the closed compartments that we have shut down for so long which haunt our dreams..
    Gradually I believe we are shedding our ghosts one by one.. And as we do so, we emerge lighter and brighter and better able to cope with any new nightmare that is cast in our direction..
    For we no longer hold within the Fear we were once programmed to hold..

    Loved your poem. And thank you for allowing me to pen my own thoughts here upon your lovely post.
    And Much love
    Sue ❤

    1. Hi Sue,

      Only a ‘dream-walker’ could have shared such an eloquent and stirring reflection about drifting into dreams! Many thanks for such a beautiful feed back dear friend and I appreciate it immensely.

      Yes Sue, some dreams stimulate us with their vague messages, impelling us to wake up to realistic goals while some just keep on recurring, probably are connected with our past, which we try to push away yet remain dormant in our sub-conscious mind.

      The dream I have tried to write about is actually about an alley, in which I get lost, unable to find my way out…never could I find it. I know it carries a profound message of some unaccomplished task or neglected aspect of my life but never could I comprehend it.

      I have left the ghosts of fears and regrets far behind, welcomed all those angels who taught me compassion and forgiveness…no more commands of life for me! I feel free. 🙂 Thanks, love and hugs.

  2. Bit of a tease of what’s to be, Balroop. “Drifting in and out of dreams” This first line caught my eye. Often, dreams can feel so close, yet so far. When we feel inspired, we might feel so close to achieving it. But at the same time it takes one bad moment or a wrong turn to feel as if our dreams are crumbling down all around us. There are days when I do not feel inspired to write and then feel as if I will never finish by book. Then there are days when I will write 1,000 words and I will feel on top of the world.

    “meaningless search…” That reminds me of the idea of feeling the fact we’re wasting our time with our dreams. I think a lot of us need to remind ourselves that often our dreams take us on a journey, a journey where we may learn the most by going down the darkest path. Inspiring poem, as usual 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel.

      Dreams do crumble because they are made of unsteady thoughts, many of which may not be real…there is another word – aspiration, which is more stable and authentic and can foresee the ramifications of following dreamy paths! Lets demarcate the line between aspirations and dreams…the line which often gets blurred.

      This poem was inspired from one of those dreams, which linger on when we suddenly wake up and long to sleep again to see the outcome yet it evades us though dream keeps repeating itself! Have you ever had any such dream?:)

      Thank you for kind words of appreciation. Stay blessed and inspired…dreams can be confounding, not the journey, which is an amalgamation of light and dark moments. We all have them!

      1. I dream a lot, Balroop. Quite a lot of nightmares, actually. Sometimes I feel some of them are close to things that happen to me thereafter in real life 😀

        Aspirations versus dreams. I really like the distinction. When we hope, everything seems doable and reachable, and overall perhaps we feel more positive because of that. Thank you for inspiring as always, my friend 🙂

      2. Yes Mabel, some dreams are harbingers of future happenings but we often fail to comprehend them.
        I think there is a very fine line between aspirations and dreams, the former can be followed with greater passion. Dreams also inspire but all dreams may not materialise. Wishing you the best of both. 🙂

  3. I felt I was on that path in your photos,, searching for it in the mists of confusion, even though I was walking it — which is the feeling your beautiful poem evokes — seeing it, not seeing it, knowing it, not knowing it.

    1. Thank you dear Louise…for understanding the emotion so well. I was there with you in the mist of confusion 🙂 trying to hold hands. Love and hugs.

  4. Hi Balroop, The thoughtful and inspiring tone peppered with teasers make this a very fine poem The moments of doubts we have while selecting and traversing through the paths that often beckon us. ‘So familiar, yet so confusing’ – You couldn’t have phrased it better than this. Then the reflections and introspection that make us wonder if the chosen paths were right or wrong. It is like a endless loop , yet the paths we must choose.

    1. I am delighted at the two words you have picked up to describe this poem…anything which is thoughtful as well as inspiring reaches the tender hearts! Thank you Somali, I am feeling blessed! 🙂
      I agree with you…’an endless loop’…we do get entangled in it many times.

  5. So many questions, Balroop. 🙂 My take is a little different, I think… paths are part of our journeys. Rather than them confounding, perplexing or leaving one in a state of wondering what if/could this – I simply choose to flow in and with paths that present. Wondering about what might have been or what could be, I embrace the present and where it finds me on any given path. 🙂 This I find less stressful.

    1. I agree with you Eric, paths are undoubtedly part of our journey, which keeps changing from time to time and has varied phases and hues…each more colorful or dark at a given time! I also believe in flowing with the current. This poem was inspired from one of those dreams, which linger on when we suddenly wake up and long to sleep again to see the outcome yet it evades us though dream keeps repeating itself! Have you ever had any such dream? 🙂

  6. Great piece of writing , Balroop.

    The poem has different meanings to so many. We make choices. Choices come with consequences.

