Is It Deluge Of Destiny Or Just Hatred?

Deluge of destiny

I know grief is not individualistic
I know it pervades all around
I know it is self- healer
I know it unfolds the truth of transience.

I don’t want to wish it away
I want to let it penetrate my skin
Let the flames of its fire
Steel my bones, fortify my spirit.

I don’t want to hold the flood of tears
I know they will drown the ash
The hurt, the despair, the emptiness
I know, deeper love causes greater grief.

I want to return to love and laughter
I want to open my windows to the sky
The anguish, the loss buried inside
Will it ever let me do that?

Every morning I wake up with your thoughts
Hoping for the dawn that erases bias
Wishing to feel the silence of guns
Yearning for peaceful co-existence

I live with the hope of change
To heal the aggrieved hearts
My hands may be empty
But they can handle the deluge of destiny.

© Balroop Singh
All rights reserved.

Each life is precious, each tear carries a deluge.

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29 thoughts on “Is It Deluge Of Destiny Or Just Hatred?

  1. Will it ever let me do that? To which I would reply, a resounding yes! Grieving, understanding, moving on, learning and growing. This, I believe is what we call living. There must always be hope and I know you feel this way too, Balroop. Timely and thoughtful words, yours.

  2. I just loved the determination and courage that are in between the lines. The deluge of Destiny is strong, we are mere marionettes, but we have that power, that prowess of mind to deal with it empty-handed…. Beautiful verse… 🙂

    1. Thank you Mani for inferring a lot that each word conveys, only a true poet can discern that. If we possess the fortitude and the resilience to deal with the erosion of values, we can encounter everything empty handed! 🙂 It is the conviction that matters!

  3. It seems there is an increased violence in the society and every morning when we get up and read the newspaper, we read the death and destruction inflicted by terrors and civil war that is deep across societies and when we sit back and reflect we feel helpless and feel the pain of people around us.

    Yes, the title “Deluge of Destiny” is most apt to depict and describe the agony and anguish, we need to fortify ourselves, strengthen our resolve and get the gumption to fight the negativity and the bridge the fissures getting so rampant in our society.

    Beautiful metaphor of rain and sky, the flood representing the sorrow, the sky opening the wide canvas to the opportunities that we don’t look at, and there are so many things to see and do but we are stuck in the conflicts of life. We all have to play the role of healing and hope is the best force to fight the grief and tears that are flooded and trying take the peace away from us…

    Beautifully written, every apt at this time and you captured the finer nuances and the use of nature to present makes it profound.

    1. We are living in turbulent times Nihar…violence, senseless killings and shooting at will seems to be the solution in the minds of misguided people who can’t think beyond their own selfish pursuits. Can they be human?

      The self-created chasms are getting wider…everybody seems to be confounded! Only the open skies can open the ways to peace, only rain can wash away the sins and only deluge can carry those marks of blood, which are spattered all around us!

      Hope and healing is the only way out of this unwanted strife…my heart goes out to all those who have been the victims of senseless shooting.

      Thank you for feeling the pain and understanding the finer emotions embedded within the verses. Stay blessed.

      1. Indeed Balroop, things in our society are not in good shape, these violence and up-rise in civil society are challenging times, we need to more peace maker and preachers and healers to stitch the torn fabric of our society.
        We all should be constantly wishes for the good and quicker recovery of the society into better terms and norms and these certain phase of evolution of society where things seems to have gone out of control and new events that come in and shape the society back on track.
        Yes, it has to be hope and healing…
        God bless the humanity.

  4. This poem is so powerful Balroop. I am short of words.
    I believe we ought to let grief empty us till we find the way back to hope. And rejoice in the energy of simply being.
    Take care and keep sharing your beautiful words.

    1. In grief, we can’t see beyond us…all hope, all light and positivity seem useless. That’s why we need grief to see the difference, we need to let those despondent thoughts drown us in the sea of pain…only then do we flounder and gain the energy, only then do we make some efforts to rise above our anguish and suffering, which can be so overwhelming.
      Thanks for your kind words dear friend. Stay blessed.

  5. I agree that “deeper love causes greater grief.” I, too, need to feel it, to express what is going on inside. I think it’s the healthiest thing, given what I’ve seen of older people who have held emotions in check for years. It’s not pretty. Aloha, Balroop.

    1. Hi Bela, holding emotions can be more pernicious than expressing them as some people seem to believe. The freedom of expressing them is as liberating as flying high. Thanks for taking the discussion forward, much appreciated. 🙂

  6. I agree with Eric Tonningsen that with grieving, one should have the understanding, be prepare to move on, learn and develop. Sometimes, grief can resurfaced years later like a curved ball. But life goes on.

    1. Thank you dear traveller for standing by and reading. Yes, grief keeps returning in various forms and that adds various dimensions to our personality. Stay blessed and have a nice week.

    1. Thank you Jeri for standing by and sharing your thoughts. I had written this after the shooting in Dallas but the deluge of mindless killings seems to drain my pen, as we helplessly look at out TV screens, utterly shocked at how inhuman acts continue to happen.

  7. Oh Balroop you poem evokes so many emotions within me right now my friend. And after what happened also in France-Nice it is all the more poignant right now.. Love and Blessings to you my friend xx ❤ Sue

  8. Very nicely written Balroop.

    This was such a powerful line: Let the flames of its fire
    Steel my bones, fortify my spirit.

    I feel the words of optimism and strength, even in the grief that we experience.

  9. Thank you Vishnu…grief does actually fortify our spirit… optimism depends on our attitude towards painful moments. Some feel shattered, a natural reaction but the efforts we make to emerge out makes all the difference.

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