    1. That is the beauty of poetry dear traveller, we can sift whatever suits us and interpret the way we want to. Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

  7. Balroop, this is how I feel we learn best. . . By asking questions and yet, not always knowing the answers. Life is indeed a perpetual journey of discoveries and setbacks, which those people who are open, will learn from their mistakes. Possibly going farther in their own self-discovery. Thank you for this beautiful and thought-provoking post, dear. Sending you blessings~ Robin

    1. Hi Robin,

      I love your philosophy of taking life easy yet learning with each step! 🙂
      I absolutely agree with you dear friend self-discovery and learning go hand in hand. I am glad you found this post thought-provoking. Thank you. Stay blessed.

  8. My takes on your piece:

    No ‘wrong’ turns, no. I would not revisit my past, but I am so grateful it led to the insights and peace I now enjoy.

    Secondly: I have been given to wonder about such things as parallel lives in the past. I’ve experienced times when I absolutely know what an unlimited mind might give rise to. At the same time, I don’t believe humans are wired to venture that far outside our orbit, for the sheer energy it would take could not be held in human form. But the mind does like to travel, does it not? 😉

    Aloha, Balroop.

    1. Hi Bela,

      I appreciate your perspective. We like to think ‘no wrong turns’ yet they can’t be judged just by us. There are many more eyes on us!

      Indeed our mind possesses miraculous powers and can travel beyond the horizons we can see. I am delighted that ‘Path…which haunts could elicit such profound reflections! Thank you for adding so much value to this discussion. 🙂
      Stay blessed!

    1. Its mysteries have been discussed quite well here 🙂 Thank you Lisa. I am so happy you liked it. Imagination is a lovely blessing, which soars with a little prompt. Stay blessed and have a wonderful week.

  9. Balroop, this post is mysteriously sad, the picture as well as the lyrics to go with it.
    Sad because, if such a path were to make one happy, he/she would not be confused as in ‘obscure’, ‘meaningless search’. If some path is right for us, we instantly know it.
    Sometimes something gives us a call but it is not meant for us. Or else is it meant for us, but not good for us?? You see something in your dream, as if it was long gone or it is still to come…
    I also get such dreams. Mostly they are about India, and many tasks that were left unfulfilled as we suddenly moved here. Now too get a feeling that we had to move back forever but it may not happen, and if it does it may not make us happy. One recurring dream I had was very strange, as if some ‘pichala janam’ from pre-partition India where some of my ancestors belonged. Now I better not go bonkers 🙂

    1. Hi Alka,

      This poem could have been written in one of those despondent moments, which get brighter by sharing and I must have shared those dreams with my best pal…poetry! But I was very happy with this poem as it evokes many different kinds of emotions, has even a mystic beauty about moments we yearn to understand. I found this picture to match very well with the thoughts. 🙂

      Yes, dreams are quite weird…sometimes they do taken us into unknown vistas like you also seem to have wandered into. Thank you sharing those moments with me. Stay blessed.

  10. The journey of life, so many things to do and we have so many aspirations to be fulfilled, and this keep adding with the passage of time, it never ends, it keep growing and as we grow old we keep distancing away from many things that are no more within our reach but that is not something which our mind can reconcile. It is there to remind us and keep us on the float that someday we can fly and get there where we want to go. It is a dream. It remains. It reminds us. These unfulfilled agendas of life needs that space to escape and get it out of our sub-conscious mind and dream is where these gets the escape routes and we see things that has happened in our childhood and things we thought has gone out of our mind, it suddenly appears in our dream and we then start realizing that nothing has gone out of away it is that we have parked it somewhere and we don’t know what to do and how to deal. Parking is a temporary space. Also the moment we experience those things in our dream we feel lighter and feel better to deal with things in our real life.

    Secrets are such special treasures of our life that we keep close to our heart and there are secrets which we don’t want to share with anybody and those are close to our heart and there is a joy by keeping it to ourselves, though many such things by sharing it can makes us lighter and better but there are few which makes us feel better by keeping it to ourselves. Just like dream which are amorphous and there is nothing that we can do about it, it appears and disappears but in the process of appearance and disappearance we feel the fleeting joy that lifts our life though momentarily but that moment matters and in life it is collection of such special moments that makes our memories…drifting in and out, the path that haunts…stirred my soul to search and perhaps I will find my path through lightness in the darkness of night through my dreams…

    Have a dreamy weekend and let the unfulfilled agenda get fulfilled this weekend.

    1. And all the mist recedes when we interpret the dreams so well as you! Thanks Nihar for an elucidative analysis of dreams, life and their connection.
      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂

  11. Very interesting poem, Balroop. Dreams are such complex things that it is nearly impossible to decipher most of them. However, I would tend to agree with you that often they appear to be that missing link between the “real” world and that other world just beyond our consciousness. Certainly food for thought. 🙂

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Dreams which stay fresh in the mind after we wake up are definitely worth consideration…many times they lead us into unexplored thought process. Way to go!
      Have a nice long weekend 🙂

